Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 388 - Reporting for Enrollment

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Chapter 388: Reporting for Enrollment

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The Daoheart Gene had awakened and the Monkey King Gene was strengthened.

After the two Heaven Genes had been awakened, they complemented each other and Feng Lin’s attributes went through an astonis.h.i.+ng change.

Just his vitality alone had attained a breakthrough past the 4,000 threshold!

It wasn’t just Feng Lin’s actual battle prowess, but even the statistics of his windows had far surpa.s.sed that of others in the same generation. He was undoubtedly the number one amongst the freshmen in Great Wall University.

Although he had always been at the top of the newbie board, it was just him ranking first in the acc.u.mulated points. He was now truly the top newbie. And the more first places he got, the merrier.

With the two great genes awakened, next was to devote himself to training, slowly strengthening them to the paragon-phase and then evolve into the next tier—the Sun Wukong Gene.

However, the higher his cultivation, the slower its speed would be. Money, a.s.sociates, techniques, land—not one of them could be missed out!

Feng Lin was secretly feeling lucky that he had acquired the alchemy inheritance. Otherwise, his improvement wouldn’t have been so fast.

He was far from having enough Nine Revolutions Birth Transformation Pills and would need to continue refining them.

He recovered his essence, qi, and spirit that had been depleted from the gene strengthening and then started performing alchemy again.

The furnace flames burned fiercely.

After three days and three nights’ worth of tough refining, the over 50 sets of medicinal herbs were used up by him, turning into 20 sets of alchemy pills.

The refinement technique for top-grade pills was complicated beyond imagination. Even after having acc.u.mulated a lot of experience in pills refinement, it was still impossible to achieve a 100% success rate.

He kept the alchemy pills carefully.

The medicinal effect from the first pill had yet to be fully digested. If he were to continue eating more, not only would the effects be halved, but it would also result in the acc.u.mulation of pill toxins in his body, which was hard to be expelled. They could also clash with the medicinal effects of the next pills and rapidly increase his immunity to the medicinal effects. The side effects were tremendous.

Genetic potential +9.2, +9.2, +9.2…

Feng Lin calmed his mind and tried to get accustomed to the new ability he had received after his genes attained a breakthrough. He also digested the remaining nourishment and energy that was left in his body.

After experiencing an escape from an impa.s.se, he finally got a chance to enter a calm, peaceful state to train in seclusion. This continued until two unexpected guests arrived.

Ding ding ding!

The doorbell rang and woke him up from his meditation.

Feng Lin walked out and saw that they were Donghuang Taichu and Augustus. They appeared completely different from their previously energetic and high-spirited self. Their expressions were that of dejection, with slightly weakened auras, as if they had been dealt a heavy blow.

Their vitality was also plunging rapidly.

Feng Lin had also detected that one of Augustus’s arms was shriveled, as if his flesh and blood had been sapped dry by something.

The duo’s auras became extremely weak with their bodies completely emptied.

“Feng Lin, thank you! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to make it back this time around!” Donghuang Taichu’s expression appeared to be struggling, but the pride in him made him express his thanks to Feng Lin.

“Thank you! If it wasn’t because you came back in advance to report the situation, our team wouldn’t have been able to escape the spirit race’s pursuit either!” Augustus also expressed his thanks despite having one of his hands shriveled up.

“What happened to the two of you?” When Feng Lin saw their horrible states, he couldn’t help but ask.

The two of them exchanged a bitter smile and Donghuang Taichu was the first to speak up again. “After our three teams split up, we were chased after by the spirit race. However, there wasn’t any matter in outer s.p.a.ce and we couldn’t replenish the s.p.a.ce shuttle’s energy. We drifted out for over ten days and didn’t have any killing moves that were targeted specifically toward the spirit race either. In the end, the s.p.a.ce shuttle’s protective s.h.i.+eld was broken through by the spirits, and we could only fight it out with them. We suffered great casualties and were about to sink into an impa.s.se where we’d definitely lose our lives! But then, the Great Wall University’s reinforcement team detected battle waves and arrived in time, they killed the spirit race and saved us! It was only then did we know that you had managed to break away from the spirit race and had sent the news to the Great Wall University!”

Saying this, both of them revealed respectful and admiring expressions.

How on earth did Feng Lin fight a way out from the spirit race’s pursuit, leading a team by himself? This was something that they wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

After arriving back at Great Wall University, they were shocked speechless after they found out the truth.

Refining the crimson refinement gunpowder, blasting the spirit whale and spirit blackhole, and breaking out from the wormhole… Was this something that a human could do?

