Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 489 - Gene Origin Laboratory

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Chapter 489: Gene Origin Laboratory

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“Welcome to my Gene Origin Laboratory!” Upon seeing Feng Lin’s gaze staring fixedly at the Genetic Sequence Diagrams, Kennard smiled in satisfaction.

“Gene Origin Laboratory?”

When Feng Lin heard his words, he involuntarily felt somewhat bewildered.

What an arrogant name!

Mythological genes contained the ultimate secrets of ancient civilizations, but the information about them was simply too fragmented right now. It was hard to restore the pieces of information floating around back into a whole.

This Kennard actually created this laboratory to trace the ultimate origin of mythological genes!

He wasn’t just a science freak, he was a science madman!

Feng Lin didn’t feel shocked but was happy instead.

It seemed like his trip here was the correct choice.

Seeing how confident Kennard was, he definitely had something genuine aces up his sleeves.

At this moment, when Kennard saw the look of surprise on Feng Lin’s face, pride appeared in his expression. He spoke, “Mythological genes are the origin of interstellar humanity’s transcendence. They contain the ultimate secrets of ancient myths and legends. I created this laboratory because I wish to trace back the secrets of mythological genes through experimenting on countless cultivators. I want to find the truest truth of mythological genes!”

He laughed uproariously; his arrogance and madness stemmed from the depths of his heart.

Feng Lin faintly understood him when he heard this.

Genetic potential +1,100, +1,200. +1,300…

His eyes gleamed with silver light as his eyes scanned the various Genetic Sequence Diagrams, adding them to his knowledge reserve. This act of his caused his genetic potential to surge.

These all contained mythological paths humans could tread on and numerous secrets.

As expected, he was correct! Feng Lin silently mused.

These Genetic Sequence Diagrams contained mythological paths that were extremely rare among interstellar humans. Only a relatively few people had managed to awaken such genes.

There were countless types of mythological genes. After they combined and evolved into new types, they contained countless possibilities.

Each self-created Genetic Sequence Diagram was the crystallization of humanity’s intelligence. They consisted of the essence of humanity’s knowledge on mythological genes.

Kennard was silently satisfied when he saw how surprised Feng Lin was. His eyes shone with a strange light that contained an unknown purpose.

He didn’t wait for Feng Lin to finish viewing the Genetic Sequence Diagrams. He pointed his finger, and the Genetic Sequence Diagrams displayed on the display screen in the lab completely vanished.

Kennard turned and glanced at Feng Lin, with a smile that was not a smile on his face.

Feng Lin instantly understood. He spoke in a low voice, “How can I obtain these pieces of valuable mythological knowledge?”

Kennard smiled, “That will have to depend on whether you can take out mythological knowledge of an equal value and make my heart stir.”

Knowledge is priceless!

And mythological knowledge is beyond priceless!

Clearly, only mythological knowledge on the same level as these Genetic Sequence Diagrams would be able to move someone like Kennard, a grandmaster in the field of mythological gene.

This might be difficult for others, but to Feng Lin who knew all about the ancient myths and legends of Earth, it wasn’t so difficult.

His heart stirred as he activated the genetic equation ability. His genetic potential then began to reduce quickly.

Genetic potential -620, -690. -760…

Very soon, a brand new Genetic Sequence Diagram appeared.

Feng Lin used his id microchip to link and match, organizing them properly before he sent the information out to Kennard.

Kennard received the information. When he opened up for a look, his expression drastically changed.

Dracula Gene?


Bat Gene x8 + Bloodthirst Gene x6 = Blood Sucking Bat Gene

Ghost Gene x6 + Apparition Gene x7 = Specter Gene

Blood Sucking Bat Gene x9 + Specter Gene x7 = Vampire Gene

Vampire Gene x9 + King Gene x8 = Dracula Gene


Who was Dracula?

Was he a higher origin source in the Vampire Mythological Path?

Countless thoughts flashed through Kennard’s head. It was difficult for him to mask the shock on his face.

A brand new complete Genetic Sequence Diagram?

(This brat actually deduced all these so quickly!)

(How could this be possible!?)

As a genetic grandmaster, he was very clear on how difficult it was to create a brand new sequence for a mythological path.

