Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 192 The Superb Mu Zixiao

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Baizhi Private Club.

This was a famous private club in Tianjing City South Second Ring Road.

Minimal but not simple. From the chandelier hanging from the wall to the carpet on the floor, everything could be described as low profile extravagant.

Mu Zixiao was calm and composed as he sat on the sofa. He crossed his legs and put popcorn in his mouth from time to time, smiling as he looked at Huawei Entertainment's CEO, Zhao Manting, who was sitting uneasily in front of him.

Zhao Manting was trembling. He knew from the rumors floating around that the favor that he had asked from Mu Zixiao was a no go. And it was obvious that Mu Zixiao was already standing on Hong Dali's side. "Master Mu, this problem…"

Mu Zixiao ate another popcorn and looked at the thugs standing behind Zhao Manting disdainfully. "You should count your blessings. I'm in a good mood recently. Otherwise, you will be lying flat now. I a.s.sure that you will not be able to get off from bed for months."

Seeing that his plan had completely failed, Zhao Manting clenched his teeth and spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Young Master Mu, for the sake that I have helped your father in the past, couldn't you spare me a thought? Forget it if you are not willing to help in this small matter, but do you have to stand on the same side as him?"

As Zhao Manting spoke, the thugs stepped forward, indistinctly threatening Mu Zixiao.

Mu Zixiao stood up and responded arrogantly, "What's the matter? Smas.h.i.+ng the pot just because it's for visiting.

Mu Zixiao laughed and said, "I forced you to it? Don't blame others for your stupidity. You were the one who harbored malicious intentions and wanted to meddle with Li Nianwei. Not only did you fail, but you also lost more than you gained. Now that Li Nianwei has shot to fame, as a former boss, you must have been completely judged by public opinions. Such a remarkable talent like Li Nianwei was hidden by you—must have heard a fair deal of such sarcastic remarks. You can only blame it on your own luck. The TV drama on Tianjing Satellite TV that you produced was in the same time slot as I Am a Singer."

"And then you came looking for me, expecting me to do something for you. It's a pity." Mu Zixiao laughed and said. "There's a saying which is very appropriate for this situation.

"Trouble comes with women, especially beautiful ones."

Mu Zixiao stood up with his hands behind his back, completely ignoring thugs, and walked slowly around Zhao Manting. He said as he walked, "Li Nianwei is a very beautiful woman. I have seen a lot of beautiful women, but I have never met someone like her. She is perfect, like the G.o.ddess in fairy tales.

"Fortunately, I'm different from you. Because I always remember that the more beautiful a woman is, the more you can't provoke them. Especially if you don't understand her background.

"Thankfully, I'm different from you. I didn't harbor any malicious intent. Before I came, I investigated and found out about Hong Dali and Li Nianwei. Do you think I'd be so stupid as to get excited over a beautiful lady and disregard the consequences?

"Li Nianwei has shot to fame and is known all over the country. Do you think that the Hong Family will not pay attention to her? Do you think she can be hooked up so casually? If so, the Hong family wouldn't be where it is now.

"Hehe, do you think that no one can tell if you tried to destroy something that you can't get?

"If I had done anything to Li Nianwei, do you think Hong Dali would just sit back and do nothing? Do you think I wouldn't consider the fact that that would cause a war between the Mu and Hong families?"

Mu Zixiao couldn't help but shake his head. "Aye, one is not afraid of a G.o.d-like enemy, only a pig friend. You seem to have gotten dizzy with success these years, and became overconfident. Do you know what is your mistake now? It's a pity, it's too late.

"Do you know who is Hong Dali to me now? He is my Master's Young Master. Do you think I would offend him over a good-for-nothing? Haha, you overestimated yourself. Many times, people who consider themselves important end in tragedy. Just like you." Mu Zixiao's expression was unsympathetic, and a dark aura lingered around him.

When he was done, Mu Zixiao stretched his neck and started to warm up.

Although there were about ten thugs in front of him, Mu Zixiao only thought of whether to make it more b.l.o.o.d.y or be more gentle with them. It seemed inappropriate to break their arms and legs in a public place like this. And he would probably get into trouble with his Master when he got back.

Of course, from the invisible aura around Mu Zixiao, anyone with a bit of insight could tell that this young man who looked somewhat handsome and refined was not to be trifled with.

Zhao Manting was gloomy, and his body had stopped trembling. "I understand everything you said."

At that moment, he looked like someone determined to give his all. "I'm prepared for this to happen. Since you understand everything, there's nothing more I can say. If I'm forced to die, someone will have to go down with me!"

