Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 285 - Young Master Dali Hong, A Miracle Creator

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Chapter 285: Young Master Dali Hong, A Miracle Creator

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At the headlines of the Star Entertainment English Version magazine, a huge t.i.tle practically blinded the eyes of all the Merikans!

"Young Master Dali Hong prepares to pick two actors to partic.i.p.ate in this historical 50 million blockbuster!" This was the t.i.tle of the news report!

Following which, a few pictures below all depicted Mu Zixiao, Li Nianwei, and the rest wearing the Mechanical Holy Garment!

Once this piece of news had been released, a storm swept the Merika entertainment business once again!

"Gosh, that person is just too cool. That's my favorite Zixiao Mu! G.o.d, he's definitely my Prince Charming!" A female Hollywood celebrity exclaimed upon seeing this picture.

"Nianwei Li is definitely the reincarnation of the G.o.ddess. She's just too pretty. Ever since I saw her for the first time, I've fallen deeply in love with her!" A male Hollywood actor said.

"Just the casting for the CG animation this time would undoubtedly be worth the huge investment of 50 million! If the characters in the movie are going to be modeled after them, I can already predict how exciting and impactful it will be!"—Hollywood Academy Award holder, Renas

Every since this report from Star Entertainment was released, the entire Merikan entertainment business was completely shaken.

n.o.body had ever thought that Young Master Dali Hong's attack this time would be so powerful! On the internet, Star Entertainment, following its previous report, very quickly put up an animation of the disa.s.sembling and rea.s.sembling of the Mechanical Holy Garments—that was absolutely cool to the max, and those Mechanical Holy Garments could even run along with their owners!

Especially for one of the stellar casts, the currently popular Zixiao Mu was especially reported by Star Entertainment to have always liked martial arts. While Star Entertainment's Tang Anqi was interviewing, she deliberately pretended to coincidentally into him. Back then, Mu Zixiao and Geezer w.a.n.g were practicing their martial arts with their Holy Garments on. Thus, he revealed the muscles throughout his body which were literally perfect. Thus, a male actor with absolutely chic movements appeared in the video, and even his expressions were not needed anymore—this guy eventually directly used his palms to break a wooden stick as thick as an arm, breaking it till sharp wooden pieces were revealed!

As expected, ever since this video had reached Merika, it immediately ignited the screams and cheers of countless women. Within a short span of time, Mu Zixiao's popularity in Merika was practically the highest, even overshadowing G.o.ddess Li Nianwei's limelight for a short while.

Of course, this type of phenomena did not carry on for long. Soon after, the picture of Li Nianwei wearing the G.o.ddess holy garment became part of the headlines on Star Entertainment Merika's website and became the biggest picture on its main page.

In the picture, Li Nianwei was covered in a golden and s.h.i.+ny Mechanical Holy Garment, paired with her extremely pretty face and flawless figure and holding a long holy light staff in her hands. Absolutely n.o.body would disagree with the description of her as an embodiment of the G.o.ddess—even if Merikan and Europa had a little difficulty differentiating Asian women.

Merika erupted.

Ever since Mu Zixiao and Geezer' videos, as well as Li Nianwei's picture, had been published, discussions about Young Master Dali Hong filming a full CG animation had reached the peak once again. Just then, Star Entertainment finally threw out a heavy bomb!

They created a page to vote for the selection of actors!

"In order to further deepen the friends.h.i.+p between the two countries, Young Master Dali Hong has decided to select two male and one female character to join the movie!"

"As long as you are able to receive recommendations from many film lovers, and join Young Master Dali Hong's team, you will then stand a chance to become the new age Kungfu superstar, and even the new age Hollywood queen!"

"Do not doubt the truthfulness of these words. Young Master Dali Hong is exactly such a miracle creator!"

"Moreover, Zixiao Mu's teacher has personally promised that as long as you successfully become a member of this team, he's willing to give you personal guidance. With that, if you want to film an action movie in the future, your moves would be much better than before!"

Such successive promoting and advertising made many Hollywood celebrities realize the huge potential of this entire thing.

Joining Young Master Dali Hong's team, learning real Heavenly State kungfu, opening the door towards Heavenly State's movie industry, and coupled with the current huge popularity of this film, they would definitely gain huge popularity in Merika as well!

Thus, there was literally no surprise that once the voting was open, the IP site traffic of the entire website shot up like a rocket, and it even surpa.s.sed the IP site traffic of the largest entertainment site in Merika, World of Hollywood Stars!

That naturally led to the subsequent progression of things!

Especially Mu Zixiao's move of using his palm to break the wooden stick, that was just too cool! The horrifying power contained within that palm strike was shocking! After all, being able to break a plank with a kick already needed good preparation. Mu Zixiao, on the other hand, had only casually hit the stick with his palm—the difference in strength was obvious.

The internet was really a scary tool. This piece of news by Star Entertainment had even caused Hollywood to fail to react in time before it spread in a speed akin to the spreading of viruses, as it created public opinion at a rapid speed.

