Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 85 - Asking for compensation

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Chapter 85: Asking for compensation

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“The Mars Revolutionary Army?” Feng Lin was bewildered. He grabbed the throat of the snake-figured man, making him unable to move. With a slight exertion of force, the snake-figured man gasped as his features contorted in pain.

When he heard the threatening tone of the long-robed man, he had a smile that was not a smile on his face. “Sorry, I don’t know you guys. And you are wrong, I’m not the one making enemies out of you. You guys are the one making an enemy out of me!”

The sound of this Mars Revolutionary Army sounded like a secret underground organization. It seemed to be pretty powerful given how threatening the long-robed man sounded.

However, Feng Lin didn’t feel scared at all. Given the situation where they both tried to kill each other earlier, they were already mortal enemies. How could he still be polite with them?

“We didn’t do this intentionally, we only came here by a coincidence!” The gaze of the long-robed man flickered as he explained.

Feng Lin coldly laughed. His clutch tightened, causing the snake-figured man to find it hard to breathe. The snake-figured man’s face gradually turned red from not being able to breathe.

The expression of the long-robed man instantly sank. “What are you doing?”

Feng Lin continued to laugh coldly. “Hahaha, stop telling me these nonsensical words that can’t be even used to bluff a kid. If not, I’m worried that this little snake won’t be able to keep his life.”

The long-robed man fell silent. He could see the cold look with no regards to the snake-figured man’s life in Feng Lin’s eyes.

If he continued spouting nonsense, the snake-figured man who was a member of his combat team would definitely lose his life.

“What do you want exactly?” he asked in a heavy voice.

Is this long-robed man finally going to be honest?

Feng Lin coldly laughed. He released his grasp and gave the snake-figured man a chance to catch his breath.

The snake-figured man had both his hands wrapped around his own throat as he ma.s.saged it, drawing in deep breaths of air, feeling the joy of escaping a calamity.

“Why does the two of you want to hunt me down?” Feng Lin asked heavily.

Facing the attacks of these two, his first reaction was that it must be his clan who sent them here to kill him. But when he thought about it longer, he felt that things weren’t right.

In his clan, he was merely a low-grade clansman that didn’t have any talent. There was no need for them to spend such a huge expense and send out a team to fly to another planet just for capturing him.

In addition, one of the two was an interstellar cultivator. Such a character was also considered rare in his clan.

Given how intelligent and scheming the grand butler was, his parents must be still in the clan. There was no need for the grand butler to put in so much effort as Feng Lin would have to return sooner or later. At that time, the grand butler would naturally feel that he could easily handle Feng Lin.

Hence, as he contemplated a little, Feng Lin could eliminate the possibility that these people were sent by his clan.

In that case, things were interesting then!

Feng Lin just came to Mars and didn’t know anyone here. He had only stayed in the Giant Pharmaceutical Company and didn’t do anything. Why would somebody want to hunt him?

Everything was still a riddle.

So, Feng Lin had to know the reason why. If not, this mysterious enemy would always be in the shadows while he was in the light. Not knowing anything about someone who wanted to take his life would definitely make him unable to rest or eat in peace.

It was imperative to get rid of all future sources of trouble.

Facing Feng Lin’s questioning, the long-robed man instantly fell silent. He kept his mouth tightly sealed, not wanting to reveal anything.

Feng Lin frowned and then grabbed the snake-figured fellow again, clutching his throat and tightening it periodically. The snake-figured man was like a captured duck about to be slaughtered and let out hoa.r.s.e panting noises. He appeared as though he was about to die.

Feng Lin’s gaze was like swords, he stared fixedly at the long-robed man and continued asking, “What sort of grudges do we have between us? Why are the two of you hunting me?”

“This…” The long-robed man hesitated, wanting to deny it but when he saw the snake-figure grabbed by Feng Lin, he couldn’t help but sigh and knew that if he still didn’t tell the truth, things wouldn’t be good.

His expression sank as he heavily spoke, “We don’t have any grudges with you. If you want to blame someone, blame the fact that you are an employee of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company and that you came out of the company alone. Our Mars Revolutionary Army is in stark opposition to the Giant Pharmaceutical Company; every employee of theirs are our enemies. Once we discovered any of them outside, they would become the targets to be killed by our Mars Revolutionary Army. This is why you were being tracked by my team member, Snakeboy.”

When he spoke, he was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth as though he truly hated everyone from the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. Feng Lin was no exception.

Feng Lin’s heart stirred. This hatred didn’t seem to be fake. It was evident that there was some deep grudges or maybe debts of blood between the two organizations. This was the only reason why the two of them would attempt to hunt him down.

After such a long time, so it turned out that the Mars Revolutionary Army was mortal enemies with the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. He was merely someone that was accidentally dragged in.

If he was killed like that, who would he complain to?

Feng Lin felt a sense of helplessness. After that, he ruthlessly glared at the long-robed man.

He didn’t care about the Mars Revolutionary Army these two were from; they still had no reason to implicate him in this. They best not think of leaving safely before paying a price!

After that, a smile appeared on Feng Lin’s face. Upon seeing this, the long-robed man couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart. He felt as though he was targeted by a vampire and all his valuable things would be taken, even all his blood would be sucked dry.

“There are so many employees working in the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. Why target me?” Feng Lin asked again. He was paying close attention to the other party’s expression. He wanted to ensure that he wasn’t deceived.

