Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 288 Solving The Problem Using A Chicken

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"What do you mean? Quickly say it!" Upon hearing Hong Dali's words, the others instantly became curious.

"En, I remember that I've heard of one such story…" Hong Dali directly called his lackeys. "Go and get me a chicken. Any type of chicken will do, I want a big one!"

"Chi—chicken?!!!" Upon hearing what Hong Dali wanted, everyone was completely astonished!

He wasn't planning to put the camera on the chicken, right?!

Though they were still confused, the male lackey did not hesitate as he rushed all the way downstairs and drove to the wet market—probably ever since there was the Prayer Angel, this was the first time someone drove this car to the wet market to buy chickens…

Very soon, the male lackey ran back with a big hen in his arms. Hong Dali was delighted once he saw it. "This is good, this is good. It's big enough, heh heh. Install a small camera within the furs on its head, and definitely, no one will suspect it!" Of course, that big hen was so fat…

"This… Installing the camera on its head? Will it work?" Everyone started to raise their doubts.

"Try it out!" Hong Dali grinned.

Very quickly, Lin Chuyin simply put the camera on the head of that big hen, and afterward, Hong Dali gave out the order: "Follow him!" Then, he instructed the male lackey. "Lead it to run two rounds around here first!"

This time, when everyone looked again at the laptop screen, they were instantly shocked!

The image on the screen was so stable that there were almost no signs of shakiness, exactly as accurate as a robot!

"This… this…" Tang Muxin was dumbfounded. "Dali, how did it do that? It's so stable?!"

"Um…" Lin Chuyin thought for a while and realized. "The chicken must maintain the stability of its head in order to identify its location. This type of stabilizing system is called a reaction control system. It refers to the ability to stably and accurately make the target maintain its original position within the Geodetic Coordinate System when there is a change in the position of the relative coordinates."

"Reaction control system?" This time, Hong Dali was shocked. "We have this type of system here as well?"

"Mm…" Lin Chuyin nodded. "Not many people know about the reaction control system, but there's another explanation that you may be able to understand."

Everyone around stared with wide eyes. Hong Dali asked, "What's that called?"

"The tank's artillery two-way stabilizer." Lin Chuyin insipidly explained. "During activation, the tank will vibrate due to the uneven topography. The gun barrel will also lower down together with the body of the vehicle, and there will be a change in the angle of elevation. The spinning top sensor within the artillery two-way stabilizer will then immediately sense the change in the angle in elevation of the gun barrel and then convert the change that it senses into an electric signal. After it has been expanded, it will very quickly resume to its original position using the correction force added to the cannon through the actuating mechanism.

"There will then be no signal emitted from the sensor, the correction force will disappear, and the cannon will stop rotating. If the body of the car turns as a result of avoiding obstacles, the directional stabilizer will convert the change sensed by the sensor into an electric signal and magnify and emit it, and thus, add the directional correction force to the cannon through the actuating mechanism. With that, even if the back of the car body is faced forward, and the front is faced backward, the cannon will still point towards the direction of the target. Hence increasing the accuracy of the tank firing shots during the operation, as well as the probability of hitting accurately at its first shot."

Hong Dali: "…"

She really lives up to her name as a technological geek. She can even explain such things so clearly!

From the stability of the head of the chicken, she could link it to the artillery two-way stabilizer of the tank… Lin Chuyin's agility in thinking was a little too powerful…

Anyway, at least the problem of the shaking surveillance image had been solved.

"Dali," Tang Muxin asked. "Now that this is solved, what should we do next?"

After solving the surveillance problem, what was left was naturally the problem of how to catch the thief. Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "Since we've solved the problem using the chicken, then let's catch that traitor at one go next!"

"OK, OK!" Tang Muxin beamed with delight. "Then, let's properly study into what we should do! En, Dali, you get the ball rolling first, then we'll think of it together!"

"En." Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "I remember that there's a plump guy in your family's research laboratory—that person that we played around with back then—what was he called…"

"Qiu Qiu!" Tang Muxin grinned. "Ask Qiu Qiu to bring this big hen into the laboratory? And put it at the side of the computer storing all the information?"

"Yes, the camera's battery is very precious. Chuyin, how long will the battery of this camera last?" Hong Dali turned and looked at Lin Chuyin. "It'll be difficult if it lasts for too short a period of time."

"Um, it can be used for half an hour." Lin Chuyin thought for a while. "However…" As she spoke, she looked at the wings of that big hen. "Actually, it can last for 12 hours if we put a battery under its wings."

"That's great!" Hong Dali slapped his thigh. "Such a long period of time is enough to film a movie!"

Speaking up to this point, Hong Dali started to envision the possible scenarios. "First, the spy should sneak in during night time. At this time, will the lights in the laboratory be on? If they're off, we may be unable to film it clearly."

"En, all the lights are turned on—they remain on for 24 hours, you can rest a.s.sured about that." Tang Muxin said, "All the lights of the laboratory are normally not switched off."

