Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 490 - Gene Origin Source

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Chapter 490: Gene Origin Source

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Numerous runic patterns displayed before his eyes. They fused into complicated diagrams, becoming a complete ent.i.ty.

Each diagram innately emitted an inextinguishable light that connected the ancient to present, spanning across the long river of time and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an undestroyable characteristic.

Even after millions of years of replacements, countless generations of inheritance, it wouldn’t fade in the slightest.

Within them, secrets of ancient mythologies and legends were recorded. They would last forever and were simply waiting for people to wake them.

At this instant, Feng Lin’s heart and mind extended forth limitlessly, entering the most microscopic domain. He could see the seven dimensions on the outside.

There was no up or down, no left or right, no north or south…

The laws in macroscopic dimensions all lost their meaning. Directions weren’t enough to describe everything he saw.

In the microscopic s.p.a.ce domain, even the smallest particle would spread out completely.

His spiritual perception could sense numerous long strings s.h.i.+ning with dazzling light. They were like tentacles of G.o.d that extended forth endlessly, entering all dimensions and connecting all corners of the universe.

The original source of mythological genes was completely displayed before Feng Lin’s eyes.

Each mythological gene was a miniature-scale formation consisting of countless tiny strings that combined into the most complicated patterns in the universe. It was like a ball of tangled skin, unable to be cut and seemed orderly although it was in chaos.

Just staring at it for too long would cause one’s vision to feel dazzled. The person staring would feel giddy as well.

Yet, it contained the deepest secrets in the universe and would cause one to sink within, making it hard for them to extricate themselves.

Genetic potential +1,800, +2,000, +2,100…

The expansion of his mythological knowledge led to a surge in his genetic potential, which became a part of his cultivation foundation.

String theory?

An even deeper insight sprang forth from Feng Lin’s heart.

So, the endpoint of science was theology.

The essence of mythological gene theory was actually a long-established theory of science—the string theory.

The coiling of strings formed the most basic matter.

And as for mythological genes, through restructuring and recombination of strings as a medium to record mythological information, they allowed the information to pa.s.s down through millions of years without fading.

This was the most innate modification of the particles in the universe. Any type of energy could hardly destroy it.

Mythology and science both pursued the limits of the universe’s law. One was for transcending the universe, the other was to learn the truth. Both were contradicting energy systems, but they were simply different routes to the same destination. Their endpoint was the same.

It was like two people on the same mountain. Both of them took different routes to get to the top, but their endpoint was the same.

That was the…

Peak of the mountain!

Genetic potential +12,000!

At this moment, Feng Lin’s shackles of knowledge were completely broken; his knowledge of mythologies and science fused and became one. He could now clearly see the origin source of mythological genes.

Moreover, his genetic potential increased by over 10,000 in a single shot, netting him a free Houtian genetic point.

“Lin Feng? Lin…Feng…” Just when he was completely immersed in his comprehension, a voice from the outside woke him up.

Feng Lin came to his senses and discovered that he was still standing in the laboratory. The genetic grandmaster Kennard had an incomparably strange look on his face as he stared at him.

Earlier, Feng Lin was simply too immersed and had forgotten where he was.

This wasn’t a wasted trip!

Truly, this wasn’t a wasted trip!

Feng Lin mused joyfully. Just the insights he had gained already guaranteed that this wasn’t a wasted trip.

And what was on display earlier was only the surface of Kennard’s accomplishments. If he could see more of Kennard’s research, how much more would his genetic potential increase by?

How much new genetic knowledge would he gain?

Feng Lin looked forward to what he would obtain next. His heart was filled with antic.i.p.ation, but his expression was as calm as ever.

“Only these?” He calmly asked.

“Naturally not!” Kennard let out a meaningful smile. “However, if you wish to see more content of my research or my accomplishments, that would depend on the price you can pay.”

“Oh?” Feng Lin quietly laughed. The two of them stared at each other; the collision of their gaze seemed to generate sparks.

Both were genetic grandmasters and pursued the profound secrets of mythological genes. All other treasures in the universe weren’t considered too valuable for them.

