Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 1069 Divine College

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As everyone got ready to board the car, a guard announced loudly. "The Old Madam has arrived!"

Hong Family's Old Madam Hua Yueling came personally?! In an instant, all members of the Hong Family bowed respectfully. "Our greetings? Old Madam."

"En, okay." Hua Yueling nodded slightly and approached Hong Dali. "Dali ah, you're going to school. Are you nervous?"

"I'm okay." Hong Dali smiled. "I'll know when I get there."

The other members were b.u.mmed out—when they went to school, it was their parents who sent them. For Hong Dali, Old Madam was actually sending him off personally. The difference was too glaring. It was a little unbearable…

Hence, everyone boarded the car and left.

The journey from the Hong Family to the Divine College was a 15-minute journey. Li Yang and the others were busy familiarizing themselves with the route and surroundings. Later, they would get themselves a luxury ride!

Soon, the car stopped.

When they alighted, even with Hong Dali's experience, he was shocked when he saw the gates of the Divine College.

It was a giant stone structure over 300 meters tall. The horizontal huge stone across the gates wrote: "Shenglong Royal Family Divine College" in dazzling gold.

At a place like Shenglong Star where structures were made mostly of wood, a door made of stone was unexpected.

And right next to the gate, countless students went through the door. At that moment, Hong Dali found the feeling of going back to school—not bad.

"Alright, we're here." Old Madam pulled Hong Dali and walked straight in.

The Divine College looked like Professor X's school in the "X-Men", a show that Hong Dali watched on Earth previously. Almost all the students had. Of course, there were some that did not have abilities yet. Those belonged to the talented bunch who had yet to fuse with a Soul Stone.

Everything was not bad. But Hong Dali was soon shocked.

Two students were tied to a tree right beside the road. The students walking past kept pointing and laughing at them. "Quick, look. Another two idiots messed with Big Sister. It's bound to be a tragedy!""Isn't that so, this is considered minor. If killing was not prohibited within college grounds, they would probably be cut up into seventeen eighteen pieces.""It's hard to say. They could also be cut into twenty-seven or -eight pieces…"

d.a.m.n, there's a Big Sister in this college as well? So terrifying?!

Hong Dali shuddered. What kind of character would be able to become a Big Sister in a college like this? Even Hua Xiangyu shuddered. She pulled Hong Dali and whispered, "Big Brother Dali, you must be careful. There are many such powerful people in this college. You must be careful."

En, must be careful, must be very careful…

Soon, they arrived at a road junction. Hua Yueling instructed Hua Xiangyu. "Yu'er ah, bring Xinxin and the rest to the branch to register. I'll bring Dali."

"Okay." Hua Xiangyu nodded and left with the rest.

Hong Dali was left on his own. He looked left and right. To think about it, since he had the Great Prodigal System, he had rarely been left alone. But this was good. He wanted to see what the bunch of idiots would do to him.

Hong Dali was very calm—Even the Big Sister did not dare to kill anyone here. If the Bei and Zhu Families dared to lay their hands on him, he would not let them off so easily.

Anyway, he would get hundreds or thousands of attribute points in another two days. By then, he would be able to transform whenever he liked!

"Sweetheart, don't be scared. The dean and teachers here are quite close to our Hong Family." As they walked, Hua Yueling comforted Hong Dali. "They will take care of you if anything happens. Remember, there are many powerful people here, make friends with them. You might not be able to learn much at the Divine College, but with your cute temper, it should be no problem for you to make friends."

"I understand." Hong Dali nodded.

Why did they send him here when he had no ability and was not able to transform the second time? Clearly, all the young members of the Shenglong Royal Family congregated here. It was hard to tell who would succeed later in life. Hence, it was beneficial to make more friends.

As they chatted, the two arrived in front of a huge stone-carved building. The building was silvery-white, with no signs of coupling. It was 500 meters high and entirely carved out of a large boulder.

Hong Dali felt that this Shenglong Royal Family was indeed different from those in the other planets below.

The people here were very particular about environmental protection and nature. Everything was focused on maintaining the natural environment. This made Hong Dali very comfortable—nature, animals, were his favorite!

"We're here." Hua Yueling lifted her head to look at the building. "Come, I'll bring you to meet the dean."

They entered the building and took the elevator all the way up. Soon, they arrived at the door of the dean's office. Hua Yueling knocked on the door gently.

"Come in." An old voice could be heard.

"Haha, Dean Fergos, it's been a long time." Once she entered, Hua Yueling smiled and greeted him. At the same time, Hong Dali quickly turned to look at the Dean of this Divine College.

