Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 387 - Unrivaled Dao Heart

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Chapter 387: Unrivaled Dao Heart

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The moment the Nine Revolutions Birth Transformation Pill entered his stomach, the yin and yang medicinal prowess—one being hot and the other cold—was like a millstone. After nine revolutions, they rapidly cleansed his body of impurities.

Feng Lin sat upright with his eyes closed. Even his flesh and blood had become translucent like a glaze, lighting up brightly.

With each additional transcendent-grade genetic point, Feng Lin would add the points decisively.

Minute-Knowledge Gene +1, +1, +1…

Meditation Gene +1, +1, +1…

Very quickly, his Minute-Knowledge Gene had been maxed out to nine points and the Meditation Gene was increased to eight points. Both of them were maxed out.

As the two transcendent-grade genes were completely maxed out, two ma.s.sive golden stars shone brightly. They were like the inextinguishable ancient stars that were hung high up in the starry sky, s.h.i.+ning with a flash of great brilliance.

A stretch of starlight flowed out like spring water from the golden stars, slowly gathering to one spot, forming a river of stars that extended out majestically toward the depths of the starry ocean.

It kept on advancing endlessly.

Daoheart Gene = Minute-Knowledge Gene x9 + Meditation Gene x8!

Dong dong dong!

A dark star that had laid hidden in the depths of the star ocean was lit up and palpitating like a heart.

The river of stars instantly dived into it like a myriad of birds returning to the forest. They were also like the ocean currents that flowed into the Pacific Ocean, channeling an endless amount of energy into the dark star.

A huge star was lit up, gradually revealing its true appearance, turning to a sun that scattered out endless light and heat. The entire dark starry sky was lit up, eternally immutable.

A strange message flowed out.

Gene: Daoheart Gene

Grade: Perfect-grade Heaven Gene

Strengthening Tally: 1

Ability: Sprouting Dao heart, heaven and man as one

Perfect-grade gene! It was another perfect-grade gene!

In an instant, Feng Lin’s consciousness rapidly rose and he entered an extremely mysterious domain.

He quietly sensed the changes, and streams of colorful glow appeared in the sky. They were like clouds and fog, unreal and couldn’t be seen anywhere.

However, the fog actually existed. It was crimson and scorching like flames, green and faintly discernible like the wind, black and cold like ice… The attributes were all different.

Feng Lin felt as if all the pores in his body had opened up and kept on engulfing.

Such misty auras seeped into his body, connecting him with the outside world and the cycle kept on repeating.

Streams of cooling auras blew into his body from his pores like the night breeze in autumn, being light and traceless while sweeping away many impurities.

It was all the spiritual qi of heaven and earth!

If he had faintly sensed strange qi seeping into his body when he had been cultivating previously, then what he was feeling now was like bathing amidst a light breeze that penetrated through the inside of his body.

His body released the restraints and became one with the world.

His spirit was set free to roam in the universe. The finest details could be seen by him clearly.

Many light spots flashed and extinguished before him, their traces were hard to be found. At one moment, they would be here, but at the next moment, they would appear in another place out of nowhere. There were no traces of their movements at all, as if they could leap to the past out of nowhere.

The light spots had their own senses and gathered together. They were like air currents that flowed non-stop.

Feng Lin was struck with a realization. They were spiritual qi!

The light spots were spirit particles!

The blurry senses from before had become actual senses.

Every stream of spiritual qi and every spirit particle could be sensed without him missing out on anything.

After figuring out this crucial point, Feng Lin used his spirit force to control the spiritual qi to enter his body, boosting cultivation speed tremendously.

The growth of his potential that had slowed down surged once again.

Potential +20.1, +20.2, +20…

As expected of a perfect-grade Heaven Gene—the Daoheart Gene!

Feng Lin sensed the changes to his body and felt overjoyed.

Sprouting Dao heart, heaven and man as one!

Although this Daoheart Gene didn’t have a great prowess, it could be said to be heaven-defying in terms of its effect on providing support.

After the Daoheart Gene had awakened, he could only feel that the world, starry sky, and universe before him had become extremely clear. He could see through fabrications, sense the profoundness of the world as well as the vastness of the universe’s desolate state, and his spirit integrated into them.

From then onward, any invisible mental pressure would be completely useless to him.

It was because regardless of how great the pressure was, could they possibly be bigger than the heaven, the earth, and the universe?

Feng Lin was overjoyed. Even if this Daoheart Gene didn’t have any battle prowess, it was truly powerful!

From now on, no matter how strong the opponent was, he would be able to keep his original intent and no longer be overwhelmed by invisible pressure and lose his rationality.

In fact, it wasn’t as if this Daoheart Gene didn’t have any prowess at all.

The Daoheart Gene itself didn’t possess any killing prowess, but it could make other genes stronger, such as the Monkey King Gene!

The Monkey King Domain!

Feng Lin was struck by good fortune and immediately activated this ability.

Invisible and formless Heart Monkey Force seeped into the surrounding air, and the s.p.a.ce within a range of six meters came under his control.

Changes suddenly took place!

Clatter clatter clatter!

First, water vapor rapidly gathered from all directions, forming a long flow of water. They then rapidly converted into flames that burned fiercely. As the flames collided, they produced electricity and they kept on colliding non-stop…

Energy conversions materialized for an instant as they wished without any restrictions. It was as if they were a completely natural occurrence and there was no longer any need for him to intentionally apply control like he did previously. Everything became instinctive.

The Monkey King Gene and Daoheart Gene combined to form the Sun Wukong Gene. These two genes complemented each other to begin with.

The Monkey King Domain’s essence was to unleash the Heart Monkey Force’s ability to control materialistic objects to their greatest extent in a stretch of s.p.a.ce.

Right now, having awakened the Daoheart Gene, although the Monkey King Gene had not extended out in the slightest, it had been reinforced by the Daoheart Gene and Feng Lin himself had also evolved. His senses of the world’s energy became sharper, and his control over it was even more unrestrained.

His grasp over the Monkey King Domain became smoother and more familiar; thus, the prowess was naturally greater as well!

This was actually not just it!

Under such in-depth control, Feng Lin faintly had a strange feeling. The control over the domain wasn’t as simple as just controlling the energy. It uncovered the fog and entered deep into the intrinsic level. Then what was presented before him right now was…

s.p.a.ce itself!

Could it be that as the gene continued to get stronger, there would be a day where he would be able to control s.p.a.ce-time freely?

An interesting and daring thought appeared in Feng Lin’s heart. It was extremely crazy, but it was worth a try.

However, he would have to start with what he had!

After sensing the changes the Daoheart Gene had brought to his body, Feng Lin calmed down and continued to cultivate.

Genetic potential +20.2, +20.2, +20.2…

The growth to his potential had broken through the mark of 20 per cycle, and the total amount surged up like a rocket. Very soon, it pa.s.sed the 1,000 mark before the speed gradually calmed down.

(Add point!)

Feng Lin let out a deep bellow.

The Monkey King Gene instantly increased from 2 to 3.


The Monkey King Domain expanded by itself and kept on extending incessantly until it became a sphere with a nine-meter radius.

With the domain covering down, everything was within his control.

Each time points were added to the Monkey King Gene, his ability would go through an incremental breakthrough.

Right now, his attributes had become:


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 4,289

Heaven Gene: Monkey King Gene x3; Daoheart Gene x1

Transcendent Gene: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x10; Beast King Gene x10; Minute-Knowledge Gene x9; Meditation Gene x8

Genetic Potential: 108


Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 387 - Unrivaled Dao Heart

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