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Chapter 488: Science Freak

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Within a dim room, there were numerous equipment and apparatus arranged on display, flaring with red, green, blue and all sorts of color, illuminating the room with their glows. The room had a sinister and terrifying atmosphere as a result of the glows.

“Hehehe…” In the depths of the dim room, a figure lay p.r.o.ne on a table and busied himself. He would occasionally emit hoa.r.s.e-sounding laughter.

“Master, there’s a stranger here paying a visit.” All of a sudden, a cold mechanical voice rang out, breaking his train of thoughts.

“Who is it? Given my status in the Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da, only extremely few people have the authority to see me. Only those who pa.s.sed through the 9,000th level can do so. Who is it exactly? If he is someone ordinary, just chase him away.” That person inclined his head, revealing a wizened face. His bloodshot eyes rolled about rapidly.

“His name is Lin Feng. He came to the Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da fifteen days ago and started from the 7,000th level. He just defeated Sword Immortal Lu Zhenyang and officially pa.s.sed the 9,000th level,” the A.I. reported Feng Lin’s concealed ident.i.ty and information.

“So it is him!” The middle-aged man’s eyes rolled in their sockets. “Spirit Slayer Lin Feng? Hmm, a cultivator walking on a mental/spirit type mythological path; I also intended to look for him, but I didn’t expect him to come here on his own. What an excellent coincidence.”

He slowly stood up and walked to the entrance. In the darkness, a squirming worm-like creature’s silhouette appeared, leaving behind slimy traces on the ground that didn’t dry even after a long time.

At this moment, Feng Lin stood outside an independent villa located in a remote region, waiting quietly.

The Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da was extremely vast and was ten thousand levels tall. The s.p.a.ce at each level was like a brand new world. There were even many natural sceneries that were simulated by human technology; mountains and rivers were everywhere. The needs of everyone was available.

Naturally, the price one had to pay to stay in such a luxurious and beautiful location was also extremely huge. Ordinary people would never be able to afford this.

And Feng Lin found out that the person currently staying in this villa was none other than the famous geneticist of the Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da, Kennard Fainap!

It was said that his attainments in mythological gene theory had reached an extremely high level, and he alone had contributed over thirty plus Genetic Sequence Diagrams, with Xiantian-level being the highest. Xiantian-level Genetic Sequence Diagrams could already allow one to climb all the way to the elite adept realm!

Hence, Kennard’s status in the Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da was extraordinarily high. He was known as the number one genetic grandmasters, and the information about him was highly confidential.

Only by pa.s.sing through the 9,000th level would one have the authority to know the ident.i.ty and information about this man.

Thus, after defeating the paG.o.da lord on the 9,000th level, Feng Lin gained enough authority to find out more about the creator of the Genetic Sequence Diagrams he had seen.

However, it was a bit troublesome that this Kennard was a hermit-like scientific freak. He had an aloof personality and usually wouldn’t get close to people. Feng Lin had no idea if he would be able to meet with Kennard personally this time around or not.

If he couldn’t, it seemed that he had to use some special methods.

“Mister Feng Lin, please enter.” Just as he was musing to himself, a strange mechanical voice rang out and the door automatically opened.

A caucasian with a huge muscular frame walked in. He was clad elegantly and took the initiative to come over and welcome Feng Lin. “So it is the famous Spirit Slayer, Mister Lin Feng. It’s my honor that you would choose to come and visit me.”

“Grandmaster Kennard, you are too polite. I came here because I wish to have an exchange with you regarding the mysteries and secrets of Genetic Sequence Diagrams,” replied Feng Lin politely. He didn’t beat around the bush.

“Oh? An exchange?” Kennard was astonished. He actually heard Feng Lin saying the word ‘exchange’, instead of ‘learning from him’.


One must know that he was the number one genetic grandmaster in the Heaven Reaching PaG.o.da. Now, there was actually someone who spoke of the word ‘exchange’ before him? Did this Lin Feng think that he was his equal?

