Legend Of The Mythological Genes 383 Unrivaled Military Meri

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A s.p.a.ce shuttle with a battered exterior was driving in the dark and abyssal wormhole without a sound.

"Alert! Alert! Alert! The energy level has dropped to a dangerous level! 20%, 18%, 16%..." The s.p.a.ce shuttle's A.I. released a piercing warning, and red light flashed non-stop.

It was silent inside the cabin.

After a series of battles and going through drastic changes, everyone's stamina and mental energy had almost been completely depleted. They fell limp to the ground.

"Hey! Was that spirit blackhole really killed by us? We survived!…" A numb voice rang out, breaking the silence and filled with perplexity.

"That's right! We're saved!" Someone stood up and said outright with a strong voice that had unshakable confidence and determination.

Feng Lin's voice broke the silence like sunlight s.h.i.+ning through the dark clouds, thoroughly illuminating the silence in everyone's heart.

"We're saved!"

"We've won!"

"Hurrah! Hurrah team leader! Hurrah Great Wall University! Hurrah mankind!"


The numbed faces slowly changed and regained vigor.

What followed the long silence were cheers that were even more fervent and intense than ever before.

The atmosphere in the s.p.a.ce shuttle was like boiling water, with cheers ringing through the sky. It was extremely seething.

The suppressed emotions were like lava that had been silent in a volcano for 1,000 years and then erupting, unable to calm down even after very long.

Feng Lin smiled and looked at this scene, not stopping them.

After surviving the audacious battle against the spirit race, everyone had the right to feel happy and proud.

Everyone was anxious to head back!

If they were to travel through the wormhole at full speed, it would take them three hours at most to return to the Great Wall University.

However, to everyone, this was extremely long.

The warning that the energy index kept on plunging also made everyone extremely anxious.

Every pa.s.sing second felt like a year.

The danger had yet to pa.s.s completely.

If the energy was completely depleted and they had yet to arrive back at Great Wall University, they would be shredded up by the s.p.a.ce-time tempest in the wormhole.

However, there was nothing they could do except to move on, hoping that luck would be on their side.

Fortunately, when the s.p.a.ce shuttle's energy had plunged to the 5% threshold, the s.p.a.ce shuttle finally broke out from the wormhole, and the Great Wall University that was formed from a stretch of stars appeared before them.

They were back!

Great Wall University!

Before everyone could cheer, the Great Wall University's defense system immediately reacted and issued a warning.

"This is the Great Wall University. Report where you come from immediately! If there are no replies after three minutes, we'll commence the attack!"

"We're the Great Wall University's freshmen and we've been ambushed by the spirit race while undergoing a mission! We've just escaped and returned..." Feng Lin immediately replied through The Flowerfruit Mountain. 



The ma.s.sive Great Wall University was instantly taken by astonishment.

The s.p.a.ce shuttle had just landed at the harbor when a group of valiant-looking generals led a group of soldiers toward them.

"You're the captain, Feng Lin?!" At the sight of how dispirited Feng Lin and the others were, their expressions immediately turned grim.

The other soldiers were taken by astonishment.

If that message was true, then this group of freshmen had really escaped from the pursuit of the spirit race. How was that even possible?!

Was this something that freshmen were capable of?

Even the most experienced Great Wall Warrior wouldn't dare to boast of being capable of accomplis.h.i.+ng this!

"Quickly bring them to recover! There'll be no restriction on the amount of gene potions used. Ensure that they are recovered to their optimum condition!" commanded the general.

"Yes!" The group of soldiers stepped forth.

"Hold on!" Feng Lin suddenly took a step forward and spoke up. "General, we're fine. We've just over-exerted ourselves. Please check the Great Wall University's entry records to see if Donghuang Taichu and Augustus have returned."

The general immediately used his authority to flip through the Great Wall University's records and said in a deep voice, "No!"

"General, please send out reinforcements to rescue them immediately!" Feng Lin spoke up in a deep voice. "When we were chased by the spirits, we had split into three groups to avoid being completely annihilated! Seeing that we're the only ones who have returned, it's likely that they are still being chased by the spirits!"

