Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 76 - Stone Monkey Gene

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Chapter 76: Stone Monkey Gene

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The flowing water was the most gentle and soft energy in this world. It was continuous and endless, capable of eroding all objects. Once it stored up enough strength, nothing would be able to block it.

As for fire, it was one of the more explosive energies in the world, capable of incinerating all objects, turning them into ashes. It was also able to emit light and warmth, nouris.h.i.+ng the myriad of creatures.

Water and fire were in mutual opposition. It could be said that they were the two sides of Taichi, capable of engendering yet also restraining each other. It could be said that these two forms of energy were the most common of all energies in the universe.

So it turned out that being impervious to fire and water didn’t only mean that one would be able to resist the damage caused by the flow of water or the burns from flames. It was about being able to completely isolate the user from the properties of different forms of energy.

This was an extremely tyrannical power similar to magic. As the strengthening of this gene continued, the might it displayed would only grow stronger and stronger.

Stone was not only tough, but it was also a natural isolator born from heaven and earth. Energy forms wouldn’t be able to invade it. An example was a hut made from stone. It would be able to protect those living in it from the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

Since stone monkeys were birthed from a stone, they naturally would also have this unique trait.

Wasn’t the legendary Sun Wukong also the same as well?

He entered the eastern ocean, barging into the dragon palace. He caused a disturbance and turned the entire eastern ocean upside down.

Even when he was captured and brought to the demon-slaying platform of the heavenly court, being struck by thunder and being cleaved by axes, he was invulnerable to them all.

After that, he was forced into the Eight Trigrams Furnace by the Grand Supreme Elder Lord and was burned throughout. In the end, he suffered no injuries and even managed to master his Fiery Golden Eyes technique inside there.

All of these seemed extremely similar to the traits of the stone monkey. Feng Lin had a deeper understanding of his mythological genes. The abilities of mythological genes would always have ties to the myths and legends they were linked with.

He might be able to use his understanding of the myths and legends to research further abilities that were currently not yet awakened in his genes.

Now, he had managed to activate the Stone Monkey Gene and had already strengthened it by one point. If he continued to strengthen it, these unique traits would only be further enhanced.

The innate nature of the Stone Monkey Gene was that of a body-fortification type gene. He should be almost invincible in close-combat. What he was most afraid of should be people launching energy attacks from afar, restricting his movements, not allowing him to get near to them.

But now, with the ability to be impervious to fire and water, he could completely ignore the effects of different types of energy. This could be said to have mitigated the greatest weakness of him only being able to fight in close-combat. If it wasn’t because of the fact that the Stone Monkey Gene didn’t have any innate long-distance energy attacks, it would definitely be able to be considered as a perfect-grade gene.

However, Feng Lin also discovered one point. The ability to be impervious to fire and water meant that it would be able to isolate him from the effects of different energy types’ properties. But it didn’t mean immunity to the impact created from these attacks.

The cold of water, the heat from fire, the burn from intense light, the numbness from lightning and thunder… All kinds of energy would have a powerful effect that was impossible for one to defend completely and effectively.

However, stone monkeys were born from stones. They were natural isolators, and these energy effects wouldn’t be able to touch them. But despite so, it didn’t mean they were immune to the vast impact and power from the attacks.

When energies were concentrated to an extremely high degree, the power in them would be no different from brute-force strikes, save for the fact that they had their own inherent energy effects within. They would be transformed into an immense energy torrent. One could only clash against them head-on; all other methods were ineffective to block them.

Stones could be turned into magma from the flames of fire; a flood of water could also submerge them; the force of a lightning bolt might crumble them; a sufficiently intense beam of light might cause them to crack apart…

But even so, this was enough!

For energy attacks, the most fearful thing about them was their effects. It was simply too difficult to ward off the power of their effects.

The Stone Monkey Gene could already negate this greatest superiority that energy attacks had. It pulled the opponents down to the same level as him, and they could only fight each other by comparing their brute force and strength.

Would Feng Lin be fearful of that?

Fist against fist, smas.h.i.+ng into each other’s flesh. This was then the romance of men!

Only now did he understand the intent of the stone monkey having a stone body and steel bones. Not only was it highly resistant to damage, but it could also isolate itself from energy effects and drag opponents down to the level where they could only fight with brute force.

After understanding the abilities of the Stone Monkey Gene, Feng Lin was like a kid that just got a new toy. He started to experiment and tried to find out his true strength.

He silently activated the gene’s abilities. His soft skin suddenly tensed up, s.h.i.+ning with l.u.s.ter and became as tough as rocks.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Feng Lin flicked his fingers, causing explosive sounds to ring out, akin to jade stones colliding together.

