Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 1008 Evolved Zergs

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Aye? Molding snowmen? This is a good idea!

Hong Dali nodded furiously. "Okay, okay. We'll make snowmen!"

"Hehe," Tang Muxin giggled and said enthusiastically, "This is my newly attained ability. I'm going to begin!"

Swoosh swoosh swoos.h.!.+

As soon as Tang Muxin waved, a ball of snow about half a meter in diameter appeared on the coffee table. That snow block was extremely white and felt good to touch.

"This is fun!" Hong Dali liked fun things the most. He stretched out his hands and started to knead it. "En, en. I'll mold the head first. Aiya, it should look fiercer. It's a Zerg, after all. It should look scary even if it's not powerful enough! Then, the body, legs, tail, some spikes on the body. Anyway, it should look fierce and domineering. Some carapace or something…"

Oddly, Hong Dali's awful drawing aside, he was rather talented in molding figures. Moreover, Tang Muxin's s...o...b..a.l.l.s had its own consciousness. It shaped itself according to what Hong Dali said.

As a result, it did not take long for the first Zerg to appear!

It was a Zerg that looked like a dog and a wolf at the same time. Of course, this was just an approximate. On its back was two sharp steel thorns, its body covered with armor, the limbs were similar to insects, its head looked like a rhino beetle, long tail with its end forked. In addition to a giant pair of wings, it looked really powerful.

"You don't say, it actually looks not bad." Ji Zining appeared satisfied. "This rascal is quite talented. What does this Zerg do? Set it up and communicate with the Golden Emperor Beetle. The ordinary Zergs will evolve to look like this—note that the most important thing is its functions and how it attacks. That's the purpose of its appearance."

"This, let's call it a Zergling." Hong Dali grinned as he gave it such a hillbilly name. "This is for close combat. One ordinary Zerg can evolve to become two Zerlings. Its purpose is to be a decoy. It's the lowest of its kind."

"This prodigal," Ji Zining pouted. "What's the use of such a lowly Zerg? Is it going to fight land battles…"

"Don't be anxious. Let's do it one by one." Hong Dali closed his eyes and began to communicate with the Golden Emperor Beetle. Soon, he got a response and the Golden Emperor Beetle began to separate some ordinary Zergs out to evolve to Zerglings—about two billion of them.

"Next." Hong Dali chuckled. "Next, Hydralisk!"

Universe, in the star field around the New Earth.

Countless Zergs began to search for asteroids that they could land on. These were ordinary Zergs. Once they found an asteroid and landed, they would transform into pupae and wrap themselves up.

For a while, the asteroids surrounding the New Earth were densely packed with ordinary Zerg pupae. The scene made one's hair stand.

The smaller pupae were three to five meters tall. The bigger ones were more than twenty meters tall. The latter was made up of several ordinary Zergs. When their evolution was completed, they would become horrifying killing weapons!

And these were just ordinary Zergs.

The most critical thing on the Zergs' evolution was the different types of hives Hong Dali had designed. Each hive had its own unique purpose!

Especially the main hive, which was the most important thing in the evolution of Zergs.

As long as the main hive existed, they could collect all the resources on the planet and continue to evolve to different Zergs in ma.s.s numbers!

Speaking of which, Hong Dali's favorite game in the world he came from was "StarCraft". The different types of Zergs now were designed based on this game!

"Speaking of which," Ji Zining looked at the dozens of types of Zerg nests designed by Hong Dali and couldn't help but sigh. "Although you look like a useless fool most of the time, your imagination is really good…"

In s.p.a.ce, about 200 million kilometers away from the New Earth.

The mighty star fleet was heading towards the New Earth.

The fleet belonged to the High n.o.bles! 300 Fifth-Order Stellar-level s.p.a.ce carriers! Such a large number of s.p.a.ce carriers, even Beta Planet where the Galaxy Aristocrats were at could be easily destroyed, not to mention New Earth.

"We are approaching close to the New Earth." The silver-haired man looked at the holographically projected s.p.a.ce and smiled. "Every time we make long-distance travel, I can feel how vast s.p.a.ce is. Humans are really tiny in a place like s.p.a.ce…"

"Quit being so," Top Operative Ai'er said condescendingly. "You must have experienced this at least eight to ten times, but you are still so emotional each time. Aye, did you get wrongly reincarnated as a man?"

"There's no talking about romance with a tough woman like you." The silver-haired man was depressed. "Alright, alright. I'll stop looking, okay? Ai'er, look at the New Earth. Although we have an absolute advantage in strength, it's better to be careful. Otherwise, it won't be fun if we get caught off-guard."

