Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 373: Final Mission

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"The devil training ended in advance. The final mission is this: Spare no expense to return to the university alive. There are still traitors of the spirit race among our students, and these spies leaked the information. Their objective is to lure you all here to the spirit blackhole-like existence, seeking to destroy as many human geniuses as possible, killing the hope of humanity…"

After the words 'final mission', lines of text appeared. The message was extremely terrifying.

The instructor must have died! Thus, the devil training had ended in advance.

The content of the message was simply too important. This made Feng Lin and the other freshmen unable to adapt so quickly.

Also, this was just a simple introduction. There were still many truths hidden within.

Feng Lin and the two other captains felt their hearts sinking to the bottom of the valley.

Everything happened in an instant.

The instructor and warriors were actually devoured instead. There was no need to speculate about their endings if they stayed here.

"Look quickly!" A voice suddenly called out.

Feng Lin glanced in the direction that was pointed out.

Pu, pu, pu~

That gigantic black sphere truly seemed to resemble a black hole, yet it radiated hints of life. It must be a living creature. After it devoured the instructor and all the warriors, it was actually rapidly expanding in size.

Spirit blackhole lifeform?

What the h.e.l.l was it exactly?

Feng Lin stood from afar. He narrowed his eyes. This lifeform seemed to be a higher tier existence even when comparing it to a spirit giant beast.

This spirit nest basically wasn't an ordinary nest. How could such a terrifying lifeform exist?

"Not good!" Feng Lin was suddenly shocked awake from his thoughts when he recalled the message recorded by the instructor for this mission. The instructor used his death to investigate the truth.

This mission was basically a trap to lure over the freshmen of the Great Wall University. The black sphere lifeform was the final trap meant to devour them all!

All of these freshmen were people with high talents among their peers. They all had the potential to become future officers for the military.

If this batch of freshmen were all killed, the Great Wall University would suffer a heavy loss.

This plan was so simple and could be seen through easily. Yet, the Great Wall University actually approved this as a freshman-level mission. There must be spies in higher echelons of the university that cooperated with the spirit race.

Numerous thoughts flashed through his mind, causing him to feel fear.

But this wasn't the time to think too much. Feng Lin drew a deep breath. If they weren't able to escape the calamity today, there would be endless troubles in the future.

All these secrets would be buried in this spirit nest, and no one would know anything.

Probably, the spies precisely wanted this to happen.

Pu, pu, pu.

The black sphere swelled up. After that, it actually began to rapidly divide itself into countless smaller spirit lifeforms.

At the start, there were only tiny octopuses. But as they rapidly absorbed the radiation energy of the universe, they grew very quickly and started to move over, wanting to surround the teams.

These spirit monsters could be seen everywhere. The vast majority of the surroundings were packed with them.

If they didn't leave now, they would not be able to leave anymore!

"Flee!" Even the instructor had died; Feng Lin wouldn't be so foolish to rush up recklessly.

No matter how powerful his techniques were, it was impossible to kill all of these spirit lifeforms!

He didn't say anything else and immediately gave the order to flee.

The spirit lifeforms instantly surged over frenziedly like the tides, wanting to engulf the freshmen within.

Monkey King Domain!

Full force activation!

They were going to be heavily surrounded. This wasn't the time to hold back.

Every second they were delayed, the amount of danger would increase proportionally.

Feng Lin couldn't be bothered about the consumption rate of his genetic force. He unleashed his Monkey King Domain to the maximum effect. A faint layer of azure light formed a circular area around him.

The moment those spirit lifeforms rushed in, they were instantly blasted into pieces by various types of energy.

Everywhere Feng Lin pa.s.sed by, that place would become a blank s.p.a.ce. All the spirit lifeforms would die.

They were everywhere. It felt like they had poked a hornet's nest; the swarms of spirit lifeforms seemed endless.

Feng Lin rushed forward, leading the others. He was like a powerful sword gleaming with sharpness, like a light that lit up the path for those behind him.

