Peerless Genius System Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: I am a temporary worker.

"Something has happened. Something has happened. Our security guards drove all the reporters into the auditorium and forcibly took away their equipment and mobile phones. They were kept in the auditorium as if they were prisoners."

In Luo Fang's office building, a gossip-loving female employee pa.s.sed on the following information, which was already boiling up in the office hall where reporters were making trouble.

"The people in the security department must have received Boss Xiao's instructions. What is boss Xiao doing?"

"Looking at this situation, I'm afraid they're going to be rough on that group of reporters."

"But such things will only get worse and worse, and the consequences will be unimaginable."

All the people changed color one after another. This is too ridiculous. This is just to confirm what the reporters said. Luo Fang is a bad name and a black company.

Almost at the same time, the ministers headed for Xiao Luo's office, especially Xu Guansong, who ran at the speed of that a 100-meter race. After knocking on Xiaol Luo's office door, a line of people were talking like ancient courtiers talking incessantly to the emperor about advice, which probably meant that the journalists should not be treated like this, otherwise things would only worsen.

"Mr. Xiao, I firmly oppose your practice. It is extreme. They have already given us the t.i.tle of" H Society ".You are undoubtedly putting this t.i.tle into practice."  Xu Guansong was so agitated that his face turned red.

Lin Chong followed: "Although I also think this group of reporters are very hateful, but no matter how hateful they are, we can't be rough with them. I still hope Boss Xiao will think more about it."

Xiao Luo closed his notebook computer, stood up with his hands on his back, and said with a straight face: "Your objection is invalid. If you have any questions about me, I welcome you to submit your resignation at any time!"

Saying that, the only ones left are only a group of blank staring minister.

Taking over Luo Fang, Xiao Luo was thinking from the beginning of creating a wolf's enterprise with a wolf's spirit. In his view the world, one word can be used to describe it, that is "malicious".

No matter it is to oneself or to the enemy, you must be malicious, rather than timid and dare not do anything. He wants to let Luo Fang become a den of wolves, that all dare to pick things and must make people pay the price.

"Xu Fuzong, what shall we do, will we really let Xiao go his own way?"  A man asked Xu Guansong.

Before Xu Guansong could respond, Li Zimeng choked: "Please don't use the phrase "go your own way "because I support Chief Xiao."

"Yes, this group of reporters are cruel. They really treat us Luo Fang like bullies. Sister Zimeng, let's go and see how Boss Xiao will deal with that group of reporters."  Luo Qi said outraged.

Li Zimeng nodded and the two left hand in hand.

The rest looked at Xu Guansong and waited for him to come up with an idea.

Xu Guansong bit his teeth and finally breathed out a deep breath: "Let's go and see."

The senior management of Luo Fang all headed for the auditorium.

At this moment, the auditorium of Luo Fang is full of voices of protest.

"If you forcibly take away our equipment, I will definitely expose your despicable behavior in Luo fang."

"We are being held prisoner. I will report you to the court when I go out!"

"H Social Company, you will definitely be punished."

The loud protest echoed in the large auditorium, but no one dared to put it into practice. Just as a rebel reporter was beaten, his teeth were smashed, and the security guards around him looked like a statue of evil spirits, holding black sticks and staring at them coldly, so that they did not dare to act arbitrarily, but only dared to shout out their protest.

Before fulfilling Xiao Luo's promise, Zhang Dashan did not care about anything and asked nothing. He left this group of reporters in the auditorium. Those who dared to do anything were all deterred. If the deterrence failed, they would fight. Finally, he added, "This is what Xiao Ge said. "


No one spoke to them, and this group of reporters gradually stopped, but they waited for three hours in this auditorium, not only thirsty, but also very hungry.

A female reporter could not bear it any longer. She got up from her seat and ran to the gate of the auditorium. She wanted to leave here.

Feng Ge stretched out his hand and stopped her: "Miss, what are you doing?"

"Move aside, I want to leave here. You have no right to interfere in my personal freedom!"

The female reporter summoned the courage to shout loudly, even though this is the big fellow who just punched one of them.

Feng Ge frowned: "This can't be done, Boss Xiao hasn't come yet, and none of you can leave."

"I don't see him, I want to leave, get out of the way!"  The female reporter gnashed her teeth and shouted.

Feng Ge was called a great evil when he was in the village. Although he did not cheat men and bully women, he could certainly play gangster. He had captured her by hand and showed a strong bandit spirit. "Since Boss Xiao promised to meet you, you have to meet him.  Go back and stay honest, I am only a temporary worker, don't force me to be rough! "

He stepped forward with a cruel look on his face, which scared the female reporter back. Finally, she lost in front of his bandit spirit and returned to hee seat in panic.

"Fart, you deliberately let us wait here, to put it bluntly, we are illegally detained, we can sue you after we go out!"  A male reporter with a beard stood up and shouted at Feng Ge.

"Sue us?"

Feng Ge met with the eyes of Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu immediately walked over and dragged the bearded man from his seat to his front like a dead dog.

"You ... what are you doing?  I am a reporter, what are you doing? "  The bearded man was very nervous.

"Pa ~"

Without further ado, Feng Ge's hand like a cattail leaf and fanned down toward his face. The crisp slap was unusually loud, making the reporters in the auditorium feel thumped and sit tight.

After receiving a slap, Feng Ge seized him by the collar like a rascal and shouted, "I've been told that this boss is a temporary worker. Don't say I'm detaining you, even if I'm abolis.h.i.+ng you, I can walk away and quietly close my mouth, and then stay in my seat and wait for our Chief Xiao."

He pushed aside the bearded man and glanced coldly at the others. "Don't do anything with his grandmother, otherwise you will certainly feel better. If you want to drink water, there will be a drinking fountain in the corner, but if you want to urinate, you have to hold on. Boss Xiao has not arrived yet. Even if the sky is falling, you cannot leave this auditorium."

The last sentence is almost a roar, accompanied by the fierce face of Feng Ge, which is quite powerful.

All the reporters did not dare to say anything more. They knew very well what was going on now. The other side was a saber, and they were afraid just fishes and were waiting to be cut to sus.h.i.+s. Even some female reporters were already trembling with fear.

Peerless Genius System Chapter 141

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