Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 449 - The Mighty Miao Jing

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Chapter 449: The Mighty Miao Jing

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“Zhai Sheng, didn’t you just come back from the Qiao family? How’s Nan Nan?” Miao Jing felt a little guilty. She knew that while she slept well last night, Qiao Nan did not.

At the thought of the look on Qiao Nan’s face this morning, Miao Jing even started to suspect if the way she looked when she slept had deteriorated recently. Otherwise, why would Qiao Nan become like that?

When Miao Jing mentioned Qiao Nan, Zhai Yaohui gave Zhai Sheng a glance. He was very displeased. This lad was keeping it from Miao Miao because of Qiao Nan.

Zhai Sheng ignored the interrogative eyes of Zhai Yaohui. “Quite good. Uncle Qiao knows how to take care of Nan Nan well. He even prepared soup for Nan Nan. Nan Nan is studying in senior high school now and the stress level is high. The good thing is that Uncle Qiao is very attentive. With Uncle Qiao taking care of her, there shouldn’t be any major problems.”

Most importantly, Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi were not in Ping Cheng. This greatly reduced Nan Nan’s stress among other factors. She was not only more relaxed but was also in a much better state than before.”

Miao Jing smiled. “That’s good.”

Zhai Yaohui frowned. Three vertical lines appeared on his forehead. Miao Miao was too simple and honest. She had no idea that she was kept in the dark by these two kids, Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan.

As if he had guessed Zhai Yaohui’s thoughts, Zhai Sheng threw him a glance and hinted at Zhai Yaohui not to kick him to the curb after he had outlived his usefulness. Zhai Yaohui snorted coldly and retracted his gaze. If the person that he had promised was Zhai Sheng, there would not be any problem.

However, he had an agreement with Qiao Nan. As the chief of the army, how could he not keep to his words and lie to a young lady?

Zhai Yaohui flipped the newspaper that he did not manage to read at all. “Miao Miao, I’m meeting Qiu Qin tomorrow. Are you coming with me?”

“It’s not good for me to go. It won’t be nice if I disturb Qi Minlan and you from reminiscing about the past.” It was another meeting with the Qiu family. Of course, she would not go!

In the future, as long as Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan were present, she would not join in the fun. Since she could not afford to provoke them, she would just avoid them.

This time, after Miao Jing sorted out her thoughts, she particularly detested Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi. Even Qiu Qin was affected.

In actual fact, ever since Miao Jing sorted out her thoughts, she did not understand why Qiu Qin did not seem to have any feelings in regard to the relations.h.i.+p between Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan. As a woman, she did not feel at ease and was extremely unhappy about it. However, Qiu Qin was even willing to marry his daughter to Zhai Sheng. Was he still considered a man?

“Qi Minlan won’t be going. It’ll just be Qiu Qin and me tomorrow.” It was rare that Zhai Yaohui was patiently explaining this to Miao Jing.

Miao Jing hesitated for a while. “What do you wish to talk to Qiu Qin about? Qi Minlan will not be there, yet you want me to go along?”

“Since none of you are willing to, then let’s forget about the matter between Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi. However, the two families have been talking about this for years. Even if it’s not going to happen, we should formally discuss this with the other family to express our apologies. It’s not good to hold back Qiu Chenxi.”

Zhai Yaohui was accustomed to having a proper closure in everything. Even if the matter did not work out eventually, they should formally inform the other party and not leave any doubts or areas of uncertainty.

If the Qiu family misunderstood their intentions and Qiu Chenxi did not find another boyfriend, they would be holding her back during her prime years. That would not be good.

It was not an issue if they did not become in-laws, but they should not become enemies.

Miao Jing lifted her face and looked at Zhai Yaohui in disbelief. “You… Have you really decided?” After talking to Qiu Qin, then Zhai Sheng really did not need to marry Qiu Chenxi anymore.

“Yes.” Having been through many difficulties to regain Miao Jing’s attention, Zhai Yaohui became more relaxed and changed his seating posture. He even straightened his back as if he was a child on his first day at school who was trying to leave a good impression on the teacher.

“If you’re really certain and won’t have any regrets, let’s settle this matter, then. However, you only asked to meet Qiu Qin. It’s not appropriate for me to be present as well. Qiu Qin may feel awkward with too many people around. That won’t be nice.” No matter what, this was a rejection of marriage.

“Alright, then I’ll go alone tomorrow.”

“Mom, you’re so powerful!” Zhai Hua gave Miao Jing a thumbs-up. This was totally unexpected. Her father liked Qiu Chenxi so much and simply treated her like his own daughter. In the end, her father actually changed his mind because of her mother and discarded the idea of letting Zhai Sheng marry Qiu Chenxi.

Actually, her mother had a very important place in her father’s heart. Why couldn’t she tell?

During the weekend, Qi Minlan looked into the mirror as she applied facial products on her face. Although the products were branded and expensive, there was not a single expression of happiness on her face.

Qiu Qin was dressed in his jacket and coat. He picked up his car keys and was prepared to go downstairs.

Qi Minlan knitted her brows. “It’s so early in the morning and you’re going out in your car. Where are you going? Are you not having breakfast first?”

Qiu Qin was aware that Qi Minlan had been throwing a fit for two days. When he thought about the happy and glorious look on Qi Minlan’s face each time she returned from the house of the Zhai family in the past, Qiu Qin actually felt quite pleased to see the hurtful expression on Qi Minlan’s face when she came back on this occasion. “No, I have a meeting with someone to discuss something.”

“Man or woman?” Qi Minlan could meet Zhai Yaohui in private, but she would definitely not allow Qiu Qin to be on close terms with any woman.

“Man.” Moreover, it was someone that Qi Minlan knew and wished to meet.

“Fine, go ahead. Don’t forget to go to work. My parents are back this morning. They want to come by to discuss the marriage between Chenxi and Zhai Sheng. We can’t delay this matter any longer. Even if we can’t do it now, no matter what, we should ask Zhai Sheng to register and file the marriage report to confirm the marriage.”

To a soldier, once they had gone through this procedure, Chenxi would already be considered as Zhai Sheng’s wife although there was no formal marriage certificate. She would be the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family and the wife of the future chief.

Qiu Qin laughed. “What’s the matter? When you met Zhai Yaohui in the camp last time, did he already tell you when Zhai Sheng and Chenxi will be engaged?” If that was the case, why would Zhai Yaohui request to meet him today?

“No, he didn’t.” After applying the hand cream on her hand, Qi Minlan finished off and smiled at herself in the mirror. “However, Brother Zhai has treated me very well since young. He always keeps his promise. As he has said he’ll let Chenxi marry Zhai Sheng, then no one in the Zhai family can oppose him.”

Many years ago, she was clearly the one who knew Brother Zhai first and he had said that he would marry her.

If Old Master Zhai had not been saved by Miao Jing’s father, and if he had not insisted Brother Zhai to marry Miao Jing to repay the kindness, Miao Jing would still be planting vegetables in the village.

In the past, she was definitely the one that Brother Zhai liked but he married Miao Jing because of Old Master Zhai. They even had Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua. Now, Zhai Sheng certainly had no choice but to listen to Brother Zhai to marry Chenxi and not another woman.

“Really? Then, I wish both of you mother and daughter all the best in your dreams.” Taking the car keys, Qiu Qin left without even looking back.

The sweeter Qi Minlan’s tone was when she mentioned Zhai Yaohui, the colder Qiu Qin’s expression and eyes looked.

She was married to him for more than twenty years, yet she was always so sn.o.bbish and arrogant when she faced him!

Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 449 - The Mighty Miao Jing

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