Those freshmen also immersed themselves in the killing of the spirit lifeforms. They followed their captain and charged ahead. Looking at the imposing figure in front, their worried hearts suddenly felt more at ease. They could feel a tiny sense of security now.

If they turned their heads back, they would see a s.p.a.ce that was completely filled with spirit lifeforms. They had no way to escape and could only surge forward, opening up a path by slaughter to find a strand of hope for survival.




The situation was growing increasingly threatening by the second.

Wind, fire, lightning, thunder—all sorts of elemental energy frenziedly flowed around Feng Lin. His Heart Monkey Force permeated the surroundings, and the energy he could control in the Monkey King Domain was unleashed fully, becoming a zone of absolute slaughter for the spirit lifeforms.

But at the same time, his strength was rapidly sapped.

Feng Lin turned pale, but he gritted his teeth and persevered.



From afar, the light of flames towered up into the sky; a sword beam also slashed down, exuding incomparable radiance.

Everywhere the attacks pa.s.sed, countless spirit lifeforms were destroyed.

Donghuang Taichu and Augustus were also attacking with full power, wanting to break out from the siege.

At this moment, no one cared about the earlier bet. Staying alive was the most important.


The metal cudgel in Feng Lin's hands danced about, manifesting hurricanes. The energy wind storm swept over, turning the spirit lifeforms into spirit paste.

Wu, wu, wu!

The golden flames blazed brilliantly. It was unknown when did Donghuang Taichu take out a spear. His spear sparkled with light as he radiated an intense killing might.

Chi, chi, chi~

Sword beams pierced through the sky. Augustus seemed to become one with his sword. He drew ten crosses in the air, shattering the spirit lifeforms that rushed at him.

The three of them were the top-ranking freshmen and truly did live up to their reputations. Their cultivation bases and strength were top-notch. When they unleashed their full strength, they domineeringly carved out a path through pure slaughter.

Fortunately, the instructor had time to warn them before he died, thus allowing them to flee at the fastest speed.

Very soon, the floating flying shuttle appeared within their vision.

"Rush over!" The three captains had a look of joy on their faces. They gathered their last bit of energy and rushed over.

The shuttle's A.I. sensed their arrival, and the door to the shuttle was instantly opened.

The three teams of freshmen all rushed into the shuttle with their fastest speed.

The moment they entered, the shuttle instantly activated an energy protection barrier, blocking those spirit lifeforms outside.

Hu, hu, hu!

After that, many of the freshmen instantly collapsed on the floor as they panted heavily. All of them were weighed down by fatigue; lingering fear could be seen on their faces.

They had almost...almost...failed to return!

Bang, bang, bang!

The light in the shuttle suddenly flickered and dimmed.

Before the freshmen could catch their breaths, the flying shuttle was already completely surrounded by the spirit lifeforms.

These spirit lifeforms treated energy as their food. They surrounded the flying shuttle and took large bites out of the energy protection barrier, devouring the power within.

Once the barrier was broken, everyone in the flying shuttle would be exposed before the army of the spirit lifeforms. Their fates would be the same as the instructor and the warriors.

"Oi, quick! Think of an idea or we would all die!"

"This is just a training, how is it possible that we encounter such a situation?"

The freshmen all panicked.

Donghuang Taichu and Augustus exchanged glances as they frowned. They couldn't think of any ideas.

However, the situation wasn't beneficial for them if they continued to drag on.

There was a limit to the energy in the protective barrier. Once the spirit lifeforms devoured the energy cleanly, everyone would die!

Just when everyone was extremely fl.u.s.tered, a calm voice rang out, silencing the clamors.

"I have an idea." Feng Lin spoke.

"Tell us!" Bzz~ Numerous pairs of eyes turned to Feng Lin, filled with hope and antic.i.p.ation.

Feng Lin didn't waste time. He decisively spoke, "Explode the flying shuttle!"


Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 373: Final Mission

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