Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 358: The Monkeys Routing Demons!

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Thump, thump, thump!

The cudgel force flowed like waves, causing sparks to fly as they slammed into the stone walls.

The monkeys leaped around nimbly, executing the stances.

Monkeys seemed to be innately gifted with cudgels. Although their bodies were small, they could use their bodyweight to unleash the might of the cudgel arts.

As the cudgels swept out, snapping sounds could be heard in the air. The stone walls trembled as they actually achieved the realm where they were one with the cudgel.

The Flowerfruit Mountain didn't have the bitter winter or hot summer; spring lasted throughout the year.

The monkeys only remembered that the cycle of sunrise and sunset had lasted over 360 times, and in the blink of an eye, a year had already pa.s.sed.

The monkeys trained hard in their cudgel arts, and their combat strength was far different from before. 

Monkeys were agile by nature, and under Feng Lin's supervision, their earlier laziness had all faded away, and all of them improved with G.o.dly speed. Traces of demonic qi could already be sensed from them as their bodies grew stronger.

The monkey tribe wasn't like the weaklings they were before. A transformation had occurred as their strengths slowly acc.u.mulated. They were like lava being suppressed in a volcano; all they were waiting for was the chance to erupt.

The flow of time inside the mythological illusion realm was different from the outside world. He might spend years here, but maybe only one night would have pa.s.sed on the outside.

Feng Lin didn't waste his time inside the illusion-scape. He settled his heart and did his best to comprehend the abilities of the spiritual stone monkey. He grew more proficient in the art of transformations and managed to make a breakthrough in form transformation and matter transformation. In fact, he had even touched upon a hint of essence regarding divine transformation.

Divine transformation was a state where as long as one could understand the essence of the object they were supposed to transform into, they would be able to transform into it easily, causing the fake to become the genuine.

The capabilities he would possess wouldn't differ from the target he transformed into. It was extremely mysterious.

But sadly, the divine transformation aspect was just too mysterious, far surpa.s.sing material transformation. He still had a long path ahead if he wanted to fully comprehend it.

The only thing Feng Lin knew was that the divine transformation would even touch on the transformation of the soul.

However, the soul was the basis of life. If the soul transformed, would he still be himself?

Feng Lin didn't feel that his conjecture was wrong.

In that case, there must still be many secrets within this where he still had absolutely no idea of. He still needed to slowly probe this ability.

While he grew stronger, he would also train the monkeys daily. Gradually, he experienced the true essence of what being the Monkey King meant.

A king was the leader of a tribe or race. They had to protect, educate, and train their members. Only then would they be able to strengthen the race as a whole and elevate the position of the king to a higher standard.

By comprehending this level, he decisively changed the lazy behaviors the monkeys had in the past. Upon seeing that the effect was just as he had expected, he understood what he was doing was correct.

For living things that could be born in this blessed land of the Flowerfruit Mountain, how could they be weak?

This place had abundant spiritual qi, and there were all sorts of mysterious herbs here. All the living creatures possessed the potential to become a transcendent lifeform.

And because the monkeys of the Flowerfruit Mountain occupied and monopolized the immortal peach forest, they precisely had enough potential to become transcendent lifeforms.

Under Feng Lin's training, their bodies, which were filled with spiritual qi, completely erupted forth with potential. They were no longer as cowardly as before.

All the monkeys stood in neat rows and were practicing the cudgel moves.

Their bodies were now packed with muscles, each with a size larger than before. They also radiated an imposing aura.

Feng Lin glanced at them and nodded silently in approval.

This was the difference between him and the old monkey king.

The old monkey king treated these monkeys as his sons and grandsons, overly doting on them with his protection, resulting in these monkeys becoming cowardly and weak.

But Sun Wukong's method was different.

A king was a king, a king wasn't a babysitter.

Since he was now in command of the monkey tribe, these monkeys were naturally his subordinates.

If he didn't train them strictly, how could the monkey king in the legends have enough subordinates to war against the 100,000 heavenly troops from the celestial court?

Being the monkey king of the Flowerfruit Mountain wasn't as simple as barging through the waterfall barrier into the Water Curtain Cave.

The true monkey king was the hegemon of the entire Flowerfruit Mountain.

Only by conquering this entire mountain would he be able to understand the true essence of the monkey king.

Now, the monkey tribe of the Flowerfruit Mountain was completely transformed. It was about time to change the status quo.

A saber would never be sharp if it wasn't sharpened!

Feng Lin decided to use the wolf tribe as his first stepping stone.

"Let's get revenge for the old monkey king!" Feng Lin roared, leading the monkeys to kill their way over. 

The monkeys all wielded their cudgels and looked extremely imposing. They were in neat rows just like an army.