Creak, creak!

He wanted to try out his strength after his evolution.

In any case, Feng Lin had entered the Giant Pharmaceutical Company’s most prestigious department. The conditions of his staying place were naturally the best. His residence basically had everything, even a small independent room for his own cultivation.

Although the equipment inside wasn’t a lot and one could only do the most basic of all training, there was still the most basic punch-force machine in there.

Feng Lin walked over. He didn’t really prepare and instantly tossed out a punch!

An explosive sound rang out.

A great force!

Feng Lin silently cursed. He only saw a pile of sc.r.a.p iron lying before him, and he was momentarily speechless.

The punch-force machine emitted a sound that seemed as though its capabilities had been overloaded. Cracks soon began to appear, as black smoke could be seen rising from it.

“What the? I haven’t even unleashed my full strength and this machine already exploded!” Feng Lin was amazed, staring in astonishment at his fists. He didn’t even know how strong he was now exactly.

Although that was just the most common punch-force machine, it could still withstand up to five tons of force.

Just a casual strike by Feng Lin had already destroyed the machine. This meant that the force of his fists far surpa.s.sed five tons.

Who would have thought that he was still unable to get a clear gauge of his strength in the end!?

Feng Lin shook his head, clearly helpless. But this was helplessness born from happiness.

After becoming an interstellar cultivator, he could be said to have become someone that had transcended humanity. His strength was too powerful. Even Feng Lin himself didn’t know how powerful he was exactly. He only knew he was immensely strong…

Since the gauge of his strength failed, Feng Lin attempted to test his speed.

The stone monkey had powerful strength, but its agility was pretty good as well.

After all, monkeys were innately agile biological creatures.

At the cultivation apprentice level, Feng Lin’s speed had already surpa.s.sed those of his peers. There was no doubt that his speed would be even quicker now.

Feng Lin also wanted to know what his current limits were.

Pa, pa, pa!

His footsteps sped up, leaving behind a string of after-images on the speed-test runway.

The track on the speed-test runway rapidly cycled. All of a sudden, a creaking sound rang out as it broke apart and emitted black smoke.

Feng Lin helplessly stepped down from it. He discovered that his speed was stuck at a number. “2.28s per 100 meters!”

Although it was not even twice as fast as his previous 4.21s record, Feng Lin knew that the meaning behind this was extraordinary.

The closer the speed got to the limit, the more difficult it would be to increase it. Every bit of increase in speed would require a huge expenditure on energy.

Just like when one got close to light speed, every bit of increase in speed would increase its own energy ma.s.s exponentially.

At the speed of light, even tossed out marble could break through everything. The energy ma.s.s was almost infinite.

Light speed was the absolute linear speed limit in the universe. Without wormhole technology, it was impossible for humans to think about traveling across the universe.

4.0 seconds per 100 meters was the limit of mortals in the Interstellar Era. Feng Lin had already broken past this, exhibiting his extraordinary nature.

But to break the speed limit even by 1 second, it required a powerful vitality. Every bit of speed increment represented a huge breakthrough.

For example, in the Ancient Earth Era, 10 seconds per 100 meters was the limit. Every decrease of 0.1 seconds was considered a major milestone improvement.

Although his vitality had explosively surged, the increase in speed wasn’t directly proportional to it.

For example, according to scientific research, an adult tiger had vitality at least five times more than an adult human. But was the running speed of the adult tiger five times faster than an adult human? This was clearly impossible!

If humans went all out, their running speed could reach 40 km per hour. But for tigers, their running speed was at most 80 km per hour. This was only an increase of two times the speed, far less than five times!

Using the same logic, through the increase in his speed, Feng Lin knew how powerful his body was now. The increase in his physical abilities was simply unimaginable.

Feng Lin unleashed his full speed, transforming into a gust of wind as he ran in circles inside the cultivation room. His figure s.h.i.+mmered in and out of one’s vision; ordinary humans would find it tough to track him. There was only a series of after-images left behind as his silhouette flashed.

Right now, he was unquestionably sure that he was already a superhuman existence.

Feng Lin drew in a deep breath and calmed down.

He knew that five tons in punch force and 2.28 seconds in a 100 meters rush weren’t his limits. If he wanted to more accurately know his data, he had to undergo more precise testing.

Now, since he was already an interstellar cultivator, what he should consider next was…

How should he walk his own mythological pathway of cultivation in the future?

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 76 - Stone Monkey Gene

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