"That's good." Hong Dali nodded. "In that case, once the spy enters, the first thing he does will definitely be to cut off the signal of the surveillance devices, right? By then, our big hen can be used. But will the spy cover his face? That will be very troublesome, are there any good ideas?"

"Covering the face… Let me think." Tang Muxin thought for a while and said, "We can't make him take it off himself, but we can deal with it based on two possible scenarios!"

"En, say it, say it. How do we do that!" Hong Dali asked.

"First scenario." Tang Muxin grinned. "If he doesn't wear a mask, then we don't need to make other special arrangements. We'll just let the camera capture his appearance."

"Second scenario. If he wears a mask, then…" Tang Muxin said fiercely, "Close the door, let the dogs out!"

"Hahaha! Good idea!" Hong Dali violently slapped the table. "Then let's deal with him according to these two scenarios! Firstly, for the first scenario, as long as we capture the scene of him copying the information, won't we be able to directly send it to the court and sue and arrest him?"

"En, yes!" Tang Muxin smiled and said, "Using an industrial spy to steal confidential research information, as long as we have enough evidence, we can directly sue the other party. That's why I said that we don't need to make other arrangements in that case."

"The second scenario." Hong Dali continued. "If he wears a mask, we can't film his looks in that case. Then let's just release all the Tibetan Mastiffs that I'd bought to bite him till he can't even care for himself!"

"OK!" Tang Muxin revealed a pair of cute rabbit teeth in a smile and said, "When the time comes, he'll definitely regret it!" Afterward, she thought for a while and asked, "Dali, do we still continue with our previous plan then?"

"We have to change the previous plan." Hong Dali shook his head and said, "This time we'll have to change it such that one is real and one is fake. When the time comes, we'll react according to the situation. We should keep in contact with Uncle Tang's side!"


The next day, Tang Medical Enterprise.

"Qiu Qiu, this chicken of yours… What are you preparing to do with it?" A medical researcher looked at that huge chicken cage in Qiu Qiu's plump hands and frowned. "We don't allow pets in our laboratory. You're not planning to make chicken soup for us, are you?"

"Ah, this?" Qiu Qiu lifted the cage higher. "Experimental specimen. It's currently in the observation phase. CEO Tang asked me to bring it here and observe it for a few days."

"Oh, is that so." The researcher subconsciously leaned backward. "Then find a place to keep it and remember not to release it. If not, chaos will ensue!"

"OK, no problem!" Qiu Qiu smiled as he found a place to put the chicken cage down. From that position, it could observe the computer responsible for storing information not far away!

Three days later, in the big conference room of Tang Medical Enterprise, CEO Tang Ruisi smilingly looked at all the employees below. After everyone had arrived, he slowly said, "I've good news for everyone. The research and development of our medicine to prevent the formation of blood clot have been completed!"

After he spoke, everyone below was shocked.

After a short moment of shock, a wild celebration broke out among the company employees!

"Hahaha! It's finally completed! Great, great!" "Yes yes, after the research and development of this medicine, we can finally relax!" "By then, once this medicine is launched into the market, it'll definitely receive many good reviews. Our other medicines will also enjoy a huge boost in sales!"

All the young employees present were extremely excited. Some long-time employees of the company, on the other hand, were more stable and prudent. One person asked, "CEO Tang, though the research and development of this medicine have been completed, it still needs some time before it's launched on the market, right?"

"En." Tang Ruisi nodded and said, "It still needs to undergo clinical trial for a period of time. We have to observe whether there are any side effects."

"It's better to be more prudent." Another person said, "If not, should there be any side effects, it would have a big impact on our company's reputation." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"En, I know." Tang Ruisi slowly stood up and clapped his hands. Then, he smiled at all the employees present and said, "Everyone, please keep quiet for a moment. As a result of the successful research and development of the medicine…"

Under everyone's hopeful gazes, Tang Ruisi slowly continued, "Every employee in the company will receive a red packet of 1,000 yuan. Also, everyone can feel free to have fun to your heart's content tonight! Everyone! All the expenses will be reimbursed by the company!"

There was a moment of silence again, and soon after, cheers that could pierce through the sky ensued!

"Long live! Hahaha! There are red packets and we can have fun as well!" "Hahahaha! I love you, CEO Tang!" "Please keep me as a mistress, CEO Tang. I can warm the bed for you!" "Haha, you little la.s.s, CEO Tang has a great relations.h.i.+p with Madam!" "I'm just too happy, haha! It's 1,000 yuan!"

"Alright, alright!" Tang Ruisi raised his hand and gestured for everyone to calm down. After the whole room was silent, he smiled and said, "Everyone can go to the finance department to collect your red packets now, then you can go celebrate to your heart's content! Also, all the management personnel, please stay back. I still have other matters to say to you."

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 288 Solving The Problem Using A Chicken

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