Dean Fergos looked a little like a magician in fantasy movies. He had a long beard and his face was filled with wrinkles. He had a flat cap on and looked weird.

"It's Madam Hua. Please, take a seat." Seeing that Hua Yueling was here, Dean Fergos quickly got up. "Madam Hua would not usually come here if there's nothing major. This is…" He looked at Hong Dali and immediately understood. "Enrolling?"

"Enrollment is one thing." Hua Yueling nodded, then sat down on the sofa. "My sweetheart's body const.i.tution is a little special. I was hoping Mr. Fergos could help to take a look."

"Oh? Special body const.i.tution?" Fregos "oh-ed", then stood up and approached Hong Dali. He looked very kind, smiled and said, "Well, let me see. Don't be nervous."

He held Hong Dali's hand and a soft yellow glow flickered between the two. Hong Dali only felt warmth coming from his palms. Soon, calmness returned.

"En, it's special, indeed." Dean Fergos nodded. "My Light of Life can restore the physical functions of a person. Generally speaking, if the attributes of a person have not reached the full attributes of 100 points, I can let him recover. But he is a little special, indeed."

"You can't do anything?" Hua Yueling appeared disappointed. "Aye, my little sweetheart is good at everything, except even elixirs cannot recover his attributes. Only squandering can make him feel better. I don't know how that works."

He could not recover even if he ate elixirs, only squandering helped. This was fascinating.

"Don't be too shocked, Madam." Dean Fergos smiled and returned to his seat. "The universe is vast, and it's normal for weird things to happen. As long as his life is not threatened, everything else is easy." He looked at Hong Dali and asked, "So, what's your name?"

"Hong Dali." Hong Dali grinned and replied, "Grandpa Dean, can I study here, then?"

"Sure, why not?" Fregos looked at Hong Dali carefully and nodded, pleased. "This rascal is quite endearing. What ability do you have?"

Ability? I don't have any ability.

"Does squandering count?" Hong Dali stared with his eyes wide open. Hua Yueling burst out laughing.

"Cough, cough, cough." Fergos coughed a few times, then said, "If squandering can increase your attributes, it's counted. En, other than squandering? Is there anything else? For example… supernatural power?"

"Anything else…" Hong Dali thought for a while. "Does Phase Transmission counts? Oh, I can transform into a Star Knight! That is good!"

"Haha, gifted child." Fergos laughed heartily. "Phase Transmission is an exclusive bloodline ability of the Hong Family. It's not bad, indeed. As for the transformation to Star Knight, that is definitely good. You will understand when you attend school here."

"In that case, my sweetheart is okay, right?" Hua Yueling beamed. "Well, I have one more favor to ask of you, Dean Fergos. Our Hong Family's relations.h.i.+p with the Bei and Zhu Families is not too good now. I hope Dean Fergos can take good care of him. Don't allow anything to happen to him."

Dean Fergos, fused with Life Soul Stone.

His attack was not powerful, but his recovery ability was extremely powerful. As long as one was not dead, he could be saved. The problem was, his ability did not have much effect on Hong Dali. Hence, Hua Yueling carefully advised him.

"Don't worry. n.o.body would have the guts to do anything in my school." Fergos smiled. "Also, Dali can transform into Star Knight. Not many would be able to bully him. It's not a big problem."

"I can rest a.s.sured, then." Hua Yueling smiled and nodded, then patted Hong Dali's head fondly. "Little sweetheart, you can learn a lot of things from this Divine College. Do well and you will come to understand. As for the battle, don't worry. My old man will take care of it."

"En, I understand, great-grandmother." Hong Dali nodded. "I will study well."

"Hehe, that's good." Hua Yueling looked at Hong Dali carefully, then said, "Alright. I should head back now. Dean Fergos, please take care of us."

"Don't worry." Fergos stood up to send her off. "He will be happy here."

Soon, Hua Yueling left.

When it was just the two of them left in the room, Fergos sat down, looked at Hong Dali, and said slowly, "Dali ah, since you just came to our school, let's start from the most basic faculty. Both your abilities, squandering belongs to leisure activities and is not battle-related. The transformation into a Star Knight is considered close-combat. We'll let you go to the physical training faculty first. En, Cla.s.s 18 of the physical training faculty. It's the same cla.s.s as Gu Feifei. Would that be okay?"

I'm not familiar with things here, anyway. What problem can there be? However, who is this Gu Feifei? What does she do?

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 1069 Divine College

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