Legend Of The Mythological Genes 382 Fire Cannon!

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The roaring sounds were loud and filled with craziness and brutality. Its face was savage and distorted...

"Fire the cannon!"

Extremely enraged howls that were like the sounds of thunderbolts erupted through the dead silence.

The s.p.a.ce shuttle was mobilized, exposing over 100 cannons outside and pointing them toward the black shadow that was closing in slowly.

The spirit blackhole got closer at a rate that seemed to be both slow and fast at the same time. Its body that was like a black hole kept on engulfing, even the wormhole itself kept on breaking down. It was so suffocating that it made one feel despair.

It got closer silently.

In front of the black hole, the s.p.a.ce shuttle was like a small fish before the mouth of a huge whale. No matter how hard it struggled, it was unable to break away from its fate of being engulfed.

The eyes of everyone in the s.p.a.ce shuttle opened wide; their faces filled with despair.

Before such a terrifying monster, even the instructor who had been an elite adept had been swallowed in one go, unable to put up any resistance, let alone them who were merely grand cultivators.

They were doomed!

Everyone's heart sank into endless darkness, feeling that all hopes were lost.

That furious bellow sounded like the first bolt of thunder in the stuffy world, waking up all living creatures.

If one didn't erupt amidst the silence, they would die amidst the silence.

Feng Lin let out an enraged bellow.

Boom boom boom!

The s.p.a.ce shuttle launched the cannons on both sides concurrently, and brilliant sparks went smas.h.i.+ng out like a hurricane.

The densely-packed crimson refinement gunpowder formed large areas of red fog that filled up the s.p.a.ce in the wormhole.

However, the spirit blackhole didn't budge in the least. It merely engulfed deeply and swallowed those red fog into its stomach.

The black hole's stomach shot out a stretch of red light as if explosives had been set off. However, they were quickly suppressed and no longer had any motion.

"It's useless! It's impossible for us to escape!"

"The spirit blackhole had even engulfed the instructor. It's not something that we can fight against!"

"Is our cultivation path going to come to a stop here?"


Everyone's countenance turned grim. They didn't kick up a fuss but were numb as wooden blocks.

There was no grief as great as despair.

The spirit blackhole's appearance made them give up completely. They couldn't summon any will to put up a resistance.

However, Feng Lin didn't care about that. Even if he was in the most dangerous impa.s.se, he wouldn't give up.

Even if he were to die, he would bite a chunk of meat off from the enemy.

"Launch out all the crimson refinement gunpowder!" Feng Lin gave the order, and the s.p.a.ce shuttle activated all the cannons.

A total of 1,300 cannonb.a.l.l.s shot out, sending an endless stretch of red fog at the spirit blackhole.

The spirit blackhole was unable to engulf them all in one go. When its body came into contact with them, it started burning up, forming jets of flames.

(It's effective?)

Everyone's eyes lit up, but this little bit of hope didn't last long before it was immediately extinguished.

The spirit blackhole suddenly opened a huge black mouth and engulfed fiercely, even starting to chew on the wormhole itself.

The red flames started to dissipate.

When their hopes were destroyed, they would only feel even greater despair than just plain despair!

Everyone fell silent.

They had utilized all of their means. This time around, there was really no more hope.

However, Feng Lin didn't think the same. Things weren't over yet!

His neck swelled up and green veins popped up as he let out an enraged bellow, "Launch the crimson refinement cannon!"


A huge cannon as thick as a pillar extended out from the top of the s.p.a.ce shuttle. It was the s.p.a.ce shuttle's main cannon.

The others were still wearing a numb expression. When the hundreds of cannonb.a.l.l.s were launched concurrently but were useless, what could a big cannon do?

No matter how they resisted, they would still end up dead. Everything was in vain.


A round metallic cannonball was sent smas.h.i.+ng out without a trace. It suddenly split up into many red spots and was then completely engulfed by the black hole, not having any other activity.

Everyone's expression was that of despair.

However, at the next instant...


The spirit blackhole suddenly opened its mouth furiously. There were purplish-red flames burning the inside of its mouth, and it was in great agony.

This flame had an unprecedented level of blaze.

"What? It's actually effective!" The freshmen stared with eyes wide-open in disbelief.

Feng Lin's eyes lowered.

Ambus.h.i.+ng the spirit race wasn't something that ordinary people could do, let alone when they were just a bunch of freshmen.

