Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 67 A Trick Within A Trick

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"How can I not be nervous at a time like this?" This time, Tang Muxin was really nervous. "You're betting everything on Sister Nianwei's moral quality? No, you can't do that. One's moral quality is the least reliable thing in this world. Open the door, I want to get out!"

She tried to open the car door as she spoke, but Hong Dali dragged her back tightly. However, even though Hong Dali's health attribute points were maxed out, his strength attribute was still low. Hong Dali was dragged back and forth by Tang Muxin as she struggled. He continuously shouted, "Have you watched The Three Kingdoms for nothing? Can't you tell this is a plot? It's so obvious. Stop now, or I'm going to end up in tragedy."

"Plot? What plot?" Hearing Hong Dali's words, Tang Muxin finally calmed down. In fact, whether Li Nianwei stayed by Hong Dali's side or left with Liu Mingxin, it had nothing to do with her. Furthermore, from a woman's point of view, she also did not wish for a second woman to hang around Hong Dali, especially a pretty one, even though she did not plan to marry Hong Dali.

However, she just couldn't stand seeing Hong Dali being bullied. Now that Liu Mingxin deliberately made a move against him, Tang Muxin immediately stood by his side without a single hint of hesitation.

"Phew, you almost shook me to death." Hong Dali didn't have any negative feelings towards Tang Muxin's rashness just now. After all, she was only trying to protect him, just that her intelligence level seemed to have dropped. After taking in a few deep breaths, Hong Dali slowly said, "How obvious the plot is today? Don't you think it's weird how there suddenly seems to be so many excited fans here?"

Tang Muxin looked around. The fans were starting to hold up their signboards again, continuously shooting Li Nianwei's name. It seemed normal, but very quickly, Tang Muxin found some clues and said, "Speaking of which, the number of fans here today seem more numerous than normal, and their expression seems to show that they're much more fanatical than normal fans."

Hong Dali smilingly said, "Exactly. This Liu Mingxin is indeed quite capable. He can be said to be cunning and vicious. I have noticed from the start that many of the fans here are acting weirdly. Ever since we arrived, they keep looking at us. Also, it's quite obvious that they have moved closer to us." Speaking to this point, Hong Dali pouted his lips towards where Liu Mingxin was standing. "Look at Liu Mingxin, have you noticed that the fans around him are mostly female, and their distance from him is quite far?"

"Yep, I have noticed that now." Tang Muxin looked meticulously, and quickly said, "Those females are surrounding him, seemingly protecting him from those frantic fans. Also, they're constantly peeking at us!"

"That's right." Hong Dali gave a cold laugh and said, "Therefore, I guess that there is quite a number of people here that were sent by Liu Mingxin. Humph, on the surface, he's here to propose his love to Li Nianwei. But in reality, his aim is to lure me out of the car. Once I alight, and his people shout 'Young Master Dali is here' and surge towards us, we might get trampled to death if we're unprepared. But If I don't alight, he can make his pretense real by proposing his love for Li Nianwei in front of me. This is what is called an eye for an eye! This Liu Mingxin is really something, killing two birds with one stone. This trick within a trick of his is really something."

Hearing Hong Dali's words, Tang Muxin felt a cold air flowing through from her feet to her head, her scald going numb. Carefully pondering his words, the truth might really be what Hong Dali said. She went blank for a while, and suddenly asked in a curious tone, "Dali, how did you become so smart today? Could it be that you're possessed by Zhu Geliang's ghost 1 ?"

Hong Dali helplessly said, "I'm a prodigal, not a fool, OK? Why are you equating a prodigal to a fool?"

"OK, OK, my fault." This was the first time that Tang Muxin lowered her head in front of Hong Dali. "Then, what do you think we should do now?"

Hong Dali grinned. "Isn't that simple? We shall use the rule of using no change to counter all kinds of changes. Once Sister Cai brings reporters and security guards down with her, the first setup of Liu Mingxin will be spoiled. Even this Liu Mingxin will not have the courage to cause a stampede in front of a group of reporters and security guards. Then—" Hong Dali eerily said, "It's time to witness a miracle!"

"So… so scary!" Looking at Hong Dali's expression, Tang Muxin sucked in a cold breathe.

As expected, it was just as Hong Dali had said. After about five minutes or so, the manager Zhang Cai led a big group of reporters and security guards out from Chenhui Building's entrance. Protected in the middle of this group of reporters and security guards stood a beautiful lady in a white dress. Who else could it be but Li Nianwei?

"Weiwei! I love you!"

"Weiwei, my G.o.ddess!"

The excited fans immediately started to roar and scream when this group of people appeared. The noise level really skyrocketed above the limits of the sky. Having been a manager of celebrities for so many years, Zhang Cai understood how scary fans could be. She hurriedly instructed the security guards to separate the road, creating a s.p.a.ce for Hong Dali's car to move.

Liu Mingxin frowned, then gradually relaxed. He had arranged an entire set of a trick within a trick. But from the looks of things, his first plot had failed.

Very quickly, the crowd split apart. Liu Mingxin carried the bouquet of roses and gradually stepped forward. He first smiled at Zhang Cai, then said, "Hi, my name is Liu Mingxin." He had a handsome face and an elegant and graceful carriage. Seeing him, Zhang Cai obviously went blank for a while before nodding and said, "h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo, I have heard of you. You're the Big Young Master from the Liu Corporation, am I right?"

"You speak too highly of me, just calling me Mingxin will do." Liu Mingxin pushed aside the reporters and finally stood in front of Li Nianwei. "The prettiest of flowers for the prettiest lady. I hope that Lady Nianwei will not be ceremonious with me." He slightly bowed as he spoke, making his greeting.

He already had a handsome face and an air of elegant grace, and his status was also grand. Now, seeing how gentlemanly he was, the surrounding fans instantly screamed, with quite a number of young female fans so excited that they collapsed.

Facing such a scene, any normal girl's heart would definitely start pumping madly. Li Nianwei was a normal girl; therefore, she was quite surprised too and felt her heartbeat going faster. However, she didn't accept the bouquet, but instead lightly shook her head and rejected him. "I'm very sorry, but I can't accept it. Sorry for causing you to waste money."

His proposal of love and his bouquet rejected publicly, Liu Mingxin didn't feel any sense of setback. He didn't force her, but instead placed the bouquet in Zhang Cai's hands and said, "En, I understand what you mean. After all, this is our first meeting, it was impudent of me. Let me introduce myself. I'm Liu Mingxin, the director of Mingxin Network, 25 years old this year." He was, in fact, Liu Corporation's director Liu Yihui's eldest son, but he didn't mention a word about that, exuding his extraordinary self-confidence.

Mingxin Network, one of the top five network companies in the country, mainly focusing on online gaming. It could be said to earn large amounts of gold every day, and there was not a single exaggeration in this saying.

"Greetings." After Liu Mingxin finished his self-introduction, Li Nianwei continued to maintain her polite smile, at the same time keeping a small distance from him. "It's my pleasure to meet you." Her formal tone of speaking was used very aptly.

Liu Mingxin was still planning to say something, but he heard a languid voice behind him. "Don't bother wasting your saliva, my Big Young Master Liu Mingxin." One of the brightest adviser in The Three Kingdoms.

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 67 A Trick Within A Trick

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