Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 458 - Escape from the Mouth of the ‘Wolf’

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Chapter 458: Escape from the Mouth of the ‘Wolf’

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The sullen voice of Zhai Sheng could be heard. “If I’m not calm, do you think you’ll still be able to stand here without any scathe? Let me relax.”

“Relax! You have to relax!” Qiao Nan was so scared that she dared not move. Her stiff body maintained the same position until half of it turned numb.

Finally, Zhai Sheng took a deep breath in Qiao Nan’s shoulders. He then stood up and slowly separated himself from Qiao Nan. He also helped Qiao Nan smoothened her slightly wrinkled clothes. “Alright, I’ll send you to school.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Ah, she had escaped from the mouth of the ‘wolf’.

Zhai Sheng really knew how to control himself. It was only when Qiao Nan reached the school safely that she heaved a huge sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was Brother Zhai today. She dared not think otherwise.

“Nan Nan, why are you standing there in a daze? Not going to the cla.s.sroom?” Zheng Lingling happened to arrive at the school at this time.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was thinking of a question.” Qiao Nan felt guilty and quickly used studies as an excuse.

“Nan Nan, you’re already very conscientious in your studies. Give us a break.” Did Nan Nan need to be so diligent and think about the solution to a problem even when she was on the road?

Fortunately, her parents were not aware of this. Otherwise, they would definitely use this point as an example and asked her to learn from Nan Nan. Not any typical person could pick up such a learning att.i.tude from Nan Nan.

“Nan Nan, why is your mouth swollen? Did you eat spicy food again when you went home this time?” As guessed by Zhai Sheng, with how Qiao Nan looked, any sharp-eyed person would be able to notice that. However, Zhai Sheng did not expect that the people who knew Qiao Nan were not curious about Qiao Nan’s odd look. They even thought that it’s normal. “Nan Nan, you love spicy food so much. This always happens each time you go home. Yet, you don’t have any pimples growing on your face despite eating so much spicy food. Heaven is too unfair!”

Zheng Lingling already wished to strangle Qiao Nan. This was because she belonged to the category of people that would easily get pimples after taking spicy food.

“My dad and I have been liberated,” Qiao Nan replied guiltily.

“You and your dad are so pitiful.” Zheng Lingling knew a little about the situation of the Qiao family. She also heard that Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin went somewhere else and were not in Ping Cheng. Qiao Nan and her father who loved spicy food had endured so many years of not having them because of Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin. At the thought that they became so crazy about it after being liberated, Zheng Lingling did not know what to say as well.

As a family, it was so painful to have to live their lives in this way.

“One needs to be forward-looking and should not always live in the past. At the very least, my dad and I are doing fine now. We can eat spicy food whenever we wish to now, no matter how spicy the food is.” Qiao Nan smiled.

When Qiao Nan was not at home, although Qiao Dongliang would not shortchange himself, he also did not bother to prepare any exquisite or complicated dishes. It was enough that he could have a simple and full meal. Nevertheless, when Qiao Nan was home, Qiao Dongliang would always prepare many dishes according to both of their dietary preferences. Of course, all these dishes would be spicy. It was to the point of having no kick without any spice.

The way the father-daughter pair ate was as if they had endured more than a decade of non-spicy diet and had to make up for the loss in the shortest time possible.

Fortunately, Qiao Dongliang’s and Qiao Nan’s bodies were healthy enough not to encounter any problems with such a diet. There was no symptom of constipation. On the contrary, Qiao Nan’s skin became better than before.

“That’s true. A good life is awaiting you and your dad.” Zheng Lingling agreed. Qiao Nan was so strong in her studies. Although not every college graduate would be able to land a good job in the future, Zheng Lingling felt that while others might not, Qiao Nan would definitely be able to do so.

As long as Nan Nan was successful in her own right, all the other things did not matter.

Besides, judging from her observation, Nan Nan and her father were not muddleheaded. Most likely, they would not be bullied by others again.

“Ah, right. I have something to tell you. You decide for yourself whether to go.”

“What do you mean by whether to go?” Qiao Nan, who was walking toward the cla.s.sroom, was pulled back by Zheng Lingling.

“I forgot about it suddenly as I rarely see you being so distracted. When I entered the school, do you know who I saw?” Zheng Lingling smiled in a mysterious manner.

“My dear secretary, can you not play this trick with me? What’s there to guess? How will I be able to guess it?” Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. She hated the game of ‘guessing’. The scope was too wide and the target was fuzzy. What was there to guess?

“Chen Jun. That senior who came to our school before last year. Do you have any impression? I remember that Xu Tingting liked him so much. He’s at the school entrance. He initially wanted to come in but was held back by the security guard.” Since Qiao Nan’s mother came to the school, the security guard kept a tighter watch than before. People who were not from their school were definitely not allowed entry. They would only ask them to leave. “He seemed to remember me and asked me to pa.s.s a message to you. He’s waiting for you at the entrance. Do you want to go and meet him?”

“No.” Upon hearing that it was Chen Jun, Qiao Nan’s expression changed slightly and she immediately declined. “I don’t even know him, and neither do I know him well. Did he tell you why he is looking for me? I’m not going to see him.” The w.a.n.g family was already in trouble. Most likely, w.a.n.g Yang could not be bothered about the matter of the Chen family now.

Since that was the case, she did not mean anything to Chen Jun anymore. Why did Chen Jun still look for her?

“Are you really not going to see him?” Zheng Lingling was a little surprised. “Nan Nan, seriously, you don’t care about anything else besides your studies. Don’t forget that you’re a lady.” Which lady did not like suave guys? Even if they would not be together, it would be good to admire and glance at them a few times.

She was one example. When Chen Jun called her just now, she took the chance to take a few more glances at him. Chen Jun was so good-looking.

If what Xu Tingting had found out was real, then Chen Jun was really someone good-looking with good family background. Who would not want to take a few glances at such a good man? Nan Nan was simply the wonderful and extinct one amongst the ladies.

In the face of Zheng Lingling’s doubt and puzzlement, Qiao Nan proudly lifted her chin. Zheng Lingling felt that Chen Jun was a rare commodity and a good man because they had not seen the world. Chen Jun could not be compared to Brother Zhai at all.

In front of a s.h.i.+ny and bright pearl such as Brother Zhai, it would be strange if she was willing to take a few more glances at Chen Jun, this piece of fish eye.

“Chen Jun is still waiting at the school entrance. What should we so?” Zheng Lingling was stunned.

“You promised Chen Jun to pa.s.s the message. Then, I’ll have to trouble our dear secretary to make a trip to tell him that I’m not available to see him.” Qiao Nan patted Zheng Lingling’s shoulders. “You’re a cla.s.s committee member. It’s your responsibility to share the worries and resolve the problems for your cla.s.smates. I look up to you.”

“Don’t kid with me. Take it that I owe you this.” Zheng Lingling ground her teeth. She could only make the trip for Qiao Nan’s sake.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Lingling was back after a short while. She even pa.s.sed Qiao Nan a slip of note. “This was given to you by Chen Jun. He said that you will definitely go and see him after you read this. What is written in the note?”

Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 458 - Escape from the Mouth of the ‘Wolf’

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