Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 69 - Medicine Reviving the Dead

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Chapter 69: Medicine Reviving the Dead

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Dragonblood flower 35 milliliters, waterjade powder 17 grams, losoto solution 96 milliliters, catalytic cream 12 grams, spirit powder 15 grams, fluid ice 30 milliliters…

After modifications, a new and improved formula appeared before his eyes.

Aike was stunned to the point where he was speechless.

He did not believe this brat was capable of improving a finished formula. This was something that only a geneticist could accomplish. Even he could not do this.

He had never thought in a million years that Feng Lin would actually give a decent formula.

The original formula was modified with quite a bit of changes. There was also a new additional ingredient—30 milliliters of fluid ice.

This improved formula had certain logical medicinal properties that complemented each other.

Aike looked at the medicinal ingredients and their respective properties to estimate the final medicinal effects; however, he was unable to see any deficiencies.

He was instantly at a loss?

This brat actually provided an improved formula?

Was this what the idiom ‘trying to steal a chicken but ending up losing the rice to lure it’ meant? [TL note: it’s an idiom meaning to try gaining an advantage but ending up worse off]

This was it!

He had originally planned to put the newbie in a difficult situation to knock him off his high horse.

However, he ended up providing an opportunity for the newbie to flaunt his ability.

Looking at this formula, Aike showed a face of disbelief. Feng Lin’s expression was, however, as calm as water.

This formula had already reached the level of a high-grade potion; it was more medically sound than the original formula. This was something that Feng Lin had tested himself; thus, he was sure that no one would be able to find the flaws in this formula.

Team leader Aike’s expression became grave. He ultimately retrieved his ident.i.ty microchip and utilized the A.I. within the chip to estimate the effectiveness of the potion.

However, the results left him dissatisfied.

According to the A.I., there was a 52% chance that the medicinal effect was improved and the grade was raised to a high-grade potion level, 21% chance that the medicinal effect was unchanged, and 8% chance that the grade would decrease. Lastly, there was a 19% chance of unknown effect appearing.

Looking at this result theoretically, Feng Lin’s formula improvement was a success, only the clinical trial was up next.

Seeing that Team leader Aike had purposefully caused trouble for the newbie, the entire R&D Department’s members came to witness the chaos, but all they saw was his bite being worse than his bark.

Everyone was taken aback by the speechlessness of team leader Aike.

“What’s going on? Team Leader has no reaction to the formula!”

“It can’t be that the newbie actually developed a new formula, right?”

“Is that even possible?”

All of them discussed amongst themselves; most did not believe that Feng Lin had successfully improved the formula. However, witnessing Aike’s grave expression, their chatter slowly died out until it became silent. They were not confident in what they were saying anymore.

Feng Lin was calmly observing without fl.u.s.tering.

After a long while, Aike finally lifted his head. He glared at Feng Lin, his expression like a knife piercing through Feng Lin’s body as though he wanted to see through all his secrets.

Feng Lin looked at Aike without any hesitation, their gazes meeting directly.

Aike’s eyes drooped a little, showing a hint of grudge. He then spoke fiercely, “Don’t celebrate so fast! The formula has not been tested yet; we will know once it pa.s.ses the clinical trial!”

This line that called the validity of the formula into question created an uproar within the R&D Department.


The formula can only be tested to know if it was effective or not? Even team leader Aike cannot find any deficiencies in the new formula?

Everyone was shocked.

R&D Department was the core technical department within the Giant Pharmaceutical Company.

He was a legitimate geneticist and was quite knowledgeable in the field of gene potions. If even Aike could not find issues with the formula, that meant the formula’s success rate was very high.

How could this be possible?

Everyone in the room was evaluating Feng Lin. They could not help but be bewildered, where did this immortal come from?

“Follow me!” Team Leader Aike said with discontent as he led Feng Lin to the front of one gla.s.s container in a corner of the R&D Department.