This Feng Lin was truly confident. Where did his courage come from?

If he didn’t know that this man was a powerful warrior walking on an extremely rare mythological path, he would have long since driven Feng Lin away.

Upon facing his astonishment, Feng Lin simply smiled. “That’s right, I’m extremely interested in the Asura Mythological Path’s Genetic Sequence Diagram you deduced. However, the diagram only listed the steps that would lead one to the Grand Cultivator level, and there was no other path after that. If one wants to continue evolving, they would need to awaken the Three Heads Six Arms Gene before they can complete the evolution of the Asura Gene, right?”

“Mhm, the Three Heads Six Arms Gene? What genes do you combine to form this?” When Kennard heard this, he was stunned. Numerous thoughts flashed through his mind as he rapidly calculated. Data flowed like streams in his vision.

The more he deduced, the more logical he felt this was.

The answer Feng Lin had given was something he had thought of in the past. However, he had no way to deduce the following step, yet this Feng Lin actually gave the answer so easily.

Could it be that this man wasn’t just a powerful cultivator? He was also a grandmaster in the field of genetics?

“How did you know this? Where did you learn such knowledge from?” asked Kennard involuntarily, feeling extremely curious.

The knowledge of mythological genes was considered the most valuable thing in this era, and there were only extremely few people who had high attainments in this field.

This Feng Lin didn’t only have a high cultivation base, but he even had such high attainments in mythological gene theory!

Feng Lin calmly smiled, didn’t reply and merely looked at the other person quietly.

Why would he give out such knowledge for free? How could there be such a cheap thing in the universe?

Staring at Feng Lin’s expression, this Kennard also understood Feng Lin’s intention. He then spoke in a low voice, “Please come with me!”

He took the initiative to step aside. Clearly, Feng Lin’s earlier words had caused his heart to stir.

From the outside, the room was pitch-dark, resembling a scientific chamber used to create monsters like Frankenstein. It was like a bottomless hole that devoured everything. A mysterious and terrifying aura radiated from within, causing people to find it hard to enter.

Feng Lin didn’t mind it at all. He walked in confidently.

The moment he entered, he immediately saw a bright light illuminating the interior.

Rows of gigantic gla.s.s jars appeared before him, with transparent red fluid contained within them. Bubbles bubbled and numerous human figures could be seen floating within, with their eyes closed. Their noses and mouths were covered with breathing masks to maintain their life activity.

Human experimentation!

Feng Lin was startled. This familiar scene caused flashbacks in his mind. How could he not understand that this Kennard was actually performing human experimentation?

Also, he discovered that these subjects were all br.i.m.m.i.n.g with immense vitality.

Feng Lin wasn’t a saint. He sighed at how wealthy this man was; Kennard was actually able to use genetic cultivators as subjects for his experiments.

This was something the Giant Pharmaceutical Company on Mars wasn’t able to accomplish.

Numerous rays scanned them constantly as though wanting to see clearly all the secrets within their bodies.

The gigantic display screen in the distance clearly displayed the genetic sequence of each of the human subjects, forming many small-scale genetic trees with leaves akin to constellations s.h.i.+ning resplendently.

Each constellation was a mythological gene filled with boundless mysteries.

Werewolf Gene’s sequence diagram:

Wild Wolf Gene x9 + King Gene x8 = Wolf King Gene

Human Gene x6 + Semi-Body Gene x9 = Semi-Human Gene

Wolf King Gene x7 + Semi-Human Gene x6 = Werewolf Gene

Vampire Gene’s sequence diagram:

Bat Gene x9 + Bloodthirst Gene x6 = Bloodsucking Bat Gene

Ghost Gene x6 + Apparition Gene x7 = Specter Gene

Bloodsucking Bat Gene x9 + Specter Gene x7 = Vampire Gene

Numerous inverted Genetic Sequence Diagrams were drawn on paper, each resembling a tiny tree with leaves containing ancient mythological secrets and mysteries…

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 488 - Science Freak

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