Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 401 - Simple And Straight To The Point

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Chapter 401: Simple and Straight to the Point

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"It's true!" Following Lin Zixuan's introduction, after Tang Muxin saw this system, she was completely astonished.

Such a character setting system was truly something she'd never seen before! Previously, while playing Draconic Continent with Hong Dali, Tang Muxin didn't have too deep an impression of it. Now, upon seeing this, Tang Muxin felt that it was indeed reasonable that Spiritual Sword was so explosively popular. After all, the quality of the graphics was a very important aspect with regards to online games!

There was a saying that details were the deciding factor of win or loss. Spiritual Sword was indeed brilliant to have made the details to such perfection!

Very soon, Tang Muxin created a character. It was a pretty girl of the elf clan. She had long and sharp ears, her skin was white, the shape of her face was elegant and beautiful, and she was named [Grand Cute-Muxin]. After choosing the archer occupation, she entered the game.

Ling Xiaoyi named her character [Grand Cute-Xiaoyi], and her occupation was a priest.

Liu Mingxin thought for quite a while, but alas, he came up with an extremely annoying name—[Prowling Wild Boar]…

Tang Muxin and the rest looked at Liu Mingxin as if they were looking at a ghost. Lin Zixuan exclaimed by the side, "Big brother Liu, you're actually such a frivolous person…"

"I don't have a choice…" Liu Mingxin helplessly shrugged. "I have to conceal my ident.i.ty."

Alright, probably n.o.body would be able to relate Liu Mingxin to this [Prowling Wild Boar]. Looks like his method of hiding his ident.i.ty was very successful…

As the saying goes, to defeat the enemy, one must first understand the enemy.

After the three of them entered the game, just as they reached the newcomer village, they were instantly stunned. The server that they'd chosen was already the 75th one that Spiritual Sword had just opened these two days, yet the newcomer village was still crowded with people. There were people all around, definitely more than monsters. In the entire server, calls for forming parties to fight monsters and go to the dungeons sounded all around.

"Sister Xinxin, where is my Big Bro Dali, why hasn't he come?" Lin Zixuan familiarly logged into the game and chose her character, then entered the game. Then, she sent it to Tang Muxin's side and asked, "Doesn't Big Bro Dali always liked playing games?"

"That rascal is busy with inventing new things." Though Tang Muxin was angry, she didn't have a choice. The endoskeleton armor was to save Little Meow, Little Leshui, and Luo Xue's father who had pa.s.sed away recently. That was serious business. Thus, she naturally wouldn't object to it. But upon thinking that Hong Dali didn't come to help, the little la.s.s was still very furious. "Let him play by himself. Without him, I can do fine as well!"

"Hee hee, is Sister Xinxin angry?" As Hong Dali's G.o.dsister, Lin Zixuan was very amused by this situation. "Speaking of which, my Big Bro Dali is indeed an idiot at romance. It's been so long yet he hasn't had any actual developments with Sister Xinxin… Speaking of which, he should at least kiss you on the lips, hold hands and so on. This won't do, when I get back home I'll lecture him!"

Lin Zixuan's words made Tang Muxin's face turn very red. Ling Xiaoyi covered her mouth and giggled by the side, while Liu Mingxin didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

"You little brat, are you seeking your own death!" Tang Muxin screamed. "You'll see whether I beat your b.u.t.tocks!"

The few of them joked and laughed as they leveled up. After leveling for a while, Tang Muxin and the other two already had a pretty good understanding of this game. The more they played, the more they felt that this game was extremely dangerous.

Because after such a long period of time, they hadn't found any obvious flaw! This was very shocking to them. And at the same time, they felt a stronger sense of danger.

"Young Master Liu, what do you think?" Tang Muxin turned her head and asked Liu Mingxin. "Looks like this game will indeed cause a very big impact on our Dream Dota League. If Dream Dota League isn't popular by then, that would be troublesome."

"Currently I don't have any especially good ideas as well." After putting his mouse down, Liu Mingxin touched his chin and thought for a while, then he slowly said, "It can't be said for sure at the moment. I think we should go to the internet cafe and have a look. Normally, the internet cafe would give a clearer idea of how many players there are in a game."

"OK! Then let's go to the internet cafe!" Tang Muxin instantly stood up. Now she already more or less possessed the aura of a Young Madam. "Zixuan, continue playing with the others and see whether there are any unsatisfactory aspects of this game. You have to report to us at any time. Also, contact the people from Grand League and get all of them to enter Spiritual Sword and increase the network relations there. Oh right, previously Grand League had recruited quite a lot of people when the few nightclubs in West Fourth Loop were free of charge, right? Get them to come and take a look. But remember, the core members are mainly responsible for gathering intelligence, the dynamics of the players and so on."

"OK! Sister Xinxin, I got it!" Lin Zixuan vigorously nodded. "I'll make the arrangements, don't worry."

"En, that's good!" Tang Muxin nodded. "Then we'll go market researching! Let's go!"

Instantly, Tang Muxin went to the laboratory on the fourth floor to call two lackeys to go with them, and together with Ling Xiaoyi and Liu Mingxin, the three of them did a simple makeup to alter their outer appearance. After a short while, five ordinary people slowly exited from Chenhui Building.

