Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 44 Unexpectedly, Dali Creates Miracles

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It was all calm for the next few days. The tasks that Hong Dali had arranged were impossible to complete in a day or two. The only thing that progressed was Caiwei Entertainment—with Hong Dali the superprodigal backing the company, all that was needed for it to run smoothly was money. Caiwei Entertainment was impressively set up at the speed of light.

Although it was a small-scale company—incomparable to a regular media company—it had everything that one would expect to find. The only thing it lacked was talented actors and singers.

That was the only piece of good news for Hong Dali over the past few mundane days.

Hong Dali had been visiting Ye Lai Xiang with his lackeys along with the dogs for the past three days. By opening the nightclub for free and with other squandering methods, he had only managed to squander some 400,000 yuan—only enough to redeem four attribute points to increase his health stat to 80.

Hong Dali was not satisfied with the progress.

It was neither easy nor difficult to squander in this world. For example, the investment science team had launched the perpetual-motion machine. Investing a few million yuan, or even hundreds of million were just putting it in jeopardy. Hong Dali might be a prodigal, but he was not so stupid as to invest in something like that.

Or he could buy luxury items. But that didn't work for Hong Dali since he was already decked in luxury items. Owning one more or one less wouldn't make a difference.

As such, there was nothing much Hong Dali could do to squander.

Hence, once Caiwei Entertainment opened its doors, Hong Dali brought Tang Muxin to inspect the place and explore how to make movies. With such an ideal situation, it would be a pity not to make any movies.

Together with Tang Muxin and the nine lackeys behind him, Hong Dali made his flashy entrance into the ninth floor of the Chenhui Building.

The Chenhui Building now belonged to Hong Dali. He was downright a local tyrant, doing whatever he wanted. The group of people entered the building in a formidable array. Once through the doors, they saw the manager, Zhang Cai, instructing the workers. "That way, place the items properly and neatly. Be careful, these are important props that will be useful in the future. Don't damage them, they're very expensive!"

Hong Dali walked forward with Tang Muxin, smiling as he asked, "Sister Zhang, how's the progress? Is it ready for us to make movies? The environment here is good, right?"

Zhang Cai greeted them joyously. "Yes, Young Master, h.e.l.lo, Young Master! h.e.l.lo, Young Madam!" They were her saviors and the source of all the money. Zhang Cai reported to Hong Dali, "I'm a layman in the aspects of helping out in the company, but I'm doing as much as I can. I have nothing to do anyway, the least I can do is to help out and inspect the place. At present, we have found the directors, producers, cameramen, and the people in charge of the lighting. Once the renovation is complete, they will be able to report for work."

"Um, not bad!" Hong Dali looked around the place like the leader of a country visiting the countryside. The place was rather big, almost 3,000 square kilometers. He nodded his head in agreement. "Sister Zhang, how long do you think before we can start filming movies? It doesn't seem like a bad idea to squander through making movies. I like it."

Zhang Cai paused for a moment. Should she support Hong Dali's squandering? If she supported him, Hong Dali might not say anything when he invested and lost money, but she would definitely be deemed incompetent. If she did not support him, wouldn't she be a wet blanket? She was a 33-year-old adult. It paid to be smart. "Young Master, we should need another week before we can start any filming. We have the equipment ready. The problem is finding good actors. I know many famous actors already have a full schedule. They won't be able to commit on such short notice. If we engage actors that are not famous, they will not be worthy of you, Young Master."

Just so, she'd had to say something anyway. In short, the conclusion was that it'd take a while before any filming could start.

Tang Muxin had never liked Hong Dali squandering. She commented decisively, "That's right. Dali, we should wait if it's not ready. Observe the situation. If the cast is not great, n.o.body will want to watch it."

But Hong Dali had his tasks from the great prodigal system waiting. He could not afford to wait. "That's easy. We can look for actors. Oh yes, are there professionals in 3D animation? We can make animations if there aren't any actors!"

"3D animations?" Zhang Cai shook her head. "It's too tough to find professionals like that. A good team would cost a lot. Young Master may be rich, but the problem is the lack of opportunity. The teams that can provide 3D effects for movies are all working for big movie or gaming companies. Our company is newly set up. It will not be easy to attract such talents to join us." To put it bluntly, money couldn't buy what was not available.

Hong Dali rubbed his chin after hearing what Zhang Cai said. "Um, that seems like a problem. When I come back with a script, let's find a few people to act it out. This should be simple."

Tang Muxin was shocked when she heard Hong Dali. "You're writing a script?! You can write scripts? Don't tell me it's a script about squandering? Squandering stories?"

Hong Dali was slightly dissatisfied with Tang Muxin's response. "Can you have a little confidence in me? Brother Dali here does not only know how to squander. I can be quite creative. Say, squandering by rearing dogs, even you could not think of something like that."

Tang Muxin angrily pouted. "Of course not! Only a lunatic could think of something like that…"

Hong Dali laughed. "You can't do it, right? Beneath the surface of my squandering, a genius exists. It's just a movie script. I could think of it any minute. Heh Heh. You'll be scared to death when you hear it!"

Tang Muxin was not to be outdone. "Tell me about it. What kind of script are you thinking of writing? I would really like to hear what could scare me to death!"

Coming from 21st-century Earth, even if he had never learned cinematography, he was not short of ideas—and these ideas had been successful on Earth! Hong Dali confidently spread out his arms, exclaiming. "I'm the king of movies! The movie that I want to make is a sitcom micro movie! It will be called 'Unexpectedly, Dali Creates Miracles' !"

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 44 Unexpectedly, Dali Creates Miracles

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