Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: Great Reward

Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire

“Excellent. You guys have earned the unrivaled military merit. To be able to escape from the spirit race's pursuit and bring back important information that the instructor had handed to you back to the Great Wall University. This mission has been completed outstandingly. It has been many years since we've such outstanding freshmen!” The marshall looked at Feng Lin and the other freshmen with an admiring expression.

His word undoubtedly was an admittance that what Feng Lin had said was the truth.

The teachers and students who were watching this broke into a commotion.

“To think that it's real!”

“A group of freshmen had escaped from the spirit race's pursuit! How is that possible?!

“Why is it impossible? Even the marshall has admitted it. How could it be false? What I'm curious about is how they do it.”

A series of guesses and discussions broke out.

However, this matter hadn't ended. What was even more astonis.h.i.+ng had yet to come.

The marshall looked at the images that Feng Lin had sent over, and his eyes suddenly shone with a sharp and piercing glow.

“You guys used that strange red fog to kill the spirit whale and spirit blackhole in succession. What on earth is that?”

There was suddenly a strong urgency in his deep voice.

A commotion broke out in the surroundings once again.

“It's one thing that they managed to escape, but to think that this group of freshmen have even killed a spirit whale and spirit blackhole! That's too much of an exaggeration!”

“The spirit whale is a huge spirit and it would require at least an elite adept to be able to kill it! And the spirit blackhole is a king-grade spirit lifeform. Without consecutive attacks from a grand adept, it would be impossible to even break through its defenses! These freshmen are merely grand cultivators at most and are three major realms away. This is simply a miracle!”

“This image can't be a fake, right?!”

The more they understood how terrifying the spirit race was, the more they realized that what Feng Lin and the group had done was extremely unbelievable. It was inevitable for there to be suspicions.

The marshall couldn't be bothered to explain much. With a tap of his finger, he projected the images of Feng Lin's group.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh. Countless gazes were instantly attracted.

A silver-colored impressive-looking s.p.a.ce shuttle traveled in the wormhole and was being chased after by a spirit whale.

Bang bang bang!

Red fog permeated the entire wormhole, lighting up the spirit whale's ma.s.sive body like gunpowder. In the end, it scattered into flames explosively in the wormhole.

Everyone held their breaths and watched this scene in disbelief.

The fact was presented before them. This was far too unbelievable!

What on earth was that red fog?


When the spirit blackhole appeared, everyone gasped.

That ma.s.sive body engulfed everything. The complete darkness made one feel extreme despair and suffocation just from watching the projection. It was extremely terrifying.

What quickly followed was a series of difficult pursuit in the wormhole.

Cannons were launched, blasting countless spirit monsters into dregs.

However, the spirit blackhole gradually closed in, causing the s.p.a.ce shuttle to enter an impa.s.se.

At this moment, a series of enraged and hysterical roars rang out in the scene.

“Fire the cannon!!!…”

An ordinary-looking metallic cannonball was launched, achieving great success with one strike. Purplish-red flames blasted a huge hole in the spirit blackhole's body and burned ceaselessly.



What followed was the launching of two more cannonb.a.l.l.s that shot into the greatest depths of the spirit blackhole's body, crus.h.i.+ng its internal organs.

Under everyone's surprised gaze, the spirit blackhole crumbled from inside, bursting into a ball of flames and suddenly exploding. Explosions broke out in the entire wormhole and then the scene disappeared.

“All of these are real. This group of freshmen had really killed a spirit blackhole!”

“What is that red fog?”

“What cannonball has such prowess?”

The gazes of everyone became scorching hot.

The red fog was simply the nemesis of the spirit race. If it could be ma.s.s-produced and used in battle, they might be able to turn the tables around against the Spirit Race.

As the leader of the military force, the marshall was well aware of this point. He took a long look at Feng Lin and asked in a deep voice, “What is that?”

“Crimson refinement gunpowder!” Feng Lin replied calmly.

“What is its effect?” The marshall went straight to the point, with pressing urgency in his voice.

Feng Lin instantly fell silent.

The crimson refinement gunpowder was a product of his painstaking efforts. How could he reveal it so easily? He wouldn't give up on his principles so easily even if he was facing the Interstellar Warfare Marshall.

Seeing that Feng Lin didn't give a reply after very long, the marshall frowned and guessed what Feng Lin was thinking. He said calmly, “Don't worry. Our Great Wall University won't treat any student shabbily. If you share the refining method of the crimson refinement gunpowder, the university will give you great compensation. Our Great Wall University is one of the top ten Cosmos Universities in the universe. There's no reason for us to exploit the student's resources.”

The marshall said this to appease Feng Lin's wariness.

Feng Lin nodded. If that were the case, it wouldn't be bad.

The crimson refinement gunpowder was a great killing weapon that targeted the spirit race. It'd be too much of a waste if he was the only one holding onto it.

Only the Great Wall University would be able to bring its value to the greatest level and help out the interstellar humans even more.

If there was sufficient compensation, it would be fine to just give out a single medicine refinement technique.

Feng Lin replied, “The crimson refinement gunpowder is a type of energy catalyst. It can create a high-speed reaction to energies, breaking their original structure. This gunpowder doesn't have much impact on other matter-based lifeforms. However, they are like an epidemic existence to energy-based lifeforms like the spirit race!”

“Spirit epidemic?” The marshall's eyes gleamed even stronger. “How did you refine it?”

“It's something I had obtained by luck from some other mythological ruin!” Feng Lin gave an ambiguous reply.

“Is the technique transferable?” the marshall asked a crucial question.

Feng Lin shook his head. “No. I'm the only one who can learn this technique. It's my unique medicinal refinement technique. Other people won't be able to refine it successfully!”

“Is it really impossible?” The marshall's eyes narrowed and he sent out an aura as heavy as a mountain, pressing on Feng Lin.

Feng Lin faced it and said, being neither servile nor overbearing, “This is my secret art! Unless I choose to impart it to someone else, other people won't be able to refine it even if they were to have the recipe!”

Although the marshall's pressure was astonis.h.i.+ng, Feng Lin had come across many different situations and didn't waver.

The marshall thought deeply about this, came to a decision, and said, “Feng Lin, you've attained great battle merit after killing your way out from the pursuit of spirits! I'll give you the scholars.h.i.+p that's worth 50 million contribution points and 1 million academic points. Since the spartan training has ended, you're undeniably the number one amongst the freshmen. Your team members will each also receive one million contribution points and 1,000 academic points.”

The marshall announced great rewards.

All the other freshmen's eyes were wide-open. They had a blissful feeling as if they had suddenly struck it rich overnight.

Everyone nodded, not feeling any astonishment.

Given the merit that Feng Lin and this group had achieved, they deserved such a great reward.

However, what the marshall said next caused a great commotion.

“Feng Lin, I've decided to award you the t.i.tle of Second Lieutenant. You'll take charge of a Medicine Refinement Department in the Great Wall Army's Logistics Unit and focus on studying the crimson refinement gunpowder!”

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 384

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