Legend Of The Mythological Genes 484 Return Of Ten Thousand Swords

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A sword broke through the air, and the sharpness it exuded pointed at the center of Feng Lin's brow, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with destructive killing intent.

An instant later, Feng Lin could feel a piercing pain near his forehead, as though a needle was stabbing him from there.

There were no greetings exchanged, nor superfluous words spoken. He didn't even see the face of the opponent. Ever since he took the first step onto the 9,000 level, the sword simply shot toward him just like that, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with incomparable sharpness.

This entire level seemed to have become the domain of the sword.

Any outsiders would instantly attract lightning-fast killing attacks the instant they got near.

This sword was so quick, so quick to the extent that it was difficult for anyone to react.

Feng Lin stared at that s.h.i.+ning light as his thoughts spun rapidly. It felt like time had completely frozen at this moment.

This was an extremely miraculous state. The movements of everything seemed to slow down by 10,000 times, becoming as slow as a crawling turtle.

The sword that was seemingly so fast that it had no shadows had its true appearance finally displayed before his eyes.

Feng Lin wasn't taken aback. This was his thought processing speed being enhanced which caused everything else to slow down.

He abruptly moved. His hands lifted slightly into the air, with his index and middle finger pressed together.


The sound of metal and stone colliding echoed out.

An exquisite-looking sword was grabbed by Feng Lin's fingers, and it had stopped moving now. His amount of force and reaction time was simply perfect. It was like that tiny sword had come to an agreement with him to rest within his fingers.

Bzz, bzz, bzz~

The sentience of the sword was startling, like a living thing. Although it was now under control, it was still humming unceasingly and struggling to break free.


Feng Lin's fingers exerted force slightly, completely crus.h.i.+ng the tiny sword, causing it to transform into strands of sword qi which dissipated into thin air.

However, he didn't have time to catch his breath.

Countless stars twinkled before his eyes. They shot over like the pouring rain, sparkling like the resplendent starry s.p.a.ce.

Each beam of starlight was actually an incomparably sharp burst of sword qi. They were as agile as little birds, yet they contained immeasurably sharp killing intent.

In an instant, Feng Lin's surroundings were filled with sword light which gathered and formed a giant formation, trapping Feng Lin solidly within.

Monkey King Domain!

Feng Lin spread his arms wide and instinctively activated his domain. It was like an invisible wall of iron and steel securely protected the area around him. There were no gaps in this at all.

Chi~ chi~ chi~

The bursts of sword qi gushed over and slammed into his domain, causing sparks to manifest and leaving behind clear sword scars.

Although he continuously channeled his Heart Monkey Force to repair the cracks that appeared on the wall, Feng Lin still felt extremely suppressed.

Yet, Feng Lin wasn't bothered about his. He cast his gaze over.

He could see a lanky figure with his hair rolled up in a bun standing in the air. This figure was peering down at him imperiously.

This man was clad in long robes of the ancient Huaxia style, exuding the demeanor of an ancient cultivator, like he was a sword immortal that had walked out from ancient historical scrolls. His body stood straight and his entire being was like a supremely sharp sword, emitting a tyrannical and overbearing aura that was extremely eye-piercing.

As expected of the boss on the 9,000th level. The cultivation of this man was at the elite adept realm, and he possessed the abilities of legendary sword immortals. His combat strength was terrifying to the extreme, and he could be considered a very formidable enemy.

Feng Lin's expression was solemn.

This couldn't be allowed to continue.

The sword qi was tyrannically sharp and seemed unending in nature. The bursts of sword qi completely enveloped him and even until now, he had no way to even touch a corner of this opponent's robes.

It wasn't his style to suffer attacks pa.s.sively without retaliating!


Feng Lin's heart stirred and his Monkey King Domain suddenly manifested like majestic qi waves that gushed out in all directions. This caused the entire s.p.a.ce to distort, temporarily causing the sword formation to dissipate.


A figure took the opportunity and rushed out from the trapped area, directly shooting straight for the paG.o.da lord standing in the air.

That person glanced over, his eyes as cold as ice. All of a sudden, his hands formed a gesture as he pierced his fingers over. This stance seemingly created a divine sword that could rival the heavens and was capable of tearing the earth apart.

Return of Ten Thousand Swords!

Bzz, bzz, bzz~

All of a sudden, the humming of swords filled the air.

"What noise is that?" The spectators were all stunned.

That host shouted loudly, causing the atmosphere here to be heightened. "Next, everyone please observe closely. This is the ultimate technique of Sword Immortal Lu Zhenyang which made him famous. The technique is named the 'Return of Ten Thousand Swords'! He awakened a mythological gene that allowed him to be peerless against rivals of the same realm. He is walking on the mythological path of sword immortals, and is capable of controlling swords and riding them to fly in the air. His attacks are the most overbearing, and this move isn't something ordinary people can witness. Everyone must look properly and not miss anything!"

When everyone heard that, a commotion was instantly created. Their gazes were all fixed on the battlefield as they focused their attention completely.

Although the sword qi caused their eyes to feel a faint piercing pain, they couldn't care less now. Their faces were filled with fanaticism and agitation.

"That's a huaxia sword immortal!"