When Hollywood had finally reacted to it, everything had been set—if it gathered celebrities to partic.i.p.ate in the selections, then that could only prove that Hollywood was afraid of Young Master Dali Hong!

Hollywood presently could only puff itself up at its own cost without anyone knowing about it. It even had to express its relatively kind support to the celebrities' partic.i.p.ation in the elections, to prove that it accepted the challenge openly and fairly. As for whether it cursed at Young Master Dali Hong heavily in its heart, everyone naturally understood.

"Just yesterday, Academy Award holder Ranas gave his response in an interview towards news that he had been nominated by film lovers to Young Master Dali Hong's historical blockbuster film as one of the supporting male casts. Ranas felt honored to be able to star as a supporting male cast and, at the same time, clearly expressed that, though it's only a supporting role, the chance for him to learn authentic Heavenly State kungfu would build up the foundation for him to become a better male lead in future."—Star Entertainment, front page headline

"Best Male Supporting Character Oscar Winner, action star Saurfang, expresses interest in sparring with Zixiao Mu. He hopes that Zixiao Mu will go slightly easier on him because Saurfang expresses his doubt that his bones are as hard as that stick. Also, he expresses his desire to being Daoming w.a.n.g's disciple if possible, to learn authentic Heavenly State kungfu."—Star Entertainment, front page headline for the next day

"Breaking news! Latest study reveals that many film lovers prefer Best Male Lead Oscar awardee, buff and manly Sar Crocodile to join Young Master Dali Hong's team because he has one-sixth of Heavenly State blood, thus his kungfu is relatively good. Furthermore, because of his manly appearance and figure, as well as his deep and thick voice, he's extremely suitable to play the main antagonist."—Star Entertainment, front page headline on the third day

Afterward, on the fourth day, Star Entertainment released the last explosive news!

"Young Master Dali Hong's 50 million historical blockbuster will arrive in Merika on the 15th of September and will be screened the same day as the 22 million fantasy blockbuster 'Magic Age.'"

"Is this counted as an official challenge waged by Young Master Dali Hong towards Hollywood? The answer is… Yes, this is the official challenge waged by Young Master Dali Hong! Ladies and gentlemen, Hollywood had previously declared war against 'Pugilistic World,' and now the other party has launched a counter attack! This is a fair battle, let us wait and see. Of course, according to reliable news by our top reporter Tang Anqi, Young Master Dali Hong says that this challenge will not affect any actors partic.i.p.ating in this film. He feels that citizens of Merika, as well as Hollywood, would not be so small-minded. After all, audiences from Heavenly State had already expressed the concept of zero boundaries between movies based on facts—the box office earnings for 'Pugilistic World' back then were a mere 1.6 million, whereas 'Air-Raid of the Trump Cards' and 'Moment of Screaming' had box office earnings close to the 15 million mark. Of course, Young Master Dali Hong expresses his deep regret towards the subsequent box office earnings of these two films…"

In the meantime, Hollywood.

This was already the sixth Round Table Conference. The people partic.i.p.ating in the conference felt that this "Round Table Conference" was as worthless as vegetables sold by the roadside…

However, they had no choice. In face of Young Master Dali Hong's humiliating consecutive three kills, they had already felt it extremely hard to swallow!

"There's really nothing we can do!" James frustratedly said. "Now, the entire entertainment business is talking about the 50 million blockbuster! And our current biggest investment is only 23 million USD! It's a gap of almost two-fold. How can we fight against that prodigal Hong Dali?! Moreover, all of you have seen that just the current leaked news are already enough to make it difficult for us to counter them! Also, d.a.m.n it, he actually chose to screen his movie on the same day as my 'Magic Age.' Now he's even caused us to be at a loss for words!"

"James, I can only express my deepest regrets about this." Someone helplessly said, "It's widely known that we'd attacked the box office of 'Pugilistic World' previously. Now that the other party has chosen to use the same tactic against us, we have to face it. If we don't, we will lose all our momentum. So, we have to put up with it no matter what. But for the sake of Hollywood's glory, I'm willing to invest 4 million in your Magic Age."

"I'll invest 4 million, as well." "Support!" "Support!"

"No matter what, we cannot be overshadowed by that prodigal Hong Dali in terms of our capital investment, else we'll be lacking compared to him due to premature factors." Another person said, "Therefore, I'm willing to invest 4 million as well. With that, the filming production capital of your 'Magic Age' will reach as much as 50 million USD. I trust you should have the confidence to battle against Hong Dali this time, right?"

"You… You all…" Upon hearing what the others said, James was really touched this time. "All of you are really willing…"

"For the glory of Merika, sir." One person smiled. "The battle this time is not only for your own sake."

"OK… OK!" James fiercely slapped the table. "This time, let's go all out!"

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 285 - Young Master Dali Hong, A Miracle Creator

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