No one would be able to recognize that these monkeys were the previously cowardly monkeys.

Even if the old monkey king were to return from the underworld, he wouldn't be able to recognize them either.

Feng Lin's spirit force swept out in a probe. The surroundings appeared in his perception.

Very soon, Feng Lin led the monkeys into a certain canyon in the Flowerfruit Mountain, directly attacking the wolves.

"Kill!" Feng Lin didn't waste words and took the lead, killing his way over.

Now, there was a new wolf king that was selected from the wolf tribe. It was a giant wolf with snowy-white fur.

Feng Lin's cudgel waved in the wind. It slammed down with the force of storms and hurricanes, completely seamless.

The white wolf king howled unceasingly. Its demonic qi gushed forth but it was forced back relentlessly by the cudgel force exuded by Feng Lin's attacks. It had no way to bite down on Feng Lin and didn't know what to do.

When the other monkeys saw how ferocious their king was, their courage was instantly boosted as they rushed forth like the ocean tides.

Cudgel shadows filled the air, forming an unbroken chain.

Although these demonic wolves were fierce, when they were enveloped by the cudgel force, they were like having fallen inside a swamp. Their sharp claws and fangs were completely useless, and they could only howl in grief.


All of a sudden, a long howl rang out.

Under the chaotic cudgel attacks from Feng Lin, that new wolf king was smashed into meat paste.

After their king died, the remaining demonic wolves all lost the courage to resist. They all immediately turned and fled.

The hatred the monkeys felt toward the wolves all bubbled up. They chased after the wolves and killed many of them. Only one or two managed to escape, and the wolves would never be a threat again.

After destroying their greatest rivals, the monkeys cheered loudly with excitement.

The feeling of being suppressed and bullied in the past was completely vented out now. They had obtained their revenge. The surroundings were filled with the sound of victory, causing the Flowerfruit Mountain to tremble from the commotion.

On their bodies, Feng Lin suddenly sensed the aura of an army being congregated.

The eyes of every monkey were filled with reverence when they stared at Feng Lin. From now on, they were no longer that helpless bunch of monkeys anymore.

An invisible shackle seemed to be broken.

Feng Lin could feel that his connection with this body in the illusion-scale grew closer and closer, gradually merging as one.

But this wasn't enough yet!

After this, with the Water Curtain Cave as their central headquarters, Feng Lin led the monkeys on a rampage, sweeping through all four directions.

The monkeys had strong bodies now. They were able to climb trees, leap through the air, or walk on land. Their forms were similar to humans and could use martial arts. With the cudgel techniques Feng Lin imparted them, their attacks were incomparably ferocious. The other demonic beasts were basically not their opponents.

Everywhere they pa.s.sed by, they crushed the opposition.

They won a hundred battles upon a hundred battles fought. The fear in the hearts of the monkeys gradually lessened; they became fearless.

Feng Lin's cudgel strikes forced the demonic beasts to flee. The power of the monkey tribe grew stronger and stronger. The wild wolf canyon, the hundred gra.s.s forest, the mountain spring lake… All of these places became the monkey tribe's territory.

Their expansion was extremely fierce. This was something the through-armed ape had never imagined possible. He would frequently praise Feng Lin for accomplis.h.i.+ng something the old monkey king had never achieved before. Now his achievements had truly surpa.s.sed all the past generations of kings.

And after that, the monkey tribe completely wiped the Flowerfruit Mountain of many of the other demon races.

Yet, the atmosphere of the Flowerfruit Mountain suddenly turned strangely quiet.

Some of the more powerful demon races chose to keep a low-profile, yet Feng Lin felt that this situation was like the calm before the storm. He increased his vigilance.

Today, while he was meditating on the throne in the Water Curtain Cave, a shout of fear echoed out. One of the vanguards from the tribe returned with injuries and was carried in by the other members.

"What happened?" Feng Lin asked in a low voice.

"Great King, our spiritual peach forest is surrounded! Many of the monkeys are injured and some have even died!" the vanguard shouted.

"Who did this? Are there other races in the Flowerfruit Mountain that dare to take the initiative to antagonize us?" Feng Lin didn't panic, he calmly asked.

"The three demon races of the tiger, python, and eagle races joined forces. Other than them, some scattered demonic beasts joined their alliance as well." The vanguard's voice trembled, filled with terror.

"So it's them. It's good that they came. I was just worried that they would remain hidden forever." Feng Lin wasn't shocked but was happy instead. He gave a long laugh.

"The joint army of demonic beasts wishes to start a monkey-annihilation battle? Hahaha, suit me as well. I just wanted to accomplish this task in one go, sweeping through the Flowerfruit Mountain with tyranny and invincibility!"

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 358: The Monkeys Routing Demons!

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