Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 386 - Splitting Furnace for Two Uses

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Chapter 386: Splitting Furnace for Two Uses

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Open furnace!

Feng Lin sat upright with his eyes closed, memorizing the Nine Revolutions Birth Transformation Pill’s alchemy recipe and repeatedly going through the process in his mind. He kept on doing this until he reached a point where he wouldn’t make any mistake. Suddenly, a glow burst out from his eyes.

The Furnace of Destiny—a pill concoction furnace that had been pa.s.sed down from ancient times—had been activated with a boom.

The flames burned fiercely.

He didn’t start performing alchemy immediately but kept on forming a series of seals with his hands like b.u.t.terflies dancing about. The most mysterious thing was that the seals he formed were different, being one yin and one yang and contrasting each other like two sides of a mirror. They worked together perfectly.

As his hand seals changed, the furnace’s Earthfiend True Fire split into two.

One lump of the flames was agitated to an extreme and burned fiercely, with its temperature surging explosively.

The other lump of flames was reserved and flowed quietly like a solid-state molten lava.

This was the Yin Yang Pill Refinement Hand Seals. It could split the True Fire into two; this way, each ball of flames could refine two contradicting types of pill while still being a single ent.i.ty. The furnace would be split up for two uses at the same time!

Although this was a basic technique in the Split Furnace Pill Refinement Technique, it was also a foundational technique.

Only after grasping this critical point would one be able to reach a higher level, being able to split the furnace up for three, ten or even 100 uses at the same time…

Other than the changes to his hand seals, his spirit force would also have to be split into two. However, this wasn’t that difficult for Feng Lin.

The trickier part was how to control the two b.a.l.l.s of flames to each take their own forms.

Splitting furnace to two uses!

Each ball of flames would refine an alchemy pill of a different characteristic, thus, the type of flame used in the refinement would be very different as well.

It wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish this!

Feng Lin only started to refine the medicine after he had succeeded in controlling the flames.

Yang Pill: Star River Flower, Leaftree Root, Fire Python Bladder…

Yin Pill: Silvermoon Gra.s.s, Unfalling Golden Fruit, Black Clam Pearl…

The flowers were like sparkling stars while the gra.s.s was like the silver moon…

The medicinal herbs required for cultivating the Ying Yang Pills were different and they needed to be refined separately.

The Star River Flower, Leaftree Root, Fire Python Bladder, and many other medicinal herbs entered the seething yang fire, while the Silvermoon Gra.s.s, Unfalling Golden Fruit, Black Clam Pearl, and other medicinal herbs were put into the yin fire that was like molten lava.

One furnace, two flames. The furnace was split up to refine two medicine concurrently.

Feng Lin kept forming seals incessantly with his hands and exercised concise control.

The many herbs were being refined under the True Fire, and impurities turned into smoke and dissipated, leaving behind two liquid beads—one red and one green.

Mystic Yin Water! Imperishable Glue!

The two of them turned into two streams of water that sank into the liquid beads and then rapidly getting bigger before condensing into two crystals. Even when subject to scorching flames, they didn’t melt in the slightest.

Feng Lin formed seals and once again increased the fire prowess. The Earthfiend True Fire erupted into intense purplish-red flames with a bang and smelted everything.

The crystals started to melt once again, turning back into two liquid gels of different colors.

Purplelight Sand! Eternalstar Gold!

Sand-like material scattered down and glimmered like starlights. They were instantly roasted into liquid, dripping into the gel-like substance.

Gloomy termination pearl, Dragon Rouge Jade, Unwithered Summer Gra.s.s…

Feng Lin’s hand seals kept on changing as he added the various ingredients in a unique manner and specific order.

The temperature of the flames continued to rise until it reached an extremely high point, arriving at an incandescent state.

The two gel-like substances started to contract incessantly, turning into a spherical form. The medicinal effects combined together, containing no impurities at all.

All that was left was the last refining step.

Light up fire!

Flames permeated the entire furnace, filling up the entire stretch of s.p.a.ce.

Close furnace!

Feng Lin put his hands together and the furnace’s lid suddenly closed, locking in the flames.

After pa.s.sing through eight air vents, he could see a spherical object rolling and spinning rapidly in the furnace.

The sphere’s coa.r.s.e surface was gradually smoothed out by the tempering of the flames.

The strange smell in the air also gradually lightened. This wasn’t a sign of failure. Instead, it was a sign that the medicinal effects were slowly being restrained. It meant that success wasn’t far off.

Nine-nine, eighty-one tempering!

However, he couldn’t afford to slack off. The concoction technique for every type of pill was different. The Nine Revolutions Birth Transformation Pill was a top-grade spiritual pill, and the refinement technique was even more complicated. It required one to perform 981 temperature changes and repeatedly temper the pills before each bit of impurities could be removed, reaching 100% purity.

Only this procedure would guarantee a perfect pill, free of side effects and produced nine revolutions and complete transformational effect.

The pill’s success was imminent.

Feng Lin brought up his carefulness level to 120% and formed seals in a mysterious rhythm.

The flames in the furnace kept on surging due to his actions. The scorching flames scattered down like the spring rain that nourished all lives, seeping into the pill.

In the end, two round pills gradually took form in the flames.

When success was almost there, before he could send out a mental probe, the two pills seemed to produce some kind of mysterious connection. They broke away from the flames and clashed with each other.

A loud boom rang out!

The green Yin Pill smashed the red Yang Pill into dust with a single strike and then it broke down as well.

A fragrant fog erupted from the furnace, and the pills dissipated completely.

Feng Lin felt regretful.

The art of alchemy was deep and profound, and it was very normal for the first attempt to be a failure.

However, he felt that he hadn’t missed out anything in the alchemy technique. So why would the process end up a failure? He found this to be very strange.

Feng Lin recalled his refining steps and derived them in a reversed manner. Finally, after repeating it over ten times, he found an answer.

The Ying Yang Pill was a pill that was split into two, with them being the yin and yang respectively. The distribution of energy between the two must be exact. The slightest bit of difference could cause an imbalance in the yin and yang, and thus make it hard for the pill to form successfully.

Even if he were to succeed by luck, the medicinal prowess would never be able to achieve a balance after he took the pills. One side would suppress the other. Not only would it not achieve a nine revolutionary transformational effect, but it could also cause the yin and yang to clash and bring about extreme damage to his body. He couldn’t be careless about this.

Feng Lin visualized the steps carefully until he was sure there wouldn’t be any more mistakes. Then he continued the refining process.

Even so, he still failed five times, only achieving success after several attempts and implemented improvements.

After the alchemy pills were successfully created, their colors had turned into black and white respectively. Other than their colors, there was no difference at all to their size, weight, and shape…

Feng Lin didn’t hesitate and swallowed the two pills in one go.

At the next instant, it felt as if a supernova explosion had taken place and the pills instantly erupted in his stomach, turning into scorching heat and ice-cold currents that kept seething non-stop in his meridians. Each time they circulated for one cycle, they would cross each other, separate, and continue to circulate. It was like the yin and yang cycles kept on repeating and spinning non-stop.

The pill was like a millstone that cleansed out the impurities in the flesh, blood, and meridians.

Genetic potential +18.8, +18.9, +20.2…

As expected of a top-grade spiritual pill. His potential grew at an unprecedentedly rapid rate.

Feng Lin sat upright with his legs crossed as he sensed the hot currents in his body.

Minute-Knowledge Gene +1, +1, +1…

Meditation Gene +1, +1, +1…

This time around, he was going to awaken another Heaven Gene in the Sun Wukong Mythological Path at one go—the Daoheart Gene!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 386 - Splitting Furnace for Two Uses

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