Each Genetic Sequence Diagram had its own exclusive riddles. Their combinations were extremely complicated.

Just a genetic branch had to be evolved from the most bottom level. There were basically tens of millions of basic-level genes.

The arrangement of the combinations—in addition to the different number of points needed to be added—caused the magnitude to be in the hundreds of millions of units.

Even the difference of a single point might cause the entire combination to fail, acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose.

Mythological genes contained boundless secrets and were incomparably precise. One wouldn’t be able to modify them easily.

Even for Kennard, an extremely rare top-rated genetic grandmaster, he had to undergo billions of simulations via A.I. and conduct experiments personally to learn through each failure before he could successfully probe out a correct Genetic Sequence Diagram. Huge amounts of effort needed to be expended.

Each complete mythological path was undoubtedly the crystallization of knowledge and intelligence.

This was why despite the interstellar humans had cultivated for so many years, they still hadn’t completely cracked the code of mythological genes.

Mythological knowledge was seriously fragmented. The evolutionary formula of each mythological gene was exceptionally complicated, and the amount of data needed to derive them might be even harder to grasp than the particles of the universe.

Even in the Interstellar Era where science and technology were extremely developed, having A.I.s with immense computing power, they still had no way to deduce all possibilities.

At this moment, Feng Lin merely took a single glance at it and instantly deduced an evolutionary formula, raising the level of the Vampire Mythological Path by one level. This caused Kennard to be stunned.

Kennard was no longer as calm as before. His face was filled with astonishment.

“I wonder if this can make you satisfied?” At this moment, Feng Lin smiled faintly at the side.

Kennard instantly nodded, “Naturally, it can!”

“Come with me.” He took the lead and Feng Lin followed behind. They then entered a sealed corridor. The walls on both sides were filled with words and data, with double helixes hanging down from the ceiling on display. Each segment of genes emitted their light; they were clearly extraordinary.

“These are the secrets of the genes in the human body, a double helix structure. They are created from nucleotides! How did these carbon-based organics combine and form the genetic code for life? How did they evolve into the countless lifeforms in the universe? Do you understand all these?” He pointed to the double helixes DNA structure as he spoke in excitement.

(I’ve never thought about this before?)

Carbon-lifeforms were incomparably weak, yet why do they have such high energy properties?

“Could it be due to microscopic dimensions?” Feng Lin spoke in a low voice.

“That’s right!” Kennard replied, “According to the common knowledge in physics, it’s well known that there are eleven dimensions in the universe. Seven of them collapsed into microcosm, but if they were expanded, even a tiny particle could be as large as a planet. The tiny particles could also store information and were in fact extremely huge. This is the origin source of mythological genes! It’s a metaphysical existence. I call this Soul Branding! In truth, mythological genes aren’t simply pa.s.sed down by bloodlines. They are considered a type of soul inheritance!”

“I see! A world in a flower petal, a bodhi in a single leaf. Is this the true origin of mythological genes?…”

Stones from other hills may serve to polish the jade of this hill.

Not matter if Kernard’s words were the truth or not, it gave Feng Lin a spark of insight and opened a brand new door for him, allowing him to see a scenery he had never seen before.

Genetic potential +2,200, +2,500, +2,600…

It was like he understood some deep-levels of secret. His genetic potential started to surge again.

Feng Lin’s wisdom also grew. He combined the mythological knowledge he knew along with the ‘soul branding’ system Kennard conjectured. Now, he began to deduce things on a deeper level, finding out more about truths.

For the supremely powerful existence in ancient times who had cultivated to unfathomably profound levels, they could imprint their transcendent force into the depths of their soul and pa.s.s their powers down to their descendants through soul branding. Spiritual nature was something that would last forever and indestructible…

The genetic equation ability began to revolve rapidly as streams of data flashed through his eyes. The scene in his vision instantly changed.

His insights broke through the macroscopic dimension and entered a more microscopic domain.

Each mythological gene opened up before his eyes. There were countless runic patterns on each gene, and they resembled mazes, becoming the toughest and most mysterious formation in the world. They seemed perfect, magnificent in an indescribable way…

(Is this the origin source of power for mythological genes?)

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 489 - Gene Origin Laboratory

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