Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 362 - Monkey King Gene

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Chapter 362: Monkey King Gene

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

His new stats refreshed and bright light gleamed in Feng Lin’s eyes.

Vitality stat: 2,689!

He just broke through to the grand cultivator realm, and his vitality stat explosively surged, directly breaking past the 2,000 mark and almost reached 3,000.

It felt like being born anew but it was much more than that!

Currently, among the freshmen in the Great Wall University, other than Donghuang Taichu and Augustus, there were no others who could suppress him. But as for how strong his combat prowess was compared to the two, they had to truly fight before he knew.

Things were the same as when he just broke through to the elite cultivator realm. Because his foundation was extremely deep, once he broke through, his vitality instantly erupted upwards. Even among grand cultivators, he wasn’t a weakling.

If this breakthrough happened earlier, he wouldn’t have chosen to enter the Great Wall University right away and would definitely seize the opportunity to join the cosmos ranking battle.

But things couldn’t be helped.

He cultivated too late and his acc.u.mulations were insufficient. If he lagged one step behind, he would always lag behind.

Luckily, the Sun Wukong Mythological Path was tyrannical enough. He was catching up to his peers and now almost equal to them.

Feng Lin wasn’t overly bothered by the past. He soon adjusted his state of mind and sensed the transformations that occurred to him. A moment later, he made a discovery.

Under the surveillance of his Heart Monkey Force, the interior of his body was gleaming with treasure light.

His flesh and blood, bones, cells—all parts of his body were infused with transcendent force all the way to the genetic level. He had transformed into a type of semi-material and semi-energy lifeform. His life just underwent a qualitative transformation.

This was none other than the Heaven Gene!

Now, his transcendent abilities were able to pa.s.s through to his future generations through genetic replication.

A gene shackle seemed to be broken free.

Just this point alone made it possible for Feng Lin to become the progenitor of a clan. His descendants would inherit his transcendent abilities, and their mythological genes would follow his. The clan he found would resemble those mythological clans currently existing in the universe.

As his life underwent a qualitative evolution, his strength and speed would naturally be explosively enhanced.

Feng Lin could clearly sense that in all his cells, the Heart Monkey Force had gathered and formed a crystalline structure with runes floating within.

Monkey King Domain!

A message suddenly appeared in Feng Lin’s mind.

After awakening the Monkey King Gene, the Heart Monkey Force could permeate the surroundings and form a domain. Wind, fire, thunder, lightning—all elements would be in his control within his domain.

Domain activate!

With his will, Feng Lin caused his domain to be activated.

The Heart Monkey Force surged out, stretching outwards in a radius of three meters. Everything within was captured precisely in his perception.

Just by thinking about it, he could cause countless changes to appear.

The wind rose, the fire blazed, the water gathered…

All sorts of elemental energy manifested around Feng Lin, transforming into sphere-like objects that could be seen by the naked eye, revolving around him.

Fire and water became fog, wind and fog became clouds, wind and clouds became thunder…

All sorts of changes manifested, giving birth to numerous phenomena.


All of a sudden, lightning struck down at the ground, turning the patch of ground black.

Feng Lin gained an understanding in his heart. In the situation where the strengthening tally of the Monkey King Gene was at 1 point, the radius of his domain would only be three meters around him.

Inside his domain, he could control all types of energy and invoke countless changes to them.

But the higher the quality of energy he wanted to control was, the more consumption would there be to his genetic force.

For example, he had to invoke many changes just to summon a bolt of thunder.

If not, if there were no limits, wouldn’t Feng Lin be able to manifest black holes or even wormholes? Things would be too unscientific then.

But there were no absolutes in the world.

As the Monkey King Gene strengthened, the radius would expand rapidly. Once it was maxed out, the radius would be a 30-meter boundary. The control of different energies within would also be greatly enhanced.

Although the radius was small, the power wasn’t weak at all.

Hence, inside the Monkey King Domain, he was…


Unless the other party used their genetic abilities, all control rights over energy in this domain would be under Feng Lin’s control.