The others nodded their heads.

Although they had an advantage over the situation, in history, there were often times when the weak turned the tables around to defeat the strong. Of course, that did not mean the weak could easily win. It would be no surprise if the weak folded the strong's plans.

Hence, one could ever be too careful.

"Alright, let me take a look." Ai'er closed her eyes instantly. Her ability was the Eye Soul Stone! The ability of the Eye Soul Stone was to feel the light in the area, thus seeing what was happening in the area.

After all, we all knew that everything in the field of vision was reflected by light. Hence, as long as we could "see" the light in the target area, we would be able to see everything that was happening in the area.

"Eh? My G.o.d!" Ai Er took a second look. Previously calm and unhurried, she suddenly screamed. "Impossible?! New Earth, what kind of place is this?! How could such a thing appear?!"

Hearing her screams, everyone got curious.

"Ai'er, what did you see? Why are you so shocked?" The silver-haired man frowned and said, "It's just a b.u.mpkin planet. What kind of fleet could they have that can go against ours?"

"Not a fleet. If it was a fleet, I wouldn't be so shocked!" Ai'er said in a low voice. "All around the New Earth are swarms of Zergs! These Zergs are coc.o.o.ning. It looks like they're evolving!"

Hearing that, the other Top Operatives were instantly stunned.

There were large swarms of Zergs all around the New Earth And they were evolving?! How was this possible?! Why would the Zergs appear here? And they were evolving? Zergs were evolving?!

"It can't be?!" The silver-haired man was really shocked. "You said that there are Zergs evolving around the New Earth? Doesn't that mean…" He thought carefully for a while then yelled. "Quick look, is the Golden Emperor Beetle around?! If it is, it won't be easy for us!"

Golden Emperor Beetle, the highest bloodline among Zergs! If the Zergs began to evolve into different forms, there could only be one explanation.

The Golden Emperor Beetle had appeared. And it had fused with a human!

In history, every appearance of the Golden Emperor Beetle was equivalent to a disaster for human beings! Absolute disaster!

This thing was humongous, and the most crucial thing was that it ate everything! When it ate, it did not digest food like humans or other animals. Food was broken down directly through a special method in its body.

That meant that the Golden Emperor Beetle could eat anything in the universe!

Fifth-Order Stellar-level s.p.a.ce carriers? So what? It would eat it up!

"Let me look for it!" This time, Ai'er got serious as well. She looked carefully and then frowned. "It's weird. I don't see any trace of the Golden Emperor Beetle. But around the New Earth…"

She looked for a while again, then suddenly screamed. "G.o.d! King Zergs! There are actually over sixty King Zergs! Over sixty King Zergs!"

"What?!" This time, the silver-haired man and the others all stood up in shock!

King Zergs! King Zergs had the strength to contend against Stellar-level s.p.a.ce Carriers! It was okay if there were just one or two. Ai'er actually said there were over sixty King Zergs?!

How could there be such a large number?! How could that be?!

"Observe carefully!" The silver-haired man commanded the fleet looking extremely serious. "Stop moving forward! Stand-by and wait for my orders!"

Immediately, his order was pa.s.sed on by the heralds on the fleet. Soon, a booming sound was heard and all 300 Fifth-Order Stellar-level s.p.a.ce carriers stopped.

"Observe carefully!" The silver-haired man frowned. "What kind of secret is this New Earth hiding? Golden Emperor Beetle, more than sixty King Zergs. And killing three Top Operatives within seconds. Does that mean…"

"Hong Dali should be the Star Knight that fused with the Golden Emperor Beetle." A wolf with long, red hair beside said in a deep voice, "I was thinking, how could this Hong Dali have the ability to kill three Top Operatives within seconds. Now, it seems that he should be the Star Knight. To be honest, I've thought of countless possibilities, but I never thought that this would be the case."

"Star Knight!" The silver-haired man narrowed his eyes. "A Star Knight who killed Top Operatives. We cannot spare this person's life!"

He was right. In the history of the universe, several Star Knights had appeared before. One would appear every ten thousand years or so. In the process of fusing with the Golden Emperor Beetle, the Star Knight would slowly be a.s.similated by its murderous aura. In the beginning, they would still have consciousness. But slowly, they could become a killing machine!

Every time they fought the Star Knight, it would result in heavy losses for humanity.

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 1008 Evolved Zergs

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