Seeing that the two of them were hesitant to say something, Feng Lin could also guess what they were thinking. He said calmly, “You’re too kind! There’s no need for you to thank me. I just contributed the little power I have for the interstellar humans! After all, all of us are considered geniuses amongst humans and it’d be a great loss for our Great Wall University and for the interstellar humans if you were to be killed by the spirit race!”

Although his tone sounded calm, Donghuang Taichu and Augustus still couldn’t get themselves to lower their stand and treat it as if they weren’t indebted to him for saving their lives. They each brought out something and pa.s.sed it to Feng Lin.

“Feng Lin! This is an alchemy book for the Life Metal Refinement Technique! I heard that you’re a medicinal refinement grandmaster, so this alchemy book might be useful for you! This is also considered our team’s appreciation.” Donghuang Taichu was the first to speak up and he brought out a book made from paper. It had an ancient and rustic aura but was maintained in good condition.

“This is the universe’s latest Micro Mecha Battle G.o.d-X11 Model. It can adapt to over 100 types of complicated environments in the universe and its exterior is made from the interstellar s.p.a.ce’s strongest J826SG alloy that is extremely st.u.r.dy and indestructible. It has extraordinary battle prowess and can bring up a grand cultivator’s battle prowess by 30%!” Augustus’s heart seemed to ache a little as he said this.

Since the two of them dared to gift these, Feng Lin naturally dared to accept them. He didn’t try to put up any hypocritical rejections and accepted them directly.

If he didn’t accept them, the two wouldn’t feel at ease. Things would be a lot more troublesome then!

In fact, that was how things were.

After Feng Lin accepted the gifts, both Donghuang Taichu and Augustus exchanged a glance, appearing a lot more relieved.

After all, being indebted to their life was something too huge. It made them less pressured now that they had given some kind of compensation for it.

Donghuang Taichu smiled. “The spartan training has officially ended. Next, all of the freshmen would be sent back to their respective academies. The first and foremost reason we’re here is to thank you for saving our lives. Another reason is to inform you that tomorrow is the day to report to the Great Wall University’s respective academies. Don’t miss out on the date!”

“Alright!” Feng Lin nodded and answered.

After chatting for a while, given that the three of them weren’t on familiar terms, they didn’t stay long and headed back respectively.

Feng Lin didn’t try to get them to stay. The first alchemy pill had been completely digested and he brought out another Nine Revolutions Birth Transformation Pill and swallowed it. He started to cultivate once again.

Genetic potential +18.8, +18.8, +18.8…

His potential was still growing rapidly, but it had fallen below the 20 mark compared to the first time he had taken the pill.

When taken for the second time, the medicinal effects would take a huge plunge.

Despite so, after spending one day and one night cultivating, Feng Lin had obtained over 500 points to his genetic potential.

When the sun came up the next day, Feng Lin walked out and headed in the direction of the Mythology Academy.

Unlike how other academies had a strong feeling of technology, the Mythology Academy was purely constructed from bricks. It was like an ancient and majestic palace in the myths and legends that had appeared in the mortal world.

There would be students entering and leaving occasionally, with each of them having a great aura that was no weaker than his.

These were clearly his seniors in the Mythology Academy. When they saw Feng Lin, many of them looked over at this new face curiously.

However, it was just a freshman coming to report. Not many of them paid him much heed after taking a few more glances.

“You must be Feng Lin!” At that moment, a voice rang out.

Feng Lin turned and looked over. He saw a graceful middle-aged teacher walking over. The teacher’s eyes instantly lit up when he saw Feng Lin.

“That’s me!” Feng Lin replied.

“It’s good that you’ve come! I’ve been waiting for you for very long, Deputy Dean Hai told me to wait for you here. Come with me quickly to go and meet the dean!” The middle-aged teacher brought Feng Lin straight into the depths of the academy.

“He’s Feng Lin?”

“I heard that he’s ranked first amongst this batch of freshmen and that he has come to our Mythology Academy! He has a great reputation!”

“He’s so amazing? Then is he an idiot to come to the worst academy in the university?!”

Many students from previous batches started to talk amongst themselves.

Feng Lin followed the middle-aged teacher and arrived in a rustic pavilion building. He entered and looked around inside.

The place was like a museum that was filled with all sorts of ancient books and tools… Holographic projections flashed in the air, displaying the images of various ancient ruins.

An old man with white hair and a youthful face was deeply engrossed in studying them.

It was only after Feng Lin had gotten close did he notice it and raise his head. It was Master Hai that had recruited Feng Lin to the Mythology Academy!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 388 - Reporting for Enrollment

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