“Good method!” No matter how calm Feng Lin was, he could definitely feel how tyrannical this ability was.

The Monkey King Gene was as expected of a perfect-grade Heaven Gene. Its ability could be said to be unrivaled among same-graded genes. It could only be broken by brute force.

If not, once someone fell into his domain, they would only be his prey.

As he got himself familiarized with the Monkey King Gene’s ability, Feng Lin turned his attention onto the mythological gene itself.

His genetic map showed three golden constellations linked together by an astral river that resembled a bridge, forming a triangular formation.

Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x10 + Beast King Gene x10 = Monkey King Gene.

A triangle was the most stable structure of all. Thus, it would be the most stable foundation for his mythological pathway.

But Feng Lin was worried about what his future path would be.

0, 1, 2, 3… The genetic numbers in levels were in an ordered sequence. Level-2 genes were transcendent genes, level-3 genes were Heaven Genes while level-4 genes were Houtian Genes. In the western mythological system, Houtian Genes could also be known as Blackmetal Genes.

What was Houtian (post-natal)?

It meant that one’s effort and hard work after they were born could make up for the lack of one’s innate talent to a certain extent!

During the Desolate Era of Huaxia, lifeforms were cla.s.sified into three types: Houtian, Xiantian, and Primal Chaos.

Primal Chaos lifeforms were all born from chaos. They had the innate quality to surpa.s.s the heavens and earth, and each of them was equivalent to G.o.ds and devils, born with boundless might.

For Xiantian lifeforms, they were the favorites of heaven and earth, born before the world was split, sharing longevity with the heavens and earth.

Houtian lifeforms referred to lifeforms born after the heavens and earth were split into two. However, they were gifted with creativity and had many methods at their disposal.

Feng Lin was walking on Sun Wukong Mythological Path, and each stage had a mythological gene corresponding to it. The level-0 gene was the Monkey Gene, the level-1 gene was the Stone Monkey Gene, the level-2 gene was the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene, the level-3 gene was the Monkey King Gene. Upon reaching this point, there was no need for him to probe the unknown as much as he did in the past. Without a doubt, the level-4 corresponding gene to this mythological path was the Sun Wukong Gene.

The deduction of mythological pathways depended on myths and legends as the context; one had to research the growth of the mythological character step by step.

After experiencing multiple mythological illusion realms, he was already extremely clear of his past. There was no need for him to waste his precious genetic potential to slowly infer.

In fact, he even had a general idea for the evolution portions after the Sun Wukong Gene was awakened.

There was no need to undervalue oneself!

After spending so much time on mythological cultivation, he didn’t spend so much time for nothing.

With regard to his own path, Feng Lin was already pretty clear and didn’t feel any confusion. Many minor details in the myths and legends of Sun Wukong also verified this point.

Since this was the case, Feng Lin didn’t hesitate and immediately started the deduction.

By a.s.suming the level-3 gene of the Sun Wukong Mythological Path was the Monkey King Gene. With reference to the lower-level genes such as the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene and the others, he began to infer the equation.

From his genetic map within his dantian, the nebulas that were his genetic potential began to stir.

His conjecture was right!

Feng Lin wasn’t shocked but was happy instead. The reduction in his genetic potential meant that his current path was correct. If not, there wouldn’t be a change to his genetic potential at all.

Genetic potential -8.6, -8.6, -8.6…

As the level of the genes became higher, the genetic equation ability also needed to exhaust more genetic potential. Very soon, over 100 points in genetic potential were consumed.

The energy within a hundred nebulas was drained as the nebulas exploded. Finally, after a 200 point consumption in his genetic potential, a brand new evolutionary genetic formula appeared before his eyes.

Just like before, because the Sun Wukong Mythological Path was a paragon pathway. It was unique, and each stage only had a single evolutionary formula.

Feng Lin looked at it but he soon had a strange expression on his face.

Monkey King Gene x10 + Daoheart Gene x10 = Sun Wukong Gene!!!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 362 - Monkey King Gene

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