"There's an internet cafe near our Chenhui Building, right?" Tang Muxin was entirely unclear of where the internet cafes were located at. The little la.s.s usually stayed by Hong Dali's side, and she'd pretty much never gone to an internet cafe before. Thus, now that she was on the streets Tang Muxin totally didn't know where to go.

"I don't know as well." Liu Mingxin, who was still extremely handsome after changing his appearance, shrugged his shoulders. "I usually don't go to such places."

Fortunately, the lackeys were still very useful. Very soon, lackey Li Yang stopped two taxis. "Driver, to the nearest internet cafe!"

See that, that was the wisdom of the common people. Speaking of which, a taxi was the most useful to get to know the surroundings…

Ten minutes later.

Tang Muxin looked at that internet cafe which was under Hong Dali's name completely speechless. The driver was very aggrieved. "This is the largest internet cafe in West Fourth Loop, I'm really not tricking you…"

Forget it, if it's under Hong Dali's name then so be it. The few of them instantly entered the place.

Upon entering the internet cafe, Tang Muxin completely understood how strong the compet.i.tor this time was.

There were a total of 300 computers after the entire internet cafe had undergone expansion and construction. After taking a rough glance around, at least 85% of the customers were playing Spiritual Sword. Spiritual Sword had already occupied at least 70% of the online gaming market—but that was a conservative estimation; after all, there were still quite a lot of people playing other games at home.

This time, the most essential thing to do was to study into exactly which aspect these real players liked about Spiritual Sword.

But in the internet cafe, though Tang Muxin had put on makeup, she was still a pretty girl. Quite a few geeks were finding various excuses every now and then to peek at her. For instance, they pretended to look at a someone playing a game, then they took a few peeks at her; and there were some who put their things behind them and then went to pick them up. The more intelligent ones directly called for the attendant. "Machine repair, the keyboard is spoiled! Come and help me take a look at it!" Then, they openly looked towards Tang Muxin's direction…

Though Ling Xiaoyi was more mature, her age of 23 to 24 years old was still a favorite among the geeks. Quite a few of them secretly peeked at her mature figure…

As the number one handsome guy, there were quite a number of girls present throwing flirtatious looks at Liu Mingxin. But of course, there were also quite a number of guys throwing flirtatious looks at him…

Looking at this situation, the three definitely wouldn't be able to question them. This time, the two lackeys had become of use.

Li Yang whispered and asked, "Miss Muxin, why don't I go?"

"En, OK." Tang Muxin instantly approved. Then, she thought for a while and said, "Let's turn on the computers first and take the opportunity to ask them how they feel."

The five of them instantly turned on the computers. After opening the Spiritual Sword's page, quite a lot of players around became more daring. They were all Spiritual Sword players, so what was there to be scared of? Thus, a man at the side asked, "You've all come together? You're playing Spiritual Sword too? Which zone? What level?"

Male lackey Li Yang: "We're all good friends. We heard that this game is not bad, so we came to try it out. Brother, which zone are you at?"

"Me? I'm at the Moon Slaying Ghostly Sword server. This server is not bad, it's quite popular. What about you?" That player asked.

"Us? Server number 75th, Seven Killer Eagles." Li Yang wasn't very clear, but Liu Mingxin had played it previously. "We've just started playing, so our levels are not high."

"Ohh, is that so." That player spoke enthusiastically. "This Spiritual Sword game is quite good, it's extremely popular! The feeling is great once there are many people!"

The five of them glanced at each other. Li Yang asked, "Brother, why do you think that there are so many people in this game? I remember that previously, Draconic Continent was the most popular one, right? But it doesn't have so many people playing it now!"

That person said, "It's different, completely different. Look, in this game, the characters are so pretty, especially the female characters of the various races. Even if a dinosaur is seated behind the computer, you'll still feel great by seeing her character, right? It's very easy to operate, and the graphics are pretty good, right?"

"Just because of these?" Li Yang curiously asked, "There are so many people just because of these?"

"What else do you still want?" That person felt strange and asked, "Don't we play games just to feel good? This game is easy to control and it's explosive and intense when fighting, and there isn't an instant kill. I often fight with my brothers for a whole afternoon! That kind of fun is different!"

The three of them finally understood.

To put it simply, this Spiritual Sword game was simple and straight to the point. It was sufficient to attract the players with just these few key points!

After the few of them casually played for a while, they paid the bill and turned off the computers. After exiting from the internet cafe, Liu Mingxin slowly said, "Looks like our opponent this time has exceeded our imagination." If it wasn't clear enough just by seeing those figures on the internet, then by looking at the number of players in the internet cafe playing this game, everything was made extremely clear.

"Alright." Tang Muxin helplessly said, "Dali doesn't have time. If worse comes to worst, this time, I'll help him squander a little and see whether I can learn the essence of his squandering!"

"Uh…" Liu Mingxin was dumbfounded. This little lady Tang Muxin had been led astray by Hong Dali! He cautiously asked, "Then Miss Muxin, what do you plan to do?"

"What can I do?" The little la.s.s fiercely gritted her teeth. "Increase the power of the advertis.e.m.e.nts! The advertis.e.m.e.nts of our Dream Dota League must be stronger than Spiritual Sword's!" As she spoke, Tang Muxin wrinkled her cute little nose and mimicked Hong Dali's tone, "Throw in money, throw in lots of money!"

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 401 - Simple And Straight To The Point

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