"Controlling swords and riding them to fly. Taking the heads of his enemies within a thousand li! This is undoubtedly the most impressive and stylish of all mythological paths!"

"Sword immortal, sword immortal, I love you!"


The sounds of admiration rang out endlessly as the excited cries by females could be heard along with them.

At this moment, Feng Lin inclined his head and glanced over. He could see that the bursts of sword qi had gathered into a torrent and were like the tidewaters gus.h.i.+ng over, wanting to surround him.

Three Heads Six Arms!

Feng Lin's figure trembled as he activated the Three Heads Six Arms technique. His six fists were clenched tightly and they were like hammers of the thunder G.o.d, smas.h.i.+ng at his target with overwhelming might.

Bang, bang, bang!

The force generated was tyrannical. His punches were like angry thunder, his body as tough as unbreakable stone!

Feng Lin's three pairs of eyes stared at the surroundings as his punches created countless fist shadows. He focused completely on guarding himself.

The numerous bursts of sword qi were blasted into dissipation.

Sword Immortal Lu Zhenyang stood in the air with his eyes narrowed. A gleam of sharpness flashed within along with cold cruelty. His sword fingers then changed their gesture!

The sword qi torrent became even more violent and the sword qi within multiplied. The divine sword continuously slashed over, wanting to tear everything apart, destroying this world completely.

Chi, chi, chi~

Despite the fact that countless fist shadows were formed from the speed of Feng Lin's punches, there were inevitably still gaps.

The sword qi gushed forth, entering from every crack, displaying their sharpness. Despite the fact that Feng Lin's stone monkey body had long reached the grand-completion phase, white scars still formed upon contact against the raging sword qi. He could feel the piercing pain.

Many little drops make up an ocean. The tiny wounds would eventually add up!

Even his steel-like skin was sliced open as droplets of his blood flowed out.

Feng Lin's entire person was 'baptized' by the sword qi torrent and became a b.l.o.o.d.y man.

As expected of sword immortals. They were known to have the number one combat strength among their peers in ancient huaxia myths and legends.

Feng Lin coldly snorted. He no longer planned to hold back and decided to unleash his full strength.

His six fists manifested a violet-red fire spark, which contained a heat that could burn anything in the world.

This three heads six arms form of his in addition to the power of the Earthfiend Truefire. For a time, Feng Lin transformed into the Fire G.o.d of the legends. He unleashed a flurry of punches, causing explosive booms to echo out in s.p.a.ce.

Each punch caused numerous fiery shadows to manifest. They then linked together and formed a sea of fire, which then collided with the sword qi torrent.

For a time, the s.p.a.ce in which the two of them fought was split into two halves.

One half was glowing red with destructive flames; the other half was inundated with sword qi.

The two figures were like two extremes of the heavens and earth, standing at each side and staring at each other. This entire s.p.a.ce was split into two, like the rivers of Jing and Wei that were separated clearly.

The energy waves collided, causing mutual destruction. A pitch-black area was left behind. This area absorbed all light and filled the hearts of those who saw it with fear.

Unknowingly, silence flooded the battlefield. Even the spectators were holding their breaths as they watched the battlefield for any signs of commotion. No one dared to even breathe loudly.

Feng Lin's heart couldn't help but sink when he discovered the rapid consumption of the genetic force in his body.

Although he was walking on the perfect Sun Wukong Mythological Path which allowed him to be peerless against those in the same realm and even granted him the capabilities to jump levels and fight against others who were stronger than him, the disparity of their cultivation bases was still ultimately there.

If he continued fighting this way, what they were competing was the expenditure of each other genetic force. The one with deeper reserves and a more robust genetic force would be the ultimate victor.

Fighting against an elite adept already caused him to be at a disadvantage, let alone the fact that his opponent was a sword immortal that was proclaimed as having the strongest combat strength among those in the same realm!

If things continued like this, it would be too taxing for him!

Feng Lin's heart stirred as an idea flashed through his mind. He then instantly channeled his spirit force into the Measureless Divine Metal Cudgel.

Grow, grow, grow!

The metal cudgel was like an inflated balloon, expanding rapidly.


The energy waves were broken apart. The metal cudgel expanded rapidly, becoming a huge towering pillar in the blink of an eye as it swept forth with unblockable momentum.

"Mhm?" That sword immortal Lu Zhenyang instantly snorted when he saw this. He could no longer maintain the calm look on his face. His figure swayed as he transformed into a burst of sword light that arced through the air with lightning speed.

Sky Evasion Sword Art!


Feng Lin's six arms wielded his cudgel. He used pure strength to sweep aside the sword qi, sweeping aside everything in his way.

However, the opponent before him was now in the state of one with the sword. He had become ethereal yet was as quick as lightning, containing incomparable sharpness. Lu Zhenyang moved through the gaps of the cudgel attacks and wasn't injured at all. He even found the opportunity to launch counterattacks occasionally.

The sword qi was even more intense than before!

Feng Lin's heart sank as he looked at this scene. This further verified his earlier conjecture.

Could this be...the Lu Dongbin's Mythological Path?





Lu Dongbin is one of the legendary eight immortals and is known to be a grandmaster of sword arts.


Legend Of The Mythological Genes 484 Return Of Ten Thousand Swords

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