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Chapter 1173 Most Wonderful Mother

“Yes, three. Nan Nan, you’re the most wonderful mother.” Zhai Hua affirmed. “See, you’re now a mother of three. You have two sons and one daughter. You have both son and daughter! San Bao will definitely become the little princess of our family. Da Bao and Er Bao will definitely take good care of and not let anyone bully her.”

It was only a few hours after the children were born, and as the auntie, Zhai Hua had already thought of their pet names.

Three tiny treasures. The treasures of their Zhai family!

“Nan Nan, what do you think about the pet names? Are they good?” Zhai Hua was the auntie. By giving the three children pet names, she seemed to have poked her nose into something that was beyond her ‘scope’.

After speaking out the pet names, Zhai Hua felt guilty. As the mother of the three children, Qiao Nan did not even have the chance to come up with the pet names.

Most likely, the three children’s official names would be given by Old Master Zhai, Zhai Yaohui, and Zhai Sheng.

Looking at the three babies that she had held in her womb for nine months, Qiao Nan did not have the heart to mind why twins had become triplets. She had never been a mother in her previous life. She was so blessed to be able to give birth to three children all at once. Even if the babies did not look good at this moment, Qiao Nan’s heart was as soft as a puddle of water. “The pet names given by Sister Zhai Hua are quite good. Da Bao, Er Bao, San Bao. Sounds pleasant.”

Three children. Together, they could become her auspicious trio.

“Isn’t that so? The names that I gave sound very nice.” Qiao Nan was not angry. Zhai Hua smiled and was no longer worried. She was then very proud of the names that she had given the three children. “Look at the three treasures of our family. They are so good-looking. You are not aware. Now, many people know that you have given birth to triplets and have both son and daughter. Those people’s eyes are red with jealousy!” Their Zhai family was so fortunate and prosperous!

“Yes, their eyes are all red.” It was a happy occasion for Old Master Zhai to have three great-grandchildren. He was glowing with joy. Besides the neighbors, those old friends of his were so angry that they joined forces and boycotted him when they heard the news.

Nowadays, children were very precious. Moreover, due to their ident.i.ty, one family could only have one child. They were lacking in either a son or a little cotton jacket. The country forbade them from having more children. No matter what, they were full of regrets.

The tummy of the Zhai family’s daughter-in-law was too competent. She gave birth to triplets, and there were both son and daughter.

Although the country had a national planning policy to control the number of times one gave birth, they could not control the number of babies in one birth!

The matter had been resolved all at once. How could others not feel jealous? How could it not draw hatred?

Furthermore, Old Master Zhai had three great-grandchildren at one go. Not all of Old Master Zhai’s old friends were great-grandfathers yet. Some did not even have the fourth generation in their family.

They did not even know when the fourth generation would come, yet Old Master Zhai already had three great-grandchildren.

As one could imagine, in his circle of friends, Old Master Zhai immediately became the one who received the most looks of disdain.

If it was in the past, Old Master Zhai would definitely argue and fall out with these people when he received such treatment. The older one was, the more one behaved like a child. As one grew older, their temper also grew worse. They needed people to coax them and were fearless about having arguments.

However, given today’s situation, Old Master Zhai did not mind at all. No matter how badly his old friends rolled their eyes at him or how cold and sarcastic they were, he could endure all those.

He was a big winner in life now, wasn’t he? He not only had grandsons but also a granddaughter. He had a total of three, three!

Old Master Zhai had beautiful thoughts. At first sight, his two great-grandsons looked very strong physically and were good soldier material. His granddaughter resembled her mother. Her brains were extremely smart and would be a top student in the future.

In that case, in terms of both quant.i.ty and quality, the children of their Zhai family far exceeded that of other families.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. When the triplets of their Zhai family went out under the sun, how suave would that be? Those old friends of his would feel so jealous!

“What about the name?” They already had pet names. Hence, Qiao Nan was concerned about the official names. “Do we have to do a birth registration now?” They had to think of the names before they could do so.

“No hurry. Your dad and I will give you the names that we’re most satisfied with tomorrow.” Old Master Zhai looked like he had taken a lot of good wine. His eyes were staring nonstop at the three wrinkled monkeys. Why was it that no matter how he looked, he felt that his family’s offspring were so adorable? All the other children in the entire world were not as good-looking.

“Okay,” Zhai Yaohui replied enthusiastically. He was now a grandfather. Certainly, he had to give his grandchildren excellent names.

Qiao Nan drank some of the soup prepared by the auntie. For the sake of breastfeeding, the soup that the auntie prepared for Qiao Nan was very nutritious but not too oily. It was just that this soup… did not contain any salt.

Although one had not eaten pork, they would have seen a pig running away.

First-time mother Qiao Nan believed that the auntie had her reasons for not putting salt in the soup.

Before she gave birth, perhaps Qiao Nan would have some expectations on the taste of the soup in order to satisfy her craving.

Now, for the sake of her three children, she could gulp the salt-less soup into her tummy no matter how awful it tasted!

“Mom, when did you all come back?” With something in Qiao Nan’s tummy now, she was more clear-minded. “Aren’t Dad and you supposed to come back in another few days? What time is it now?”

“It’s fine. I’m so happy that I’ve finally become a grandmother, so I came back with Old Zhai earlier. Don’t worry. Old Zhai has almost finished his work. There won’t be any problem.” She had seen the grandchildren that she had been yearning for. All of Miao Jing’s fatigue went away, leaving her with boundless energy.

At the thought that her three grandchildren would definitely need to drink a lot of milk, Miao Jing’s eyes lit up. “Nan Nan, don’t worry about anything when you are in the hospital. Mom will take care of any other matters. I will definitely ensure that you have good confinement and make you fair and chubby.” Most importantly, she would ensure that Nan Nan had a lot of breast milk.

If Nan Nan had a lot of breast milk, her three tiny grandchildren would become fair and chubby in the future.

Miao Jing’s ultimate goal was to nourish her grandchildren until they were as beautiful as fluffy doughs. “You went through natural birth. The doctor said that you have to stay in the hospital tonight. Mom will bring the children and you home tomorrow.”

Both Qiao Nan and the children needed to rest. It was not good to have too many people surrounding them.

Fortunately, the three children had been well-nourished in Qiao Nan’s womb. Even the lightest baby weighed two kilograms and did not need to stay in the incubator.

Based on the situation of Qiao Nan and the children, the doctor expressed that they could go home to rest tomorrow.

“Okay.” Qiao Nan nodded obediently. If the doctor had not mentioned that it would be better to stay for the night, Qiao Nan would have wanted to go home immediately.

Nowhere else was better than home, not to mention that Qiao Nan had always disliked the smell of the hospital.

Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 1173 - Most Wonderful Mother

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