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Chapter 1181 Listen to Your Master

Just by releasing this news, the golden reputation of Peking University would s.h.i.+ne even more.

“You… are very good.” All of a sudden, the of Peking University found himself at a loss of words. After enduring for some time, with a face even redder than Qiao Nan’s, he said these four words to Qiao Nan in a very serious manner: You are very good.

It was not just very good. It was excellent. It was more than anyone could ask for!

The felt even happier and more grateful that such a good Qiao Nan was a student of his Peking University and not Tsing Hua University. He was extremely grateful that Qiao Nan had previously filled in Peking University as her choice in the college enrollment application form.

Her father-in-law was the chief. Although her husband was only a regiment commander now, undoubtedly, he would be promoted this year.

Her master was once head of the central government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also an important and prominent figure that the top leaders specially ‘invited’ to return to the capital this year.

Qiao Nan, who was surrounded by glory, was a student of Peking University. She was his student.

Qiao Nan was destined to be an extraordinary individual in the future. After marriage and childbirth, she would not stay at home to take care of her children like other women, who led a quiet life without making a name for themselves.

A few years later, there would be another prominent graduate from Peking University!

“Since Elder Lin is your master, we don’t need to be anxious then. It won’t be wrong to listen more to your master.” She was Elder Lin’s disciple. Qiao Nan was really considered a student from a famous school then.

As Elder Lin’s disciple, once Qiao Nan stepped out into society, the interpersonal network in her hands was something that many could not achieve even after a few lifetimes of hard work.

The more the thought about it, the more astounded he felt. He could not help looking up and down Qiao Nan a few more times. He was thinking… How many lifetimes of good fortune had Qiao Nan acc.u.mulated or which deity’s reincarnation path did she take?

It was the 21st century, and as the of Peking University, he did not believe in such things.

However, Qiao Nan’s situation was really as such. It was rarer than striking the five million yuan prize and more than one a million chance that this would happen.

If not for the fact that past and present lifetimes really existed and Qiao Nan did too many good things in her previous life, why did all the good things go to Qiao Nan in this lifetime?

Knowing the did not take issue, Qiao Nan heaved a sigh of relief. “Don’t worry, I will definitely do so.” Who should she listen to if not her master?

Although she won this opportunity with her grades, no matter what, it was because the school was willing to give her such a favorable turn. So many students were pining and hoping for sponsored overseas studies but to no avail. However, she declined the opportunity.

To many people, she did not know what was good for her by doing this.

Fortunately, her master was famous enough. Hence, even the had to be on his side. Otherwise, she would not be able to provide a good explanation for her current situation. “, I’ll go back first then?”

“Alright, go back first. Right, didn’t you miss out on half the for the semester? If there is anything that you do not understand, you can look for the professors to clarify. Take these study materials home to learn. They will be useful for your studies.” The had intended to gain some favor from the Zhai family. When he knew that Qiao Nan’s master was Elder Lin, he was even more pleased and willing to provide her with learning materials.

When Qiao Nan had become successful and famous in the future, some of the credit would also go to Peking University and him.

The more he thought about it, the more optimistic he felt. Naturally, he was increasingly pleased with Qiao Nan. He felt that Qiao Nan would definitely become one of the students that Peking University would be proud of in the future.

She had received a huge pile of learning materials from the, as well as the scholars.h.i.+p prize and certificate of award. This was an extremely worthwhile trip for Qiao Nan.

When Qiao Nan opened the certificate of award and saw that she had received the same scholars.h.i.+p as she did previously, she understood why the had asked her if she was willing to study abroad.

It was a pity that she might not receive it for the third time. This was because she did not have so much energy.

As such, Qiao Nan resumed her college life after attaining the second school-based first prize scholars.h.i.+p.

During the second semester of Qiao Nan’s first year of college studies, she had already taken over the duties of the vice president of the new English club. Qiao Nan could settle the usual administrative work very quickly by using the computer.

Qiao Nan used the Wubizixing input method[1] She seemed very familiar with this area.

Other people might need to spend more than half an hour to settle the administration work but Qiao Nan only needed to spend slightly more than ten minutes to do so.

At the beginning of the second year of her college studies, she had requested for half a semester’s leave of absence. Hence, someone else took over her duties in the club.

For the sake of recruiting new members, the club would always launch a series of events during the second half of the year to attract potential members to join them.

Undoubtedly, Qiao Nan could not partic.i.p.ate in the events as she only appeared half a semester later.

Many new members joined the club recently. They had even heard of Qiao Nan, this famous and prominent vice president before, but did not have the fate to meet her.

Given such a situation, some people felt unjustified. It was not that no one wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the vice president role of Qiao Nan. On the contrary, there were quite a number of them. However, not many were willing to take the lead to voice this out and bear the brunt of any negative consequences.

When someone was willing to do so, the rest would adopt a wait-and-see att.i.tude.

Needless to say, the new president slammed the opinions of the person who did that.

The events of the new English club this year required sponsors.h.i.+ps. Qiao Nan, this vice president, was the one who a.s.sisted in obtaining the sponsors.h.i.+p.

If anyone disliked Qiao Nan and felt that she was not qualified to be the vice president, fine. They could help the club obtain another new sponsors.h.i.+p then.

If anyone could do that, he would relinquish Qiao Nan from the post of the vice president. At that time, the club members could elect another vice president again.

What did you say?

Anyway, they had already obtained the sponsors.h.i.+p for this year. Why did they have to find another one? Wouldn’t it do if they were to simply fire Qiao Nan?

The president spat. He was a man true to himself. How could he kick someone to the curb when they’d outlived their usefulness?

If one had the shame, he should have some backbones and show that he was more capable than Qiao Nan.

They were benefiting from the sponsors.h.i.+p obtained by Qiao Nan, yet they badmouthed Qiao Nan for holding the role of the vice president. That was so shameless.

The president was also a quick-tempered and forthright person. He gave this person a harsh scolding. That person came with confidence but left like a devastated and dying dog.

With this lesson, no one targeted Qiao Nan, the vice president, who had not appeared for a long time, anymore.

After knowing that the events of the new English club were launched very smoothly, all the work had been completed and did not require her contribution at the moment, Qiao Nan’s worries lessened and she had more time to focus on her studies.

When there were, Qiao Nan would remain in the school. When there were no, Qiao Nan would borrow a pile of books and gather learning materials from various avenues home to learn nonstop.

She had the help of three people at home. Unless the three babies needed to drink milk, the only change was that Qiao Nan’s study venue had been changed from the library to the study room of the Zhai family’s residence.

[1] The Wubizixing input method is a Chinese character input method primarily for inputting Chinese text on an electronic device.

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