"What?!" Hearing that, the general immediately issued orders.

Very soon two Star Wars.h.i.+p headed in the direction where Feng Lin and the others came from.

"You guys, follow me!" The general led them into the depths of the star fortress. After pa.s.sing through over ten sentinel stations, they arrived in a big hall.

The big hall was like a huge pillar that shot up toward the sky. Every layer was filled by people that were looking at them from a high spot.

Countless gazes gathered like countless arrows that wanted to pierce through them.

Ordinary people wouldn't be able to withstand this immense pressure.

Feng Lin breathed deeply and took a seat, sitting upright and regulating his breathing. He looked straight to the front.

With the experience in the military tribunal previously, he didn't feel too anxious this time around.

However, the others' breathing started to become rushed. The cultivation of everyone present was far above theirs, and the pressure made them feel extremely unwell.

"Freshman Feng Lin, what on earth happened?" A marshall with a burly physique sat at the very top and looked at him with eagle eyes, his voice sounding hoa.r.s.e and grim.

Three obvious blade marks came down from his forehead, slas.h.i.+ng through even his skull, making him appear even more imposing.

He was one of the ten Marshalls in the Great Wall Army, Interstellar Warfare Marshall Zheng Longkai!

The moment this person appeared, all the freshmen drew in a gasp of cold air.

There were ten marshalls in the Great Wall Army, each of them governing over different battle responsibilities, including the defensive warfare, guerilla warfare, espionage warfare, etc…

Every marshall had their unique troop.

This Interstellar Warfare Marshall primarily governed over the Interstellar Warfare Unit. They were the most valiant army that focused on attack over defense. They spent a long period in the external star systems, hunting extraterrestrial races and proving that they were the most valiant in the Great Wall Army!

The freshmen were the Great Wall University's future and when they were being killed consecutively, this big shot was alarmed.

"We followed the school's plan to a.s.sault the Spirit Race Nest! However, we fell into their ambush and the instructor was swallowed by the spirit blackhole! We could only split up and escape..." Feng Lin briefly explained the entire course of events.

"What? spirit blackhole?!"

"That's a king-grade spirit lifeform! How did they manage to escape from it?!"

"That's impossible!"


"Are you sure that you aren't lying?" A strong gleam shone in the marshall's eyes, as if wanted to pierce through Feng Lin and the other freshmen, seeing through all the secrets.

This was far too unbelievable and even he would need to ascertain once again.

"I didn't lie!" Feng Lin spoke in a deep voice. "The other freshmen can stand witness to this!"

"That's right! There's really a spirit blackhole! There's a rumor that someone has divulged our mission."

"We saw and experienced it for ourselves!"

"There's no way that this is a lie!"


With their innocence on the line, the other freshmen started to speak up as well.

Feng Lin had been prepared for this. "I have the encrypted message the instructor had sent out before his death and the images recorded by the s.p.a.ce shuttle. Marshall, please have a look!"

He sent over two sets of data.

The marshall opened them up, and his expression instantly became unprecedentedly solemn and infuriated.

A wave of fiendish aura emitted out and came pressing down on everyone like a ma.s.sive mountain.

Everyone present didn't dare make a sound. The marshall was clearly infuriated and everyone didn't dare to incur his wrath.

The aura was oppressing and suffocating.

"How dare they! spirit race, we will fight it out with you to the bitter end!" The marshall let out an enraged bellow. There seemed to be flames spurting out from his eyes, with sound waves filling up the entire sky.

Under the strong pressure, everyone lowered their heads and held their breaths. They didn't even dare to breathe too loudly.

Very long later, the marshall regained his composure. He looked at Feng Lin with a gaze that was filled with admiration and praise.

"Feng Lin! You've done well! You led the team to escape from the spirit race's pursuit and accomplished something that countless seniors haven't been able to do. You've earned yourself unrivaled military merit!"

Legend Of The Mythological Genes 383 Unrivaled Military Meri

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