Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 61 My Sense Of Logic Has Shattered All Over The Floor

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"Yes… that's right…" The secretary felt that the sweat that he wiped in his entire life couldn't compare to what he wiped today. Being a Ph.D. in both economics and a.s.sistance, he helped Hong Weiguo lessen a lot of his load. But today, he clearly felt that his brain wasn't able to handle this information—obviously, he couldn't fathom whether it was all part of Hong Dali's plan or just because of his dog s.h.i.+t's luck.

After thinking for two hours with his IQ level of 144, his conclusion was—this was an unsolvable puzzle.

The problem was, he still had a third problem to report. "There… there's something else, CEO HongCEO HongCEO Hong, not just these…"

"Something else!" Hong Weiguo's eyes almost popped out. "Wait for a moment, let me get a sip of water and take a deep breath. Oh right, do you have any of those quick result heart-rescuing pills? Give me some of those. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I might lose my breath."

"Well… CEO HongCEO HongCEO Hong, your body condition has always been healthy, so I didn't prepare any of those." The secretary wiped his sweat again, his whole body cold with it.

"If you don't have it, then just forget it." Hong Weiguo violently took a few deep breaths and felt much calmer. "What are you waiting for? Say it, I can still handle anything that you have got to say! Looks like this little prodigal plans to give me a big surprise this time."

"Then… then I will say it…" The secretary suddenly seemed a bit down. "This matter, this matter… I suddenly feel that after studying for so many years, it was all in vain. CEO HongCEO HongCEO Hong, using the common internet slang nowadays to describe it, it seems that any sort of problem has to kneel before Young Master Dali's invincible luck."

"Tell me what this is about, let me see what's the matter." Hong Weiguo rubbed his temple. "Remember to say it slowly, slowly."

"Yep, OK." The secretary took a few deep breaths and said, "After Lady Li Nianwei's concert, her worth rose suddenly and sharply. In just a few days, quite a number of companies wished for Lady Li Nianwei to endorse and advertise their products. A total of 23 companies offered a total of 8 million plus yuan of advertising fees, but it was all rejected by Young Master Dali."

"Oh? This little prodigal, an artist with such a high endors.e.m.e.nt fee, this is really rare. But he rejected it? What's the reason?" With Hong Weiguo's financial a.s.sets and status, although he felt that it was a pity, he wasn't really concerned with this loss. He was just curious about the reason behind it.

"The reason, the reason is…" The secretary gulped down a mouthful of saliva and said, "The reason is that Young Master Dali said that Lady Li Nianwei's… thigh was very comfortable to sleep on, and was afraid that she would be too busy…"

Cough cough cough… Hong Weiguo was almost choked to death by his own saliva. After violently coughing for quite a while, he could only helplessly give a bitter smile and say, "This little rascal, even if he wants to reject them, he should have thought of a better reason. In the end, his reason was that laying on Li Nianwei's thigh to sleep is very comfortable?"

"Yes… that's right…" Speaking up to this point, the secretary's face was bright red, and his expression as pitiful as it could get. "The problem is that, because Young Master Dali refused to let Lady Li Nianwei go and work, her worth suddenly increased sharply. In just a matter of days, her endors.e.m.e.nt fee increased to a sky-high price of 800,000 yuan. That means to say, the total endors.e.m.e.nt fee that the 20 plus companies offered is now… 18.5 million yuan."

Lastly, after finis.h.i.+ng saying that, the secretary helplessly said, "When I heard about this, my sense of logic was shattered all over the floor."

"OK, mine as well." Hong Weiguo was as helpless as him. "This little rascal can really mess around." Saying this, he suddenly laughed. "Hahahaha, he is indeed my son, his eyesight is really sharp. An artist who was about to be discarded became what she is today in just a few days, and the motive at first is only because he wanted to squander."

Hong Weiguo gave a bitter laugh and shook his head. "So this is what the saying 'life is meant to play and mess around' means? Sigh, this is really unexpected. I have investigated that Li Nianwei girl; she is indeed a talent and has potential. She has everything that a star should have, and she doesn't have anything that a star shouldn't have. Even so, if I were the one planning to support her, this result is unachievable. For example: using super luxurious cars as stage lighting for a free concert. This is something that no second person would do, other than my prodigal son."

"Yes… you're right…" In the face of reality, the always proud secretary could only lower his head. "I think that, compared to Young Master, I'm still too weak."

"This isn't your fault." Hong Weiguo laughed and said, "You're already doing very well. It's just that, compared to my house's Dali, you lack a bit of… luck. This isn't something we can control. No one can."

The secretary thought for a while and concluded: "CEO HongCEO HongCEO Hong, actually, I think that many a time, luck is also a part of our strength."

"Hahaha, fine, then just take it that this little prodigal is just lucky." Hong Weiguo's mood today was unusually good. "Oh right, what is he busy with currently? Report his activities to me."

"Yes." Even a blind man could tell Hong Weiguo's love and concern for Hong Dali. As his a.s.sistant, the secretary naturally needed to keep abreast of Hong Dali's non-private activities. "Young Master bought a small website previously, originally called Ling Dian. Young Master changed its name to Zhong Dian. But… but Young Master hired a business service manager who is supposed to be only good at spending money, then left everything to him and didn't care about it anymore."

"He hired a business service manager who only knows how to spend money?" Hong Weiguo suddenly felt that his intelligence level wasn't enough for use. "What was the situation on that day? Tell me in detail."

The secretary said, "Young Master Dali personally interviewed them. 37 people came for the interview, including all sorts of talents with high qualification—doctors of economics and doctors of advertising—but they were all pa.s.sed by Young Master Dali."

"En, then the last one, how did he succeed?" Hong Weiguo curiously asked.

"The last person…" The secretary wiped his sweat again. "The last person said that he graduated from a third-cla.s.s university. Then… then he said that he would spend as much money as it took into this Zhong Dian. Then, Young Master Dali immediately decided and said: 'I choose you!'. This is Young Master Dali's original words."

After finis.h.i.+ng saying this, the secretary helplessly said, "CEO HongCEO HongCEO Hong, I feel that my sense of logic was shattered all over the floor again."

"OK, this little rascal's mind really isn't something an ordinary person can fathom." Hong Weiguo smiled and said, "En, this time, we shall not do anything as well. Let's see what kind of results he can create. After all, a small website can't spend much anyway, let him play with it as much as he wants. All you have to do is just ensure that there is enough money in his card. Other than that, let him play around. Is there anything else?"

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 61 My Sense Of Logic Has Shattered All Over The Floor

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