Only priceless mythological knowledge could move their hearts.

Feng Lin was naturally very clear about this point.

It seemed like things wouldn’t work out unless he forked out a huge piece of meat today.

He gritted his teeth, but his heart didn’t really feel too much of a reluctance.

Ever since he decided to look for this genetic grandmaster, all his requests were naturally within Feng Lin’s antic.i.p.ation.

Genetic potential -680, -920, -1,090…

He activated his genetic equation ability and his recently increased genetic potential now began to reduce once more.

The mythological genes were like the countless resplendent constellations in the skies. Under the starlight, they connected and formed numerous inverted little trees. They looked perfect and also resembled golden pyramids that led to transcendence.

Feng Lin’s hands rapidly pointed to the inverted trees as he transmitted the information.

“Three-tail Fox Gene’s Genetic Sequence Diagram!”

“Elf Gene’s Genetic Sequence Diagram!”

“Hundred Ghosts Gene’s Genetic Sequence Diagram!”

Feng Lin gave over ten Genetic Sequence Diagrams in one shot, as though they were free items.

Kennard only took a glance before his eyes widened in surprise again.

Although these Genetic Sequence Diagrams could only allow one to cultivate to the adept realm, it involved the various mythological systems of humanity. The three-tail fox of the Huaxia Mythological System, the long-lived elves of the Western Mythological System, and the Hundred Ghosts Nightwalker of the j.a.panese Mythological System…

For a time, even a top-tier genetic grandmaster like Kennard also couldn’t see through all the origins of these Genetic Sequence Diagrams.

His gaze was unconsciously filled with fear when he looked at Feng Lin.

How old was this brat?

He wasn’t even twenty yet, right?

It was one thing that he became an adept, but this Feng Lin also had such high attainments in the field of mythological knowledge?

Which of the mythological cultivation powers had nurtured such a genius like him exactly? Or was he an old freak pretending to be young?

For a time, countless speculations filled Kennard’s heart. His expression was clouded over.

At this moment, Feng Lin silently laughed when he saw the dumbfounded look on Kennard’s face. He then spoke, “How about it? Are these things I provided enough to satisfy the conditions?”

The shock on Kennard’s face hadn’t disappeared yet. He sank into deep thoughts, but he still shook his head after some time. “Not enough yet.”

“This isn’t enough yet?” This made Feng Lin bewildered.

How valuable were genetic sequences?

If these much were still not enough… how terrifying must the latest updated research information and accomplishments from this Gene Origin Laboratory be?

This actually made him feel even more excited.

But if this Kennard was lying to him, he best not blame him for not being polite.

“How many more Genetic Sequence Diagrams do you need?” Feng Lin asked.

“It is far from enough,” Kennard spoke. “If you give me 30 more Genetic Sequence Diagrams, you can only the results of my research thirty years ago. If you give me 60 more Genetic Sequence Diagrams, you can see the results of my research ten years ago. If you want to see my latest one, I need 100 Genetic Sequence Diagrams!”

After speaking, he laughed as he stared at Feng Lin, feeling satisfied in his heart.

(I want to see where you can obtain so many Genetic Sequence Diagrams from.)

(The research results of my laboratory aren’t so easily obtained!)

One hundred Genetic Sequence Diagrams were actually needed to obtain Kennard’s newest research accomplishments?

Feng Lin frowned.

Although Genetic Sequence Diagrams were valuable, with his knowledge of myths and legends from the Ancient Earth Era as well as his genetic equation ability, it wasn’t too difficult for him to deduce new genetic sequences.

But it was simply too troublesome!

How much genetic potential would he need to expend for 100 Genetic Sequence Diagrams?

When he saw Kennard’s gaze that was filled with antic.i.p.ation, Feng Lin’s heart stirred as a thought flashed through his mind. He then sent the information over.

“So fast?” Kennard silently marveled. Could it be that this brat came here prepared?

But when he opened up the information for a look, his eyes almost popped out from their sockets.

“This is…???”

“Information about the Norse Mythology System!!!”

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 490 - Gene Origin Source

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