Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 456 - Did You Regret It?

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Chapter 456: Did You Regret It?

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Don’t tell her that her mom did this purely because she shunned Qiao Nan’s poor family background and preferred the rich to the poor?

Zhai Hua was taught by Old Master Zhai to be truthful and honest. She could not accept such things the most.

Furthermore, Zhai Hua was clearly aware of her own mother’s background. In terms of family status, her mother was worse than Qiao Nan. Didn’t her mother become the wife of the chief? Why could her mother do that and not Qiao Nan?

If Zhai Sheng had not forbidden her from doing so, she would have questioned Miao Jing and clarified why her mother was so contradictory and strange. It was too unacceptable!

What exactly was her mother thinking of!

Zhai Hua’s worried mind was in a knot because of this matter.

“I don’t like that person either, but your dad was happy to do so. Did I have a choice?” Miao Jing expressed that she would not bear the blame for this. All the while, Zhai Yaohui was the one who wanted Qiu Chenxi to be married to Zhai Sheng. If Zhai Yaohui had not adopted this att.i.tude, would she have agreed?

The mother-daughter pair unanimously boycotted Zhai Yaohui. This made Zhai Yaohui’s face turn black. “We’re now at someone’s house.” They should not speak about everything in front of outsiders. Wouldn’t that be ugly and shameful? They were not fearful of being a laughingstock!

Zhai Sheng looked like he was deep in thought as he glanced at Qiao Nan. He then stood up. “Dad, Mom, I’ll send you back. It’s almost time for Qiao Nan to go to school. It’s not convenient for us to stay here.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Nan Nan, please don’t be late.” At the sight of the time, around four o’clock, Miao Jing quickly stood up.

“Don’t.” Zhai Hua smiled as if she was implying something. “Qiu Chenxi was so crazy today. We’ve all seen that. The matter between Zhai Sheng and her fell through but this concerns only our two families. Yet, she actually came to create trouble for Nan Nan and wanted to settle scores with her. She’s too unreasonable. Judging from what happened just now, who knows if Qiu Chenxi will come back and kick up another fuss? Why don’t we do this? Zhai Sheng, pa.s.s me the car keys. I’ll drive Dad and Mom home. You might as well send Nan Nan to school. No matter how unreasonable Qiu Chenxi is, it won’t be that easy for her to enter Ping Cheng High School.”

“Should we do this?” Miao Jing hesitated for a while.

Zhai Yaohui glared at Zhai Hua, who seemingly wanted the show to carry on. “You’ve thought of it so thoroughly. Why don’t we do this? Zhai Sheng sends us back while you send Qiao Nan, in case there’s a misunderstanding when others see them.”

So, his daughter already knew about Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan. Only Miao Miao and he were kept in the dark.

“That won’t do.” Zhai Hua declined. “I just came back after completing a mission and my body feels very weak. I need to have a good rest. What if Qiu Chenxi comes and creates a fuss again? I may not be able to stop her. Hence, Zhai Sheng is more reliable.”

Anyway, she felt that Nan Nan was quite good. She was more than a hundred times better than Qiu Chenxi.

If her father could accept Qiu Chenxi, why couldn’t he accept Qiao Nan?

Today, she would help Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan in the same way that her father brought Qiu Chenxi and Zhai Sheng together in the past!

Zhai Yaohui’s face turned black with fury. The daughters of other families were akin to a warm cotton jacket of their parents, but her daughter was born to anger him!

“Mom, what do you say?” Would Zhai Hua be afraid of that glare of Zhai Yaohui? Even if she did, she would not show it in front of others. Moreover, Miao Jing was on her side.

After thinking, Miao Jing said, “What Hua Hua said makes sense. Zhai Sheng, you’ll send Nan Nan to school. Your sister will send your dad and me home.”

“Alright.” Zhai Sheng looked at Zhai Hua with grat.i.tude.

Zhai Hua raised her eyebrows as if to say, ‘Don’t be anxious to thank me. Next time, remember to help me when I have a problem.’

“Mom, it’s late. Let’s go back.” Taking the car keys from Zhai Sheng’s hands, Zhai Hua brought the aware Zhai Yaohui and the clueless Miao Jing away and left Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng alone.

Zhai Sheng’s face turned sullen slightly. Without a word, he entered Qiao Nan’s bedroom and took Qiao Nan’s schoolbag. “Have you packed all your stuff? Did you miss out anything?”


“Then, let’s go, in case your dad hears anything when he comes back.”

“Oh.” Qiao Nan shrank her neck. Was Brother Zhai angry because he heard something?

“Why did you say that to my mom?” True enough, while they were walking along the quiet road, Zhai Sheng asked in a sullen tone. “Did you know what it means when you say that?”

Qiao Nan mustered her courage as she lifted her head and looked at Zhai Sheng in the eye. “I knew. It means it will be a few more years until we could be together.”

“Are you sure?” That it was just marrying a few years later and not giving up their relations.h.i.+p?

“I’m certain!” She did not wish to hurt Auntie Miao, but this did not mean she would hurt herself. “Brother Zhai, you must have confidence in me. Besides the matter regarding Auntie Miao, I have not done anything that would make you misunderstand me. Moreover, I’ve discussed the issue about Auntie Miao with you long ago. In the past, I’ve already told you that unless Auntie Miao is willing to accept me, it’s impossible between the two of us. But now, at the very least, I will definitely work hard together with you until Auntie Miao can accept me.”

“Isn’t it just getting married and getting on with life? Why is it so troublesome?” This was a hundred times more troublesome than all the missions he had completed thus far.

He remembered that he spent about three months to carry out his most difficult mission. However, the problem between Qiao Nan and him might not even be able to be resolved in three years, let alone three months.

Qiao Nan’s heart trembled. She said in both a serious and joking manner, “Yes, it’s so troublesome between us. It may be even more so in the future. Brother Zhai, are you regretting it now? Do you wish to find someone who’s easier for you to marry?”

Zhai Sheng paused in his steps and looked at Qiao Nan seriously. “A soldier does not run away from problems. No matter how difficult the problem before me is, I will also take out my greatest courage and energy to overcome this tall mountain of a hurdle! Nan Nan, do you regret it?”

After all, he was the one who took the initiative right from the start. Nan Nan was more pa.s.sive and had more concerns than him.

“If I regretted it, why would I tell Auntie Miao that today?” Qiao Nan felt relieved. In the beginning, she was the pa.s.sive one in the relations.h.i.+p, but she was fully committed to it. “Brother Zhai, actually, you don’t know. I’ve never felt confident in front of you. Your family background is better than mine. As an individual, you’re also capable. And taking into consideration Auntie Miao’s feelings, you can find someone better without me. But without you, it’s not possible for me to find someone that I like so much.”

Zhai Sheng grabbed Qiao Nan’s hand and held it tightly. “To me, only you’re the best.” So, this was the reason Nan Nan was uneasy?

“Nan Nan, I’ve always thought that you’re young and don’t know much about relations.h.i.+ps.” He was older and already knew what he wanted. Hence, he took advantage of the situation by taking action first.

Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 456 - Did You Regret It?

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