Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 62 Liu Yihui

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The secretary reported: "From what Ling Xiaoyi said, lately, Young Master Dali has been sleeping in cla.s.s most of the time. This might be part of the reason behind his improvement in his body condition. In the past, Young Master Dali rarely slept in cla.s.s. Also, when he isn't sleeping in cla.s.s, he's using his phone to read online novels. It was said that he selected six authors from the website that he bought over to specially write novels for him to read, and will pay them a fee at a rate of a hundred yuan per thousand characters. Meaning that they can earn 30,000 yuan per month if they maintain writing at a speed of 10,000 characters per day."

Hong Weiguo touched his chin and said, "That's just pocket money, there's no need to consider that as long as Dali is happy. Yep, this little prodigal's improvement in his body condition might really be due to him sleeping so much every day. Contact his teachers secretly and ask them not to disturb his sleep during lessons. Oh right, I remember that he said he wanted to film a movie, is there any news on that?"

The secretary said, "Yes, there is. The low-cost short film Unexpectedly, Dali Creates Miracles that he mentioned has started filming."

"Look at the name this little rascal gave to the film." Hong Weiguo laughed. "As long as he wishes to, let him play around however he wants. Oh right, remember to remind his maids, he can do whatever he wants except just one thing." Speaking about this, Hong Weiguo's expression was so solemn that it almost seemed creepy. "Pay attention to his wellbeing, Dali is definitely not allowed to do anything dangerous. If something happens to him and he loses a hand or a leg, I will make their heads roll!"

Being the absolute controller of a super corporation, Hong Weiguo was quite amiable normally when he spoke about his son. But that didn't mean he was an amiable person in nature—in fact, those who could develop a company to such an extent, which of them could possibly be easy to deal with?

Hearing Hong Weiguo's words, the secretary s.h.i.+vered and hurriedly replied, "Yes, I understand."

Hong Weiguo tartly waved his hand and said, "OK, you may leave. Remember to tell the real estate business' Service Department to give notice that those willing to move houses can change an old house for a new one. A square meter for a square meter; a fair exchange."

"Yes." The secretary replied and left.

Tianjing City, East second loop, Turkey Software's HQ, Turkey Building, Level 15, the Director's office.

Liu Yihui stood in front of the window looking down at the crowds of people bustling with activity, softly sucking in a breath.

He was really fond of viewing the scenery from the window in such a manner, looking down at other things from a high angle. Although this location couldn't be considered to be very high, it wasn't low either. If it were too high, it would be troublesome just to get up and down the place, wasting a lot of time. If it were too low, he would lose this sense of looking down at others from a high perspective and would feel melancholy about it.

"Director Liu, these are Sangle's Hong family's latest activities." The business service a.s.sistant softly walked over and handed Liu Yihui a folder.

"En, let me take a look." Liu Yihui opened the folder and briefly scanned through. Shaking his head, he laughed and said, "This Hong Weiguo, he's still so cautious and careful with his actions, making it hard for others to deal with him."

The business service a.s.sistant softly said, "Yes. But according to our investigation, his son Hong Dali has been doing a lot of small activities lately, and Hong Weiguo seems quite supportive of it."

"Hong Dali?" Liu Yihui scorned and said, "That small prodigal, last time he pretended to fall down and extorted 500,000 yuan and an Ocean King 1 from Mingcheng; that was really unexpected. What's he doing lately? Tell me."

Being rivals, Turkey's Director Liu Yihui naturally had to keep an eye on Sangle's activities.

In the Heavenly State, Sangle and Turkey were two ma.s.sive beasts in the computer and internet industry, and their area of business activities often collided with each other. Liu Yihui had always dreamed of defeating Sangle and destroying it so that his company could further expand and develop.

As the saying goes, one should go ahead with the plan should the conditions agree, and one should create such a condition if it didn't exist. Naturally, he couldn't let Hong Dali off, this little prodigal.

The business service a.s.sistant reported one by one: "Hong Dali's recent activities are buying estates to raise dogs, grooming a female celebrity, filming a movie, and buying over an online novel website to ask the authors to write novels for him to read."

After hearing about Hong Dali's achievements, although they were rivals, Liu Yihui didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "It's really unfortunate of the Hong family to have such a prodigal. Is there any weak spot that we can exploit?"

These few matters didn't seem to be something that he could use to strike out at. Therefore, Liu Yihui didn't bore much hope.

Unexpectedly, the business service a.s.sistant smiled and said, "Indeed, there is. Hong Dali bought over quite a number of estates at the west fourth loop near Ye Lai Xiang. By itself, it isn't much of an issue. But…"

"But what?" Liu Yihui asked. This business service a.s.sistant was definitely a high-end talent. If it were a small issue, he would normally just speak it out directly.

The business service a.s.sistant said, "But this time, Hong Weiguo seems to have gone mad. To make Hong Dali happy, he bought a few hundreds of millions worth of land under Hong Dali's name. According to my a.n.a.lysis, there are two possibilities to this matter."

Liu Yihui curiously asked, "What possibilities? Tell me."

The business service a.s.sistant pushed his up slightly and said, "Because Hong Dali suddenly said he wanted to occupy the hill at Fengyuan Lake and be a king there, Hong Weiguo bought over the entire hill. And he also bought over a few other pieces of land which are all near Ye Lai Xiang. And the reason for buying it is quite amusing."

The business service a.s.sistant smiled and said, "The reason is that Hong Dali's body condition changed for the better recently, and Hong Weiguo thought that it was due to Hong Dali squandering money in exchange for his health. Therefore, he squandered with Hong Dali together. Hong Dali likes to raise dogs, so he bought over all the land that he could buy near Ye Lai Xiang to let Hong Dali walk his dogs."

Pu— Liu Yihui couldn't hold back and burst out in laughter, saying, "This Hong Weiguo, I didn't expect him to go nuts at such an age. En, is there any other news?"

The business service a.s.sistant said, "There is. Currently, Hong Weiguo is still buying land and buildings. It's said that he has spent a capital of more than 400 million yuan. Director Liu, what do you think…"

Liu Yihui thought for a while and suddenly asked, "Hong Weiguo would not use such a large sum easily… Has Hong Dali's body condition really changed for the better? Could it be that it was due to some government policy regarding the west fourth loop?"

"Currently, we didn't hear of any government plans to develop the west fourth loop." The business service a.s.sistant said. "But Hong Dali's body condition really changed for the better. Previously, when he wanted to buy the hill at Fengyuan Lake, someone saw him walking the dogs for more than two kilometers, and he didn't seem tired."

"Good!" Liu Yihui violently clapped his hands. "With regards to how much Hong Weiguo dotes on Hong Dali, if Hong Dali's sickly body really recovered, Hong Weiguo really would do such a thing. Don't we have some pieces of land at the west fourth loop that Hong Weiguo doesn't know about? Let it go through some other people's hands and sell it all to him!"

The business service a.s.sistant carefully asked, "Director Liu, what you mean is…"

Liu Yihui coldly said, "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Now, go!"

"Yes." The business service a.s.sistant broke out in cold sweat and instantly left.

When there was only him left in the office, Liu Yihui let out a cold laugh. "Hehe, Hong Weiguo. This time, I will definitely give you something to remember, haha!" The car that was smashed.

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 62 Liu Yihui

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