Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 63 Excited Plus Dog Treasure

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Hong Dali was clueless about the plans of the higher-ups. He was laying carefreely on his cla.s.sroom table, boringly playing with his refined fountain pen that was worth 3,800 yuan, twirling it around like the propeller of a helicopter. While doing so, he was thinking: Now that my health attribute points are maxed out at 100 points, it would be hard to explain why my sickly body suddenly recovered entirely. Although my family didn't dwell on this now, eventually, they will come around and realize this. I need to think of a plan to explain this situation smoothly.

One couldn't help but admit that Hong Dali's thinking was accurate.

Regarding the system in his mind, absolutely no one could know about it. No one could explain how the system came about and got into his mind, even Hong Dali himself. Of course, he didn't plan to dwell on it either. What he needed to do now was to think of an explanation for how his body suddenly recovered. Using the excuse of squandering and in exchange being blessed by Heaven was obviously not a plausible reason—after all, this was the era of science.

"What should I do?" Honestly speaking, Hong Dali's impression of his parents was pretty good. He didn't wish to lie to them, but he had no choice regarding the matter of the system. Trying to explain such an unexplainable thing would only make matters worse.

"Tell them that my body got better because of exercise? That's not feasible." Hong Dali counted on his fingers one by one. "Say that I was poisoned previously? That wouldn't work, this body's previous condition was definitely a congenital factor. It's not possible that they didn't try to cure it in the past, but that they didn't manage to cure it. Telling them that my sickness was suddenly cured, that's not realistic either."

"Genetic mutation?" Hong Dali felt a pain in his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.e. "If I say that, I will definitely be captured and sent to a lab to be a guinea pig…"

"Accidentally eat some 1,000-year-old reis.h.i.+ mushroom or a 10,000-year-old snow ginseng?" That was even more unrealistic. "That seems like something out of a wuxia drama…"

Speaking of wuxia dramas, Hong Dali suddenly had an idea. "That's right, there's a plot in the novel Return of the Condor Heroes where Xiao Longnü drops off a cliff and eats the fish in the lake beneath, which cured her of the poison in her body. Basically, it's something about eating something to slowly recuperate the body. I can use this idea and say that I drank some beverage that cured my body!"

Thinking about this, Hong Dali immediately sent out a text message: [Xiaoyi, that Excited beverage 1 that I always drink, how is their factory doing? Is it a strong company?]

Very quickly, Xiaoyi replied: [I'm not very sure about that. Young Master, what's the matter?]

Hong Dali: [It's like this, I was wondering how come my body suddenly recovered? I was quite puzzled at first, but I suddenly remembered that previously, when I drank this Excited beverage, I felt quite comfortable. Therefore, I drank it for quite a few days, and my body did indeed feel much better. Now, I feel that my body has fully recovered. Thus, I thought that this might be due to some secret ancestral recipe that they use in this beverage that cured my body! Ah, with my current body const.i.tution, I can't stop drinking this beverage. Otherwise, my whole body feels uncomfortable!]

Hong Dali knew that this Excited beverage was a functional beverage, the type that added nutrients in the beverage to benefit the body, not just some simple orange juice type of beverage. My parents might not believe me if I said that my body recovered just by drinking this stuff, so I have to think of something else too—nowadays, I often eat dog treasure pickles, that shall be it!

Indeed, XIaoyi shortly replied: [Really!? I shall report to Old Master now!]

That should do it, at least there's a basis to help me cover up for this issue that caused a pain in my t.e.s.t.i.c.l.e. Then, when my other attributes also increase, it will be easier to explain—since my health has recovered, the other attributes will naturally slowly recover as well.

This time, he waited ten plus minutes before getting a reply. Hong Dali was astonished when he read it—

Father: "You little rascal, I'm in your school's meeting room. Come over right now."

So fast? My dad came personally!?

Hong Dali immediately stood up, causing the teacher who was teaching at the moment to unmistakably shudder. Hong Dali softly said, "Teacher, I wish to take a leave and go out for a while. I will come back shortly."

Teacher: "You may go, don't rush."

"I know that." Hong Dali slowly and leisurely walked out of the cla.s.sroom, then ran a few steps to the meeting room on level three. When he pushed the door open, he was instantly astonished. "Dad, you… you moved the entire hospital here?"

It was no wonder Hong Dali was so surprised, Hong Weiguo literally moved a whole medical team here. There were at least five to six doctors in the meeting room, and seven to eight medical machinery with sizes ranging from big to small.

From the time Hong Weiguo texted Xiaoyi to the time Hong Weiguo reached the school, only less than 15 minutes had pa.s.sed. Making such a big fuss, it was obvious how much Hong Weiguo cared about Hong Dali.

Hong Weiguo meticulously looked Hong Dali from head to toe and waved him over. "Xiaoyi has told me everything. Come over here now, let the doctor give you a check-up."

"Oh, OK." Hong Dali grinningly walked over. After a round of check-ups of his heartbeat, muscle reaction, and electrocardiogram, the doctor nodded, smiled and said, "Congratulations, CEO HongCEO HongCEO Hong. Young Master Dali's body has indeed returned to normal and is very healthy at the moment. Merely, his muscle strength and such is still quite weak. But since his health has recovered, I believe that the other aspects will slowly return to normal too."

What a good doctor! Hong Dali almost wanted to give him a kiss—with these words, even when his other attributes reached 100 points, his parents would not be suspicious anymore!

Hearing that Hong Dali had indeed recovered his health, Hong Weiguo laughed loudly and suddenly said to the doctor, "Today's check-up has shown that Dali's body has indeed gotten better, but only slightly. Do you understand?"

The doctor nodded and said, "I understand. Then, CEO HongCEO HongCEO Hong, we shall be heading back now."

"You may leave." Hong Weiguo nodded.

After all the doctors had left, Hong Dali carefully asked, "Dad, you…"

"Silly child, I…" Hong Weiguo rubbed Hong Dali's head, but sighed and said, "Don't ask me for the specific reasons, just know that I'm doing this for your own good, OK?"

"Yep, I got it…" Hong Dali wasn't sure of the reason, but he obediently nodded his head.

Hong Weiguo smiled and changed the topic. He said, "Come, tell me. How did you recover? I heard from Xiaoyi that you recovered by drinking some Excited beverage?"

Hong Dali instantly acted. "I think so, I have no idea what's going on too. I just felt great when drinking this beverage."

"Excited beverage, by rights, can't cure illnesses." Hong Weiguo touched his chin. "Then, what other stuff did you usually eat?"

Hong Dali said, "Dog treasure pickles? I like to eat my rice with this dish. They go well together, hehe."

"Haha, could it be that Excited plus dog treasure helped cure your body when mixed together? That's quite amazing." Hong Weiguo had planned to ask more details. After all, this explanation seemed quite unreliable. But he suddenly thought: Forget it, I shan't ask anymore. Heaven has let Dali's body recover, this in itself is already a very lucky thing. I must not be greedy, if not, I may spoil this luck." Thinking of this, Hong Weiguo instantly stopped asking, and instead instructed Hong Dali: "Since my house's little prodigal's body has recovered, then I can let my heart rest now. Remember, regarding the matter of your body having fully recovered, do not speak any of this to anyone. Just tell them you got a little better, do you understand?"

"Yep, I understand." Hong Dali sniffed his nose. "Then I shall go back to cla.s.s now."

"Go, little rascal." Although he said this, Hong Weiguo still felt an ache in his nose.

This… really is good news… Waiting for this day every day and night, waiting for 10 plus years. Now, this day has finally come. A brand of beverage.

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 63 Excited Plus Dog Treasure

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