Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 57 - Mysterious Martial Master

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Chapter 57: Mysterious Martial Master

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“Ai? When did this newbie appear on the newbie rankings?”

“No, that’s incorrect. Look carefully, he has already a.s.sembled primeval genes and had changed sets completely multiple times. If not, it would be impossible for him to kill the monsters so quickly.”

“How did he know of so many genetic formulas?”

There was a table of scores that recorded the numbers of enemy killed in the gene hunting ground. Right now on the newbie rankings, a virtual id named ‘Wukong’ rose up explosively in a straight line. Ranked #100 to #50 to #30, and very swiftly, his ranking arrived at the #10 rank.

Such a dazzling performance naturally attracted attention.

At the center of the gene hunting ground, there was a green mountain valley that had an elegant ambient, resembling paradise on earth. This place was different from the other h.e.l.l-like place around the area.

This was the Wildgreen Immortal Valley of the gene hunting ground. It was like the safety zones of video games. In here, there was no need to worry about being attacked by the monsters in the hunting grounds. Humans could relax completely and enter virtual transactions to trade items with each other.

At this moment, a group of people gathered and was watching the change to the leaderboard as they marveled.

Genetic formula was the core element of genetic cultivation arts. Any types of genetic cultivation arts had to first start by developing the genetic formula, slowly evolving and transforming into a genetic tree before one could cultivate to the peak.

Hence, every single genetic formula represented a potential genetic cultivation art, a brand new pathway of cultivation.

When humans entered the gene hunting grounds, they would usually experiment with two or three genetic formulas which they were familiar with and choose a path suitable for themselves.

However, this ‘Wukong’ simply had a too outstanding performance. He would frequently change his genetic formulas and form primeval genes. What was he doing?

However, because this was a ground for the newbie, his ranking still didn’t cause them to be too overly shocked.

What they were observing was how many types of genetic formula did this Wukong know exactly.

“Quick look, he changed his genetic formula again.” There was someone who had already set up an image projection and was directly streaming the feed live as Feng Lin killed monsters.

The others here quickly looked over as all of them gasped in surprise.

“Is this still considered killing monsters? He is simply sweeping them aside with impunity. What a monstrous speed!”

Right now, Feng Lin was in an underground world that appeared to be the core of an unknown planet. The atmosphere was filled with sulfur-inducing magma; the ground was overgrown with moss, black vines, and other underground plants which depended on geothermal energy to survive. This place was surrounded by a myriad of caves and resembled a maze.

Hiss, hiss, hiss…

A low-sounding hissing could be heard. Next, numerous gigantic black silhouettes as large as bulls crawled toward him with great speed. Their orange irises stared at Feng Lin, exuding a bloodthirsty aura, wanting to tear him into pieces and swallow him up.

The magma emitted a dark reddish light which shone upon their faces. These creatures were actually huge lizards that could walk upright. Their powerful hind legs enabled them to stand up straight. All of them bared their fangs and hissed at Feng Lin.

Even before Feng Lin could see their appearances clearly, this group of lizards lunged over like devils, closing in on him at the next instant.

Their claws were their sharpest weapons. As their ma.s.s opened, a disgusting b.l.o.o.d.y smell permeated through the air. b.a.l.l.s of red light could actually be seen down their throats. They were actually capable of breathing out fire.

“Air cannon!” Feng Lin stood at his original location calmly. He didn’t even move a single step and didn’t panic at all. All of a sudden, his palms blasted out as the air compressed rapidly, converging at the center of his palm. Very quickly, a ball of white light formed and instantly explode outward.


The violent airwaves erupted forth with an ear-piercing sound.

Waves of air that were visible to the naked eye gushed forth with tremendous might in all directions around Feng Lin. They were akin to walls as tough as iron that expanded outward, crus.h.i.+ng his opponents.

With only 30 cm before their attacks reached him, the lizards were slammed onto the stone walls and transformed back into streams of data as they vanished.

With a single strike, the originally chaotic scene was now completely still because of Feng Lin’s display of prowess.