“The Mars Revolutionary Army is at odds with the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. As long as you are an employee there, you would be our enemy! Every soldier of our organization would think of ways to hunt down the employees of Giant Pharmaceutical Company the moment they saw any. It’s just that most of the employees would head out in groups, so it’s extremely hard to act against them. But who knows, for some reason, you headed out alone tonight and is still wearing the Giant Pharmaceutical Company’s uniform. Hence, my small combat team instantly locked our sights on you. It’s just that we didn’t have time to come up with a sure-kill plan yet, and Snakeboy already acted without permission. What we didn’t expect was that your combat prowess is actually so strong and now, not only are you not in danger, but we are the ones in danger instead.”

“I see.” Feng Lin nodded. It seemed like this was truly an unexpected situation.

After leaving the company, he initially only wanted to head to Mars’s surface to absorb astral energy and cultivate. Who would have thought that the soldiers of the Mars Revolutionary Army would spot him?

Truly, if he wanted to complain, he would have nowhere to complain to.

However, since the Giant Pharmaceutical Company had such an enemy, why didn’t they tell him anything before?

Regardless of whether it was the Giant Pharmaceutical Company wanting to hide this intentionally or whether the long-robed man was lying, Feng Lin discovered that the situation on Mars wasn’t as calm as it looked on the surface. There were many currents surging in the dark; this place was a chaotic mess.

“What about Snakeboy?” Feng Lin glanced at the figure resembling a dead snake drooping in his grasp. This nickname was apt indeed.

There had only been cases of one’s name being called wrongly. That had never happened for one’s t.i.tle.

It was highly possible that this Snakeboy had awakened a snake-type gene. This was why his body was so soft and flexible like a snake.

His palm involuntarily clenched tighter, causing Snakeboy to pant heavily.

The expression of the long-robed man turned extremely unsightly. “I’ve already told you what I ought to. Why are you not releasing him yet?!”

“Release him?” Feng Lin had a look of puzzlement on his face as he laughed. “Aren’t you thinking things too simply? This man tried to kill me for no rhyme nor reason, do you think there’s something so advantageous in the world like allowing you two to leave so easily?”

“What do you want then?” The long-robed man’s heart turned heavy. He understood that it was going to be very difficult to settle this matter today.

Feng Lin’s gaze turned to him as cold and cruel as ice; there were no emotions in it at all. “Since this man attempted to harm me first, if there’s no satisfactory compensation, both of you don’t even need to think about leaving here today.”

“What do you want? What conditions do you have? Release him first!” The long-robed man’s heart sank to the valley as he forced the words out.

Feng Lin coldly laughed but he didn’t release Snakeboy. In fact, he tightened his grab, causing Snakeboy to let out screams of pain.

“Do you think that I’m a three-year-old kid that you can fool around with?!” He grinned. “Sorry, the hostage is now in my hands. You don’t have any qualifications to turn me down.”

The expression of the long-robed man completely turned dark.

“If you wish to redeem this hostage, you have to give me the martial arts you were using earlier,” Feng Lin spoke, revealing what he wanted. His heart was filled with excitement when he thought of how profound the moves and techniques used by this long-robed man earlier.

“What? You want my martial arts? Impossible!” The long-robed man turned pale with fright as he roared in anger.

This martial arts was the reason why he rose to fame. He had never taught it to any outsiders before, let alone an employee from the d.a.m.nable Giant Pharmaceutical Company.

Feng Lin didn’t waste his breath speaking nonsense. With a clench, showing mercy at all, that Snakeboy was on the verge of suffocating to death. “Sorry, you don’t have any rights to bargain with me. Either the two of you stay here forever, or you give me satisfactory compensation. If not, don’t blame me for not showing mercy.”

His tone contained clear killing intent. Once this person refused him again, he would instantly act to kill.

Feng Lin decided to warn him for the last time. “This is my last warning: don’t try to use those common martial arts to fool me. I’ve experienced all your moves earlier. If I discovered that something was wrong, my grasp might just tighten and…”

He lifted Snakeboy higher in the air as though he was holding a dead snake.

If this long-robed man dared to try anything funny, the fate of Snakeboy went without saying.

The fact that his team member was caught became the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

The expressions of the long-robed man contorted. He was about to agree, but at this moment, that Snakeboy struggled and called out in rage, “Captain, don’t believe him! The people of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company cannot be trusted. Don’t give him the martial arts! Just let him kill me; our Mars Revolutionary Army will never spare him. I want to perish together with him!”

“You want to perish together with me?” Feng Lin’s gaze turned cold as he laughed. “Your mouth is still quite tough.”

He ruthlessly clenched down. At the next instant, Snakeboy turned pale white, but he still glared at Feng Lin ruthlessly. His eyes turned red and wanted nothing more than to tear Feng Lin into pieces and swallow him whole.

“Enough!” Seeing that Snakeboy was about to be killed, the long-robed man finally spoke. He cast a stare of incomparable hatred at Feng Lin, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth as he spoke, “I’ll hand the martial arts over to you.”

With regards to their hatred, Feng Lin couldn’t care less. He calmly said, “Those who submit to the circ.u.mstances are wise men. Send me the information now then, I’ll check it.”

The long-robed man felt extremely helpless. He could only use his own id microchip and activated the transmission effect, sending the information of an image to Feng Lin.

Feng Lin looked over it, and there were four words right at the top – Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 85 - Asking for compensation

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