Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 377 - Successful Concoction of Cinnabar Pills

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Chapter 377: Successful Concoction of Cinnabar Pills

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The crimson refinement cinnabar could be concocted using crimson fire crystals, star sand, and black crystal ores… It contained the elemental nature of fire and could trigger explosions, manifesting crimson-colored destructive clouds.

In his inheritance, there was only a simple recipe to create this type of pills. As to its exact level of power, Feng Lin could only know after the cinnabar was created.

Now, he had no other solutions left. This was the only path remaining to him.

Feng Lin could only try it out.

Since he was now already in a perilous situation, if he still cared so much about what-ifs, he would drown in his own hesitation and might as well simply wait for death.

Crimson fire crystals, star sand, black crystal ores…

The mineral reserves stored in this flying shuttle from his past excavation were all brought up. They shone with a myriad of colors, illuminating the entire control cabin.

Alchemy was a type of art that required incomparable precision. He closed his eyes and adjusted his mental state while reading through the information in his inheritance about this particular type of pill again and again.

Cinnabar could be considered a type of external alchemy pill that was used for killing. The properties it contained were completely different from an internal alchemy pill.

Internal alchemy pills required the medicinal potency to be restrained. They would form a perfect sphere as a prison to lock in the excess might of the potency. This way, the excess medicinal potency wouldn’t be able to harm one’s life structure and could allow the cells to evolve themselves from their roots.

But for cinnabar, it was considered a killing-type pill. The stronger the might, the better it would be. One didn’t need to pay too much attention to the minute details; thus, it was much more simple to refine and concoct it. Everything was fine as long as its base was stable and wouldn’t explode at the slightest accidental touch.

But even so, for the sake of safety, Feng Lin specially chose a remote cabin to attempt his concoction.

After going through the steps repeatedly, Feng Lin began his attempt after confirming that he understood the principles.

Furnace activated!

Feng Lin pointed to the center of his brows as a purple fire seed manifested. It formed a unique resonance with the blazing flames in the furnace, allowing Feng Lin to control them.

Crimson Fire Crystal!

The furnace’s flames blazed, creating waves of heat. Feng Lin didn’t waste time and immediately tossed the first main ingredient into it.

Under the power of the true fire, the reddish crystal was refined into a blood-red liquid. Impurities flowed out as the liquid was constantly being refined. In the end, only an extremely vibrant and clear red-colored solution remained. It shone brightly and seemed to be flawless.

Star sand!

The soft particle of sands glowed with a faint starlight. They were akin to stars in the sky and were extremely beautiful.

Their appearance was beautiful, but the temperature of this ingredient was extremely low, around negative 200 degrees celsius. It wasn’t something that could be handled by one’s bare hands.

Feng Lin used his spirit force to place the star sand into the furnace.

The intensity of the Earthfiend True Fire was controlled carefully by him. When the last particle of star sand fell into the red solution, silvery light flashed brightly. After some time of refinement, the solution thickened and a crystalline sphere of dual-colors—silver and red—was formed. This crystal sparkled brightly; it was even more beautiful than the prettiest diamond in the world.


Feng Lin went all out. His will caused the temperature to surge even higher as he turned the crystalline sphere into liquid once more.

Black crystal ores…

Feng Lin placed the main ingredients according to an ordered sequence. He remained calm and unfl.u.s.tered.

The flames turned white, and the temperature soared to its max.

These minerals were all substances that contained spirit particles. When mixed together, an energy reaction would occur. A dangerous aura was then emitted, resembling a load of gunpowder.


Feng Lin abruptly folded his hands. His spirit force entered the furnace, and he used the powerful flames to fuse everything together into a spheroid form, This crystal sphere was a brilliant red, a sign that the properties of each ingredient had been perfectly fused.

Now, only the last step of refinement remained.

The fire suddenly blazed brilliantly.

The flames began to intensify, nurturing the environment within the furnace.

Furnace close!

With a clap of his hands, Feng Lin sealed the furnace, locking the power of the true fire within.

Through the eight windows of the furnace, one could see a sphere-like object continuously solidifying as it revolved about.

The nearer it was to the end, the more Feng Lin couldn’t relax.

The concoction methods of all alchemy pills were different. One had to be aware of this.

For the crimson refinement cinnabar, one needed to make the sphere transform a total of 108 times before it could truly be concocted successfully.

