If We Cannot Grow Old Together Chapter 5: I Have Something To Tell You

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Proofreader: Zhou Zhijie

Just for the sake of these simple words, Mu Ziyou has been waiting for Li Qiaosheng till 11 o’clock P.M.

When her eyes lids become heavy with sleep, she hears a burst of messy footsteps outside. And then the unlatched door is pushed open heavily and in comes Li Qiaosheng.

“He must have had some enjoyable time with Xia Wanyan before he came back...” thought Mu Ziyou bitterly. Just then she notices the strong smell of alcohol on him.

Mu Ziyou feels sick but after uttering a brief sigh, she still gets up and intends to make some soup to dispel the effects of alcohol for him in the kitchen.

Before she gets out of the door, Li Qiaosheng stretches out a hand and pulls her back to his bosom. He lowers his head and gives her an evil but charming smile, “You ought to pay off the debt tonight!”

“No, Qiaosehng. I’m not feeling well now.”

“Why? If you don’t want to do that, pay off all the money you owe me right now!” The man interrupts her sharply.

Mu Ziyou stares at him surprisingly. “When did I owe you money?”

“Aha, have you already forgotten about the naked loan? Do you think you can swipe my card for free? Do you think... you can pay it back?” Li Qiaosheng breathes heavily. While approaching Mu Ziyou step by step, he begins to undo his belt...

“Do you want to have s.e.x with me or not?” His face wears complicated expressions. “Didn’t you still pretend to love me? Then why don’t you want to have s.e.x with me?”

As listening to the insulting words, she suddenly covers her eyes and bursts into tears.

Yes... She loves him...

It is just because she loves him that she seems to have completely forgotten what she herself was like before.

After crying for a while, she suddenly thinks of something and takes hold of the man’s hand while saying in a hurry: “I have something to tell you. It’s about Xia Wanyan...”

“Do you want to tell me that it wasn’t you who caused her to fall off the building so that you don’t need to give her your blood?”

“Qiaosheng, I am not cheating you.”

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“You would rather sell blood so as to pay off the debt, or even pour your blood into the toilet rather than give it to Wanyan?”

Mu Ziyou is refuted speechless, but Qiaosheng hasn’t finished.

“And do you want to tell me that the naked loan is framed by Xia Wanyan? Do you want to tell me that you didn’t go to get a loan at all because Qin Yang is willing to offer your wh.o.r.e mother medical treatment for free?”

Noticing her silence, Li Qiaoshengonly thinks that she has acknowledged everything. His cold smile crawls to the corners of his mouth, “Mu Ziyou, stop pretending to be poor. Even if it wasn’t you who rendered Wanyan like this, you must give her your blood! Hum, the only thing to blame is your rare Rh-negative blood type which is the same as hers.”

“But she has no anaemic symptom at all. Would you believe me just this time? You can get the truth from her medical report!” Mu Ziyou feels cold at the bottom of her heart, but she cannot reconcile herself to keeping the truth unknown to Li Qiaosheng.

But Li Qiaosheng says with a sneer, “So you mean that Wanyan even deliberately faked the symptoms of anaemia?”

“Yes! Brother Qin Yang saw Xia Wanyan’s medical report which says there is nothing wrong with her!” Mu Ziyou almost makes an oath gesture.

A moment of hesitation has flashed through the man’s expression. But on hearing “Brother Qin Yang”, so intimate an addressing term, he suddenly turns his face extremely cold and impatient!

He doesn’t want to listen to any of her nonsense any more. He pushes Mu Ziyou hard to the floor. While looking down at her he asks for another time, “But, I just want to know... whether you want to have s.e.x with me... or not ... now!”

“Qiaosheng, I…”

“Kneel down, or I’ll throw you and your b.i.t.c.h mother out of the hospital tomorrow!” The man says these words indifferently. Knowing that he’s got Mu Ziyou’s fatal weakness, he smiles in a brutal way.

Biting at her lips, Mu Ziyou thinks of the money for her mother’s medical fee and the words said by Qiaosheng’s father before his death...

Perhaps her action is really too slow, or Li Qiaosheng is too impatient to wait. He takes the woman’s chin between his fingers. With a little force, he has her mouth opened and thrusts himself into it mercilessly. On thinking of the scene when she and Qin Yang were intimately together, he pushes himself ruthlessly deep down her throat, again and again!

After this, he goes directly into the bathroom without even a glance at Mu Ziyou who is left throwing up everything from her stomach into the trash can...

If We Cannot Grow Old Together Chapter 5: I Have Something To Tell You

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