Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 528 - Turn the Tables

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Chapter 528: Turn the Tables

Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Tang Ling stared at Tang Xi with a frown. It had been quite a while before he raised his eyebrows and said, “Why did you suddenly mention this?”

Tang Xi smiled, took a deep breath and asked him, “I think you know why.”

That’s because I know you’re suspecting me, so I have to explain to you in this way to let you believe I’m Tang Xi and I will never do anything to hurt the Tang Family.

After all, the current situation is not what I want.

I don’t want to die, nor become another person. Now I have to be very careful even when I just wanted to defend my family, but I have no choice. Although I’m Xiao Rou now, I have to defend who I want to defend with the ident.i.ty of Tang Xi.

Tang Ling pursed his lips and didn’t speak. After a short pause, he took a piece of doc.u.ment from Tang Xi’s hand. “I temporarily take back this doc.u.ment.”

“Although I don’t know why Master had no response to this doc.u.ment and covered the spirit tablet in the ancestral hall with a red cloth, I think he must have a reason to do this, and he believes you.” Tang Ling handed her another doc.u.ment. “Since Master chooses to believe you, I will also believe you. As long as you can defend the Tang Family, you are Tang Xi.”

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Tang Ling. “Thank you for yours and your grandfather’s loyalty to the Tang Family, I will never forget what you’ve done for us.”

Tang Ling looked at Tang Xi in doubt. He hadn’t wanted to ask Tang Xi what had happened to her, but now hearing her words, he couldn’t help asking, “What do you mean? Are you really…”

Tang Xi smiled. “Do you believe there is really magic in this world? Something magical has happened to me. Tang Ling, I’m Tang Xi, but not the past me. Can you understand me?”

The past Tang Xi had gone.

Something suddenly occurred to Tang Ling and he looked at Tang Xi in shock. “Are you just like Mistress…”

Tang Xi paused. “Do you know what happened to my grandma?”

Tang Ling nodded. When he was a kid, he once saw Master speaking to two photos in his study and his words were very confusing. He didn’t understand Master’s words at that time, nor dare he ask his grandpa about it. After he grew up, one day he accidentally read an article about reincarnation and then he figured out what had happened to Mistress on earth.

To his surprise, the same thing happened to Tang Xi.

If Tang Xi hadn’t come back to life in another person’s body, had she…

Tang Ling dared not continue to think about it.

Tang Xi was about to ask Tang Ling, when a.s.sistant w.a.n.g knocked on the door and said, “President, the press conference has begun. Please prepare for it.”

Tang Xi said, “Okay.” and turned her eyes to Tang Ling. The latter nodded at her. “Go solve those people. With the ident.i.ty of Tang Xi and make them get the punishment they deserve. I will send these files to the police later and they will help you.”

Tang Xi nodded. “Thank you. I will treat you to dinner after the press conference.”

Tang Ling smiled. “Come on, you’ve owed me countless dinners since our childhood.”

Tang Xi chuckled, made a face at him and turned to walk out with those doc.u.ments. Tang Ling looked at her back and frowned.

I had sworn to protect you, but I failed. I’m sorry for all the horrible things you’ve experienced. Now I swear even if I can’t guard you by your side, I will try my best to defend you in the future.

As soon as Tang Xi walked out of her office, she put on a straight face. Feeling Tang Xi’s powerful aura, a.s.sistant w.a.n.g pursed her lips and began to imagine how Tang Jieren and his brothers would end up.

Those people are really ingrates! President gave them well-paid jobs and comfortable lives, but they are so greedy as to bite the hand feeding them and try to s.n.a.t.c.h the Empire Group from President and his granddaughter. It’s like a snake trying to swallow an elephant! They really underestimated President.

President turned a blind eye to what they did because he still took them as his relatives, but Miss Tang had very little affection for them. Although she was on good terms with Tang Qingyu, he had died, and they had done so many terrible things to her. Now obviously, Miss Tang wouldn’t relent and let them off.

In the meeting room, Tang Jieren and his brothers were sitting at the table and were angrily condemning Tang Xi to the journalists. He especially emphasized that due to Tang Xi’s fault, the Empire Group’s new project had suffered the loss of hundreds of millions. Tang Xi seldom appeared in the company but occupied the position of president. She made the company suffer unprecedented losses and willfully fired the senior executives of the company…

As for the last accusation, they surely referred to Tang Hao.

Just as Tang Jieren was excitedly answering journalists’ questions, the door of the meeting room was suddenly pushed open. Tang Xi, in a black Givenchy suit, appeared at the door. Tang Jieren sneered when he saw her. “How do you have the cheek to show up here?”

Tang Xi coldly glanced at Tang Jieren and sneered too. “Why don’t I have the cheek to attend this press conference? I, the second-largest shareholder and President of the Empire Group, can’t show up here?”

“You!” Tang Jieren jumped up in anger.

Tang Xi gave him a cold smile and asked, “I think I should ask you this question.”

Tang Yaoren looked at Tang Xi. “What do you mean?”

Tang Xi turned her eyes to him and snorted. “You don’t know what I mean?”

Tang Xi said and threw the doc.u.ments in her hand onto the table. “Tang Mingren, Tang Jieren and Tang Yaoren tried to sabotage our company’s new project, which made this project suffer the loss of hundreds of millions Yuan. Here is the evidence. I’d like to see how you will explain!”

Hearing her words, the journalists all stuck their microphones at Tang Xi’s mouth.

They had thought they would witness how Tang Xi was driven out of the Empire Group. To their surprise, she managed to turn the tables and kick the Tang brothers out of the company!

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 528 - Turn the Tables

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