How could he possibly not make more preparations?

Other than refining most of the ingredients into a simplified version of the crimson refinement gunpowder, he had also secretly refined over 100 crimson refinement cinnabar pills. These were his true secret weapon.

They were prepared for when the crimson refinement gunpowder was insufficient to deal with the huge spirit race beast.

He made use of mechanical manufacturing technology together with the help of the A.I. to create three metallic cannonb.a.l.l.s. They could smash the crimson refinement cinnabar pills into the spirit and then unleash their effect.

He hadn't expected that he didn't use it against that spirit whale but ended up using it on this spirit blackhole instead.

It was a success on the first strike.

Hope started to appear in everyone's eyes.

However, Feng Lin wasn't careless. He shouted out abruptly, "A.I.! Drive on at full speed!"

Although this attack was effective...

This spirit blackhole's body was extremely ma.s.sive, and the damage inflicted onto it wasn't fatal.

If they didn't leave now, what were they waiting for?

Strong flames shot out from the back of the s.p.a.ce shuttle, and it moved at full speed, rapidly drawing distance away from the black hole.

After encountering many attacks previously, this was the first time the spirit blackhole was injured. It seemed to be completely enraged, and its ma.s.sive body kept on expanding and contracting non-stop. A huge black mouth opened up and spewed out a seething particle tempest.

Caught in the particle tempest, the s.p.a.ce shuttle was like a small bird caught in a hurricane. It swayed about as if it was at risk of being destroyed at any moment.


Another metallic cannonball smashed out and made use of the chance to land into the spirit blackhole's mouth.

The flames in the black hole's mouth seemed to have received fuel. They immediately seethed and burned even more fiercely as they expanded out.

The spirit blackhole's body instantly contracted like a deflated balloon.

The s.p.a.ce shuttle took the opportunity to draw distance between them once again.

Although the spirit blackhole's body resembled the black hole and it had the ability to engulf, it was essentially still a living creature. It howled in great agony from the scorching flames, and many black blisters appeared on the surface of its body. When they broke away from its body, they formed many spirit monsters.

In the blink of an eye, their numbers grew into thousands or ten thousands. They gushed forth like tidal waves, blocking up the wormhole and surging toward the s.p.a.ce shuttle.

Seeing that the freshmen were still in a daze, Feng Lin let out a furious bellow, "What are you guys still in a daze for? Take control of the battery! Launch the cannons! Smash these d.a.m.ned spirit monsters into dregs!"

Only then did everyone seem as if they had just woken up from a dream and quickly got moving.

Although their hopes were slim, there was still a chance for them to survive this. They had no other option than to fight with their lives on the line.

These people were all elites amongst the elites and had experienced a long period of military training.

They controlled the many cannons on the s.p.a.ce shuttle, rapidly firing them.

Many light-energy cannonb.a.l.l.s smashed out like rainwater, crus.h.i.+ng the surrounding spirit lifeforms.

An interstellar pursuit between humans and spirits started.

Feng Lin took charge in the control cabin. His eyes fixed on the spirit blackhole's ma.s.sive body.

As the spirit race kept on breaking down, he saw that the black hole's body was also shrinking incessantly.

However, the injuries from the flames didn't shrink. Clearly, the black hole was no longer able to suppress its injuries.

They mustn't drag on the battle in the wormhole. The longer they stayed here, the larger the amount of energy depleted!

If things were dragged too long, they would be lost in the wormhole due to having their energy completely depleted. The spirit blackhole didn't need to do anything.

The spirit blackhole moved the energy on its body to suppress the flames, wanting to recover.

However, how could Feng Lin possibly give him the chance to recover?

He personally took action, controlling the cannon and the very last cannonball that comprised of the crimson refinement cinnabar.

The cannonball drew a beautiful trajectory in the air and accurately shot toward the black hole's injury. It entered deeper into the black hole's body and then exploded.


Red flames burst out within the black hole and rapidly extended into a huge lump of flames, drowning the black hole.

An extremely enraged roar rang out.

The spirit blackhole suddenly exploded, and an endless amount of energy mixed with flames drowned the wormhole completely, destroying it.

Those spirit monsters were instantly blasted into dregs in the storm.

An extremely battered s.p.a.ce shuttle silently disappeared into the distance.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes 382 Fire Cannon!

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