A naked man was floating within the liquid. His four limbs dangled as if he was dead already. He was just like a rotten piece of meat suspended within, pale eyes and lifeless face. He had already lost all consciousness.

“Produce the Adrenaline Potion from your improved formula and feed it to the lab rat!” said Aike with anger as he emphasized the word ‘improved’. He was definitely fuming with rage and gritting his teeth as he spoke.

“This can’t be! That man is on his last breath! Although he is still alive, he had already lost all his consciousness.”

“Being constantly used as a test subject, his mind would have already been torn apart! Normal Adrenaline Potion would have already lost effectiveness.”

“It would seem that Team Leader Aike is not prepared to let things go!”

People looked at each other in dismay as though they could see Feng Lin’s misfortune.

Even if this potion’s effect was great, would it be able to save a death row inmate that was barely hanging on to life?

People muttered amongst themselves.

Team leader Aike had a malicious expression on his face as he glanced over to the crowd. Everyone suddenly kept quiet out of fear.

Even though Feng Lin realized Aike’s intentions, he did not mind.

Adrenaline was a hormone and neurotransmitter that could increase the cardiac output and dilate the blood vessels in bones, muscles, liver, and heart. It constricted the blood vessels in many minute networks. It was a necessity in treating humans and animals that were near death.

The most suited way of treating a near death person with a damaged neural network was none other than the therapy with Adrenaline Potion.

It was normal for those who did not know the new formula to question its effectiveness.

However, Feng Lin had tested the formula himself. He had no doubts that the potion was effective.

There was only one problem; this lab rat was a normal human.

The formula was one for a high-grade potion; thus, its medicinal effect was quite superior. Even if it was able to revive the person, the after-effects could be quite harsh.

As long as there was an effect, it would prove the validity of the formula. By then, what would team leader Aike say about that?

However, this test subject had done nothing to wrong to Feng Lin. There was a psychological hurdle for Feng Lin to put a test subject through the experiment.

But then, he had a change of heart.

This person was near death anyway, if he had consumed the medicine made by Feng Lin, maybe he would be able to survive. Being able to save a life surpa.s.sed the good karma of building a seven-floor paG.o.da.

If there were no effects, then this person would be relieved from the pain of having to live in such a state.

Without the psychological barrier, Feng Lin stopped hesitating. He swiftly produced the potion.

After having produced the potion for so many times, Feng Lin had already become familiar with the procedure. His movements were swift as water without even an ounce of slack.

Those that knew what he was doing could see his ability.

Even Aike’s eyes showed a slight expression of restraining fear.

He was aware that this Feng Lin had never learned about the production of Adrenaline Potions before. But having seen his familiarity with the formula and manufacturing procedures, his talents must be astounding.

He even felt that Manager Frank’s praise for this newbie was a slight understatement.

It was no wonder that this newbie, who just entered the company, was already a.s.signed to the R&D Department. He could not be looked down upon.

The members of the R&D Department were shocked by what was happening in front of their eyes, but given that team leader Aike was here, they held back their words.

Soon, a bottle of potion was successfully created. It was a translucent light red in color.

Based purely on the color of the perfectly combined mixture, people could tell that the probability of success was quite high.

Now then, it was finally time for the real test of the medicinal effect.

“Take it!” Feng Lin handed the potion over. Aike did not show any signs of being courteous. Aike handled the potion himself and directly injected it through the gla.s.s tube into the “little white mouse’s” body.

All everyone saw was the sudden tremble of the lifeless, near-death person’s body. Every muscle within his body shook violently. The body that was like half-rotten flesh twisted as though it were fried dough, trembling like he had been zapped by thunder. The shut eyes opened violently; his face was filled with pain as he slowly regained his consciousness.

Once the potion was used, the effects were immediate.

Everyone was shocked.

This improved Adrenaline Potion could revive a near-death person!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 69 - Medicine Reviving the Dead

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