Lizard Gene x3, Scale Gene x2, Sharp Claw Gene x2.

Feng Lin obtained another three kinds of basic genes once more. He kept them into his system inventory and stared silently at his currently equipped primeval genes. Among them, he could see a ball of spiraling air formed by many converging air currents, each spinning in different directions.

“As expected of a high-grade primeval gene! The power of the Air Cannon Gene is simply overwhelming!” Although this Air Cannon Gene was a.s.sembled by him, when Feng Lin used it to unleash its abilities, he was still deeply shocked by its might.

Air Gene x8 + Pressure Gene x9 = Air Cannon Gene

Gene: Air Cannon Gene

Grade: High-grade primeval gene

Ability: Compress air to form an invisible and formless bomb

Inside the Wildgreen Immortal Valley, the spectators were all startled badly when they saw Feng Lin’s tyrannical performance.

“How many genetic formulas does he know exactly?”

“Did you guys discover this? The primeval genes he a.s.sembled were all the strongest and most powerful ones among similar genes in the primeval genes level!”

“Now that you said it, it’s really true. Transforming into a treant, unleas.h.i.+ng a blast of air cannon, controlling wind and thunder… These genetic abilities are all top-notched ones!”

“Could this Wukong be a geneticist?” A two meters plus tall giant mumbled in a m.u.f.fled voice suddenly.

The moment he said this, the expressions of others changed as understanding appeared. There was heat in their eyes as they stared at Feng Lin.

Genetic martial masters were a type of geneticists as well. They researched the mutual connections and evolution’s possibilities between genes and created genetic formulas, using these as the foundation to delve deeper into developing genetic martial arts and genetic cultivation arts.

This was the most reasonable explanation. If not, how could this Wukong know so many genetic formulas?

Where did this genetic martial master originate from? Who was he?…

They couldn’t help but feel that this Wukong who had just appeared, seemed to be cloaked in a mysterious veil, causing them to be unable to see through him.

The poor Feng Lin had no idea that each and every movement of his was completely seen and noted by others.

He retracted his gaze from the Air Cannon Gene. He discovered that the free combination of gene modules gave his genetic equation a free stage to experiment as much as he wanted to for different genetic pathways and their attributes. There was a myriad of transformations and there were no restrictions.

“My virtual id is called Wukong. Could this ‘no restrictions’ be a reference to the fact that the legendary monkey king was known to be able to transform into anything with no restrictions?” An amused smile appeared on his face as he contemplated.

Upon utilizing his genetic equation ability, Feng Lin obtained another brand new powerful gene formula.

Lizard Gene x7 + Scale Gene x6 + Sharp Claw Gene x5 = Giant Lizard Gene

Right now, the genes he obtained was still insufficient. Hence, Feng Lin continued to use the Air Cannon Gene to kill as many monsters as he could in the hopes of obtaining more gene modules.

Right now, numerous streams of data manifested around him, forming the figures of other people. Feng Lin didn’t feel too surprised by this. He knew that he wasn’t the only one in the gene hunting ground. Before this, when he was in the other areas, he had already seen many other people also hunting the monsters there.

Feng Lin didn’t pay any attention to the other humans. He continued to use his air cannon ability, easily wiping out many of those lizards as he gained a large number of basic gene modules.

Feng Lin kept those gene modules in his inventory, however, he couldn’t help but start to feel that the atmosphere was a little strange now. Those people around him weren’t hunting monsters; all of them were standing to the side and watching him silently.

What are they doing?

Feng Lin contemplated a little but didn’t bother too much about it.

After he collected enough gene modules, he a.s.sembled a brand new primeval gene named the Giant Lizard Gene. This was a mid-grade primeval gene and could allow the user to transform into a human-shaped giant lizard.

After getting what he wanted, Feng Lin was prepared to leave. However, a figure suddenly walked out and stopped him.

“Hold up, please…” The silver-haired man had a face filled with reverence as he respectfully called out.

“This martial master… I wonder if I can buy a primeval gene module from you?”

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 57 - Mysterious Martial Master

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