Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 514 - Poor Mayor

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Chapter 514: Poor Mayor

Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Hearing Tang Xi’s words, the journalists were in an uproar. No wonder the Empire Group and the Qin’s Group had become mortal enemies!

Tang Xi looked at the journalists’ reactions and there was a cold gleam in her eyes. They wanted to manipulate the journalists to pressure the Xiao’s Group. She could also manipulate the media and turn them into rats crossing the street!

“I seldomly appeared in public in the last few months because I was investigating this matter. Now I have found out the truth, and I certainly won’t let the criminal get away with it. My aunt Ms. Lin Ru, no, now she is called Tang Ya, and my cousin Xiao Rou were set up by Qin Luo, aka, Tao Yan, her daughter, Lin Jiao and her granddaughter, Xiao Jinning and were almost murdered by them… I swear I’ll bring these people to justice.”

The journalists were in an uproar again. They had all heard that scandal of Lin Ru. It was said that she abandoned her poor parents. Before Tang Xi told them the truth, they all blamed Lin Ru for being ungrateful. After all, that couple brought her up.

But now…

Tang Xi knew well how to fan the flames. So she continued, “If the Qin’s Group hadn’t pushed us too hard and forced us to have the police release those people, I wouldn’t have come to City A myself. The Qin’s Group wants to start a battle with us? Anytime!” Tang Xi paused and continued, “We must let them be punished by the law!”

At this time, Xiao Yan came over. He gazed at Tang Xi and the latter smiled at him and took his arm. “If anyone dares mess around with the Xiao’s Group, he will have to confront the Empire Group at the same time!”

The business partners of the Xiao’s Group regretted their actions greatly when they watched the news.

“Have we sighed the contract with the Qin’s Group yet? Put it off!”

“Come on, prepare me a car. Let’s go to the Xiao’s Group!”

His secretary, “President w.a.n.g, why are we going to the Xiao’s Group?”

“Of course to resume our cooperation with the Xiao’s Group!” He stopped the cooperation with the Xiao’s Group, because he thought the Xiao’s Group couldn’t resist the Qin’s Group, but now the Empire Group and many leading enterprises have become business partners of the Xiao’s Group!

Seeing his secretary freeze, President w.a.n.g snapped. “Hurry up! Get ready to go!”

At the same time, the Mayor of City A turned off the TV set in anger. The public security director of City A was also in his office and he was scolding someone on the phone. “Sh*t! Tell the public security district director to answer the phone!”

No wonder yesterday a military officer asked to transfer those people to another detention house. He wondered why and now he knew the reason. The Qin Family people must have bribed some people in the detention house to release them! The Empire Group found a way to transfer them to another detention house because they found out about it!

Tang Xi, as the president of the Empire Group, often attended state banquets! She could meet state leaders! How dare his subordinates offend her like this?!

Mayor Zhang looked at the public security director and said coldly, “You’d better solve this matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, let alone that public security district director, even you will lose your job! How did you manage your men?! How could you let this happen?!”

The public security director was speechless. He didn’t have time to keep an eye on every single subordinate of his! He was busy!

But certainly he dared not refute his senior, so he just said, “Sorry, sir. I’ll deal with this matter seriously.”

The moment he apologized, the door of the office was knocked on and his secretary came in. “Mr. Xiao has come over.”

The government official glared at the public security director. “If you weren’t my student before, I would…”

“Teacher…” The public security director looked at him aggrievedly.

“Please show him in.”

Xiao Hongli came in and Mayor Zhang came up to greet him. “Hi, Mr. Xiao, long time no see. Please have a seat.” Then he took a look at his secretary. “Hurry up, make tea for Mr. Xiao.”

Xiao Hongli looked at him and slightly turned up the corners of his mouth. “Mayor Zhang, I’m sorry to come and bother you. You know what happened to my family recently. I came here to ask you to take this matter seriously.”

Mayor Zhang immediately nodded. “Mr. Xiao, you can rest a.s.sured. Even if you hadn’t come here, I would have my men take it seriously. We will not allow such a ridiculous thing to happen in City A.”

Xiao Hongli looked at him and smiled. “Miss Tang Xi wanted to use her connections in the capital to solve this matter, but I asked my father-in-law to stop her. Otherwise, all of us will be affected. Do please take this matter seriously, Mayor Zhang.” Then thinking of what Yang Jingxian and Xiao Sa told him last night, he paused and asked, “Would you like to meet with Miss Tang? She wants to meet you.”

“Well…” Mayor Zhang hesitated. Miss Tang must be angry at him. Would she be rude to him?

No, he couldn’t let himelf be insulted by a little girl.

Xiao Hongli looked at him and said, “If you don’t have the time, I’ll tell Miss Tang that you’re too busy to meet her. You don’t have to worry about it. I have to go now. See you next time, Mayor Zhang.”

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Xiao. I’ll solve this matter soon!” Mayor Zhang stood up and saw Xiao Hongli off.

After seeing Xiao Hongli off, Mayor Zhang came back and glared at the public security director again. “What’s the problem with the Qin Family people? Why did they mess around with the Xiao’s Group? Although it’s not a large company, it has a powerful background. Let alone the Yang Family, Xiao Hongli alone can give them a hard time, now they also have the Empire Group, the Qiao’s International Group and He Xing Group behind them…”

“And that public security district director! Was he out of his mind?!”

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 514 - Poor Mayor

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