Mu Zixiao got excited as he clenched his fists. "You want to fight? My fists are itching."

The thugs around had pulled out the iron rods they had hidden before. But their speed was comparable to snails eating. They were no match for the Mu Zixiao who was taught kungfu by Geezer w.a.n.g.

The battle started quickly but ended even faster.

Ten thugs lied on the floor moaning. Mu Zixiao didn't bother being polite toward thugs like them. All their limbs were broken, and their mouths were bruised. All they could do was moan. That was just a slap in the hands of Mu Zixiao.

Zhao Manting started to s.h.i.+ver with fear.

After the fight, Mu Zixiao was pleased. "To tell you the truth, your luck is not bad. I've been learning kungfu from my Master, and my temperament has converged a lot. If it were in the past, you wouldn't be able to stand there and s.h.i.+ver.

"Seeing that you have treated my father well, I won't do anything to you this time. Get lost. This is all I can give you in exchange for the help you gave my father. Haha."

Zhao Manting sweated all over, drenching his clothes wet. He hurriedly crawled out the door.

Watching the pathetic sight in front of him, Mu Zixiao sighed softly. He muttered, "Thankfully, I wasn't too rash and didn't do anything to Dali. Otherwise, I'd be in his situation now."

Speaking of Hong Dali, Mu Zixiao shook a little.

Even if his kungfu was good, facing Hong Dali's bizarre luck… he could only surrender.

Hong Dali could even find someone who was sacredly good in kungfu, what else would Mu Zhixiao dare to think of doing?

"Ah, it was fun today!"

Hong Dali had arrived home and ate supper. When he closed the door to his room, the System suddenly Dinged. The cold, mechanic voice came up again.

[Side Mission 2: Nature's Little Prodigal. Mission Status: Completed. Current Progress: 1000/1000. Mission Reward: The t.i.tle "Nature's Best Friend." t.i.tle Effect: Obtain the favor of Nature, the ability to freely float in water. t.i.tle Level: Beginner.]

This announcement was similar to Side Mission 1, which came with an additional explanation—

[Degree of Mission Completion: Perfect.

Additional Explanation 1: The host had already improved the natural surroundings before the Mission was announced. Host is indeed a nature-lover and did not do the mission for the sake of completing it. Additional Reward: t.i.tle Effect is enhanced, and the t.i.tle Level has the possibility of being increased.

Additional Explanation 2: This t.i.tle is a secret t.i.tle. The host does not need to wear it, it will come into effect once the mission is completed. t.i.tle Effect: Current attribute [Water]. Detailed explanation: Host can move freely on water. Host will be able to control the surrounding water element. Example: Float, sink, move forward, left and right control, backward, etc.

This mission has follow-up tasks which will be announced when system upgrading is done. Upon completion, the t.i.tle Level can be upgraded.

Upgraded Effect: Control of the five elements. Next element: Unknown.]

Seeing the additional explanation, Hong Dali couldn't stop laughing.

Such an awesome additional reward!

In the future, the rivers, lakes, and seas will be my playground! After I get into the water, I will be able to float as I wish, sink as I wish, move left or right as I wish?!

There was a reason why Hong Dali was so happy.

Before the transmigration, he couldn't swim. He didn't dare to go to the deeper side of the pool without the swimming float.

This was not the most important thing. The most important thing was, once he had completed this Mission, Hong Dali could squander freely while waiting for the System to upgrade!

Hong Dali smiled and looked at little tiger Quentin and Samoyed Xiao Xiao who were fighting. "Hahaha, Xiao Xiao, Quentin, I can finally squander again!" These two little guys seemed to have sensed that Hong Dali was happy and run around joyfully.

There was a saying, if the tiger went down to the dog's level, he would be bullied by the dog. Little tiger Steel Bullet had never won against Samoyed Xiao Xiao. But instead, he was under Xiao Xiao and was being licked furiously…

After watching them for a while, Hong Dali pulled out the Great Prodigal System. The Mission Squandered Value was only short of about two million.

Thankfully, Hong Dali had already managed the surroundings of Tianjing Mountain outer circle previously. Otherwise, he would have no way of completing Side Mission 2.

It seems like he would be able to reach his goal very soon. It was not far till the day of the System upgrading.Implying acting recklessly out of hopelessnessImplying a life and death struggleimplying making a stupid friendImplying a man who loses position and influence will be subjected to many indignities

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 192 The Superb Mu Zixiao

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