Feng Lin remained vigilant. His hands weaved in the air like dancing b.u.t.terflies as he controlled the intensity of the true fire with a wondrous tempo.

The flames in the furnace expanded and contracted according to his will. The power of the true fire gradually seeped into the sphere.

After some time, a golden-colored round alchemy pill took form. It radiated treasure light; anyone could tell it was an extraordinary treasure with just a single glance.

Feng Lin made a snapping gesture. The furnace then opened as the golden pill floated into his palm. There were red clouds inscribed on the golden surface, and this object was none other than the crimson refinement cinnabar.

As he held it in his palm, he could instantly feel how extraordinary it was. It was packed to the brim with firepower. Once the might within erupted forth, the power unleashed would be unimaginable.

Feng Lin then kept it carefully and began to meditate at the side, adjusting his mental state to its peak before he deactivated his furnace once more.

Other than his first try being a success, he wasn’t as lucky for the next few tries. In total, he failed five times and after much persistence, he eventually managed to concoct a total of ten crimson refinement cinnabar pills.

The concoction was a success, but he had no idea what was the magnitude of its might.

Feng Lin gingerly touched the cinnabar pills in his hands as he contemplated.

“Warning, warning! A great number of spirit lifeforms are gradually closing in.” At this moment, the A.I. suddenly warned.

“Quickly look, the spirit lifeforms appeared again!”

“Flee quickly, let us enter a wormhole!”

“No, the spirit giant beasts might be camping inside the wormholes. If we enter, we would surely die!”

“What can we do then?”

“We can only fight them head-on.”

The freshmen who were resting in the flying shuttle was shocked awake. Panic and chaos soon reigned.

“Quiet!” An explosive shout rang out with the force of thunder, suppressing the atmosphere.

The crowd then parted as a figure walked over.

Feng Lin went to the center of the shuttle as he gazed outside.

Other than the dark void of outer s.p.a.ce, a group of eight-tentacles spirit octopuses gathered together. They were like the ocean tides that flowed unceasingly nearer to them with great speed.

With just a single glance, he counted over a thousand of them.

“Just a small team of spirit lifeforms? It’s good that they came. I can use them to test the effects of my cinnabar pills.” Feng Lin’s eyes flickered with coldness.

“A.I. blast these ten pills into the crowd of spirit lifeforms!” he instructed.

“Yes.” A mechanical arm came by and took the ten pills away.

The flying shuttle suddenly blasted out a golden cannonball that had the ten cinnabar pills encased within. The cannonball flew forth with great speed and exploded in the midst of the spirit lifeforms.

At the point of explosion, a flood of crimson light flashed and the scope of the light continued to expand.

“What is that?”

“I have no idea too!”

“It seemed that the shuttle shot out a cannonball?”

Everyone was deep in discussion.

“Quickly look!” An exclamation rang out.

The speed of the red light’s extension grew increasingly quicker. It was like a ball of embers that continued spreading outwards like wildfire.

Those spirit lifeforms had met their bane. All of them were frenziedly in retreat, fleeing in all directions.

The moment their energy-based bodies came in contact with the red light, they would feel their bodies burning and their cells disintegrating into nothingness.

Feng Lin’s eyes gleamed brightly. Under his spirit perception, he could see everything clearly.

The cinnabar pills were a type of energy catalyst that caused energy-substances to rapidly react with it. In the end, both the pills and the substances would end in mutual destruction.

To spirit lifeforms that had energy-based bodies, this cinnabar pill was basically a plague.

They fled quickly and soon vanished completely from the area.

“What is that crimson light?”

“What just happened exactly?”

“Could that be a method of our captain?”

Everyone felt puzzled as they began to speculate.

However, all of these were no longer important.

After the danger was abated, everyone was cheering with joy.

It seemed like his alchemy knowledge was truly a huge treasure trove that he need to excavate regularly to gain information.

This seemingly deadly situation brought on by the spirit lifeforms was now neutralized.

A smile also appeared on Feng Lin’s face.


All of a sudden, his smile froze as he suddenly thought of something. He quickly rushed back to his pill concoction chamber, leaving everyone else behind.

The freshmen were stunned. They stood in their original location and exchanged mutual glances of confusion.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 377 - Successful Concoction of Cinnabar Pills

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