Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 95

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Published at 11th of July 2019 03:05:06 AM Chapter 95: 95

Lin Ru had been angry at Xiao Hongyi ever since she found out that Xiao Jinning was not her daughter; she just hadn't been showing it . She didn't mention it when she quarreled with him at the banquet last night, but now she had finally blurted it out . Lin Ru couldn't help but cry out loud, “When I was sent to the hospital, your dad was not even around me! If he stayed with me, would my daughter have disappeared?! Would I have been separated from my daughter for so many years?”

A twinge of guilt flashed across Xiao Hongyi's face at this, and he said in a low voice, “I didn't expect things would have become like this . It's been over 20 years . What's the point of mentioning it now?”

“Why not?!” shouted Lin Ru . “You should know that you owe us! So Xiao Hongyi, you'd better not try to take advantage of my daughter . Otherwise, I won't let you off!”

Xiao Yan could not help rubbing between his eyebrows . He didn't expect for them to not only fail in getting Xiao Rou back, but also get into a conflict among themselves .

On the other side of things, Yang Jingxian took Tang Xi's hand and said gratefully, “Rourou, thank you for not leaving us for your biological parents . ”

Tang Xi smiled and replied, “From the moment you reached out to me, you were my family . Therefore, I will always stand by your side unconditionally . Don't worry, Mom, I'll always be your daughter . ”

Yang Jingxian hugged Tang Xi . “Thank you, my baby girl . ”

Tang Xi smiled and patted Yang Jingxian on the back . “Mom, have a rest . I won't go to school today . Sa, can you make lunch for us? I know you're good at cooking!”

Caught off guard by his sister, Xiao Sa immediately screamed, “Little Rourou, who told you I was good at cooking?”

Tang Xi laughingly jested, “You don't want to cook for Mom?”

Yang Jingxian also looked at Xiao Sa and raised her eyebrows, asking, “You don't?”

Xiao Sa raised his hands in surrender . “Then I'll need two a.s.sistants!”

Yang Jingxian chuckled and pointed to Xiao Jing as she said, “He'll help you . ”

Very satisfied with Tang Xi's performance today, Xiao Jing was in the mood to joke . He immediately cried out, “Mom! Then what about Rourou? Why do we men have to serve you women?”

Yang Jingxian let go of Tang Xi, stood up with a bright smile and replied, “That's naturally because you men were born to serve us women . ”

“I've never heard of such a thing before…”

Tang Xi chuckled . “So, brothers, are you going to serve us or not?”

The two brothers both stood up and gave a gentleman's salute, saying together, “We'd love to serve you, our queen and little princess . ”

Tang Xi stood up, curtsied to them and then said to Yang Jingxian, “Mom, you cleaned my room in the morning and must be tired now . Please have a good rest . I'll supervise the two of them to cook, in case they loaf on the work . I'll call you when the meal is ready . ”

Yang Jingxian kissed Tang Xi on the cheek and went upstairs smilingly .

After Yang Jingxian went upstairs, Tang Xi breathed a sigh of relief . Xiao Jing sat next to her with a frown and asked in a low voice, “What happened? I feel like you have something to tell us . And why did you send Mom away with an excuse?”

Xiao Sa nodded, looked up at the upstairs and asked in a low voice, “Are you hiding something from us?”

Tang Xi thought for a moment and decided to tell them about the matters regarding Xiao Yao . Although she wasn't sure whether Xiao Yao was in danger or not, her intuition had never failed her before .

With this thought in mind, Tang Xi whispered, “Yao went to City J . ”

Xiao Jing nodded . “City J, I know it . It's not far away . Why are you so nervous?”

Tang Xi shook her head at Xiao Jing who looked at ease . “I'm talking about City J of Province Y . ”

Not taking it seriously, Xiao Sa shrugged and said, “Yao travels all over the world . He's so mysterious . What's the big deal about him going to City J…” Suddenly, he came to a pause upon recalling a certain piece of news he had read in the morning . Then he asked Tang Xi, “You mean that City J of Province Y?”

Tang Xi replied with a grave nod, “Yes, I mean that City J that neighbors the Golden Triangle . ”

Looking at their solemn faces, Xiao Jing also frowned . Then Xiao Sa asked Tang Xi, “What happened? Why did Yao go to City J . Isn't he only an intelligence agent?”

Tang Xi took a look up at the second floor, and after making sure Yang Jingxian wasn't coming down, she answered in a low voice, “Yao isn't an intelligence agent, but a captain of a special division of National Special Forces . He's already a major . Do you know what this means?”

Xiao Jing said, “It means that Yao has paid for this with his own blood . ”

Tang Xi nodded . “Yes . ”

Xiao Sa was surprised . “Even we didn't know about this . How did you find out?”

Tang Xi frowned . Thinking of how she might go over to City J to save Xiao Yao with the all-purpose skill, she wanted to have them mentally prepared, so she replied, “I've told you before that I'm a fairy—my computer skills are so good that it's easy for me to hack the files of the Special Forces . ”

Xiao Jing slapped her on the head . “Be serious! Are you sure Yao's in danger?”

Whatever the case, he had been feeling greatly uneasy ever since he got that phone call from Yao today .

Tang Xi shook her head . “I'm not sure, but it just doesn't feel right . I feel very uneasy, even though I didn't feel this way when Yao was away the last two times . ”

Xiao Sa also had the same feeling today . Hearing Tang Xi's words, he could not help but take a look at Xiao Jing . Xiao Jing said hesitantly, “Yao is smart and excels in martial arts . He'll be alright…” He then paused before continuing, “Maybe he's still at the airport . Let's call him and ask him to come back?”

Recalling the scene she saw today, Tang Xi smiled and said, “Yao was picked up by a helicopter . ”

Xiao Jing frowned and said, “You mean we can't do anything to stop him?”

Xiao Sa looked worried, too . He took out his cell phone, showed Tang Xi the piece of news he had seen this morning and asked, “Did Yao go to City J because of this?”

Tang Xi read the news and fell into thought for a moment before nodding . “Yes, according to the files in the database, Yao is going to catch Kloss in cooperation with three other countries this time . ”

“Kloss!” Xiao Jing exclaimed loudly . “Are you talking about that internationally wanted man Kloss?”

Tang Xi nodded . “Yes . ”

“That guy is a terrorist, and he's said to be selling drugs, and weapons as well! He isn't…”

Tang Xi said seriously, “That's why I'm so worried!”

Xiao Sa pursed his lips and looked at Tang Xi, asking, “Rourou, since when did you become so good at the computer?”

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 95

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