Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 737 Only Sell One Piece Of Armor Per Day!

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"Brother Dali." Yin Tianzong softly asked, "You are planning to connect all of these shops together? This is indeed a good idea. But what are you planning to sell? You will need lots of armors for such a large shop, right? Why don't I help you ask for a supply source?"

He was being serious. With his family's connections, there naturally wasn't any problem in contacting a supply source for Hong Dali.

"Ah, there's no need to worry about supply." Hong Dali grinned and said, "Didn't I just buy lots of armors, what I won't be using can just be thrown here to be sold away. Look, isn't this plan perfect!"

There was a lot of information in those words!

"Wait a minute." Yin Tianzong felt that his brain wasn't turning fast enough. "You mean to say that you plan to use part of those armors for yourself and sell the rest here?"

Hong Dali very shamelessly nodded and said, "That's right!"

"G.o.d!" Yin Tianzong was completely astonished. "You bought these seven shops just to sell those leftover armors of yours!?"

He really had an eye-opener today—he could actually do such a thing!?

"Something like that." Hong Dali was very proud of himself. "If not, how can I call this squandering?"

Yin Tianzong violently slapped his own thigh and said, "Brother Dali, you are much more impressive than me! I wouldn't be able to think of such a fabulous idea to squander like you!"

That's for sure. If not, how can I become the number one prodigal in the Universe?

Very quickly, Ling Xiaoyi came back and softly said, "Young Master, I have already talked with them. They don't dare to come over. Also, they are in the midst of cleaning their shops now. Young Master, let's wait till they are done with the cleaning before we go in."

"Yup, sure." Hong Dali nodded. Very quickly, a representative came over and respectfully bowed towards Yin Tianzong first. "Greetings, Sir Aristocrat." Then, he bowed towards Hong Dali. "Greetings, Sir Honorary Aristocrat."

"Save the formalities." Yin Tianzong casually waved his hand and said, "It's my Brother Dali who's going to talk with you, there's no need to nag me."

"Yes, yes, I understand." That boss stretched out his hand and signaled. "Sir Aristocrat, this way please."

Hong Dali nodded in satisfaction. "Okay, let's go."

Very quickly, they came to a small conference room. The conference room had already been cleaned until the windows were sparkling. It was probably the first time that this room was so clean ever since Star Harbor was built…

"Respectable Sir Aristocrat, take a seat, please take a seat!" The seven bosses were all here now. The one whose shop was closed had sweat all over his head—it seemed he ran over here quite anxiously.

These seven people were composed of all kinds of races, male and female, tall and short. If their skin color was arranged in the order red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple, they could even represent the rainbow and be placed into the sky…

Actually, Hong Dali felt that they should have a new nickname—Calabash Siblings.

Leaning on the sofa, Hong Dali placed his legs on the tea table in front of him, behaving like a hedonist. Drinking the beverage that a female lackey pa.s.sed to him, he humphed and said, "Yup, not bad. I believe that all of you already know what I am here for. Now, tell me, are all of you planning to sell your shops?"

Facing such a situation, the bosses all sweated profusely. This person in front of them was an Honorary Aristocrat and he seemed very difficult to handle! Just from his behavior and the lackeys beside him, they could tell that this wasn't a simple person. The two ladies beside him were extremely beautiful too! Being able to have such people following him, how could this guy be simple?

In their hearts, they had already placed themselves in a lower position. Their leader respectful said, "Sir Aristocrat, speaking of which, our shops are indeed not doing very well. What we fear is that if we rent the shops to you, if you lose money as a result, we won't be able to answer to you…"

It couldn't be denied that their worries were very reasonable.

Hong Dali was an Honorary Aristocrat now!

If the Galaxy Aristocrats were emperors, the Honorary Aristocrats were definitely the highest-ranking officials working for the emperor. These bosses definitely didn't dare to offend him! If the Honorary Aristocrat lost money and got angry, wouldn't they be in big trouble?

"Loss of money? That's a good thing!" Unexpectedly, upon hearing this, Hong Dali beamed with delight. "Losing money is what I want, what meaning is there in earning money?"

Saying so, he signaled to Ling Xiaoyi. "Ask them to state a price, let me see if it's reasonable or not."

"Okay, Young Master." Ling Xiaoyi smiled and nodded. Then, she looked at the seven bosses and said, "Please state your prices now."

"This…" This was a difficult question. But luckily, one of them was already planning to sell his shop, so he hurriedly stepped forward and made an example. "Sir Aristocrat, my shop has an area of 226 square meters. I am planning to sell it for an exact 200,000 dollars."

Hong Dali snapped his fingers. "Xiaoyi."

Ling Xiaoyi looked around, made a rough estimation, then said, "According to the prices here, each square meter costs about 1,200 Galaxy Dollars. However, because the location isn't very good, the price of the shops here is cheaper by 300 per square meters, which means 900 per square meters. The cost of the shop is 203,400 Galaxy Dollars in total. For the renovation of the shop, just take it as 40,000 Galaxy Dollars, so it's a total of 243,400 Galaxy Dollars. If we add in the stocks in the shop, it should be worth about 250,000 Galaxy Dollars."

Looks like Ling Xiaoyi's special ability to estimate prices accurately is also very effective here, haha!

"This… This…" Hearing Ling Xiaoyi say this, the shop owner was so surprised that he couldn't close his mouth!

The worth of his shop, from the shop s.p.a.ce to renovation to the remaining stock, it was really almost exactly 250,000!

"Pomp!" Hong Dali violently slapped the table. "You actually dared to deceive me!"

"Sir! I don't dare to do such a thing!" The shop owner was so scared that his face turned white. "I really sincerely plan to sell the shop! If Sir thinks that the price is still too high… 180,000! I just ask for 180,000!"

"Yup, that's much better." Hong Dali expressed that he was very satisfied. "Round it up to 250,000. Next one."

Huh? What's this?

That shop owner was instantly astonished. The logic of this Honorary Aristocrat seemed to be very amazing!

With the first shop owners' example, this time, the second owner learned the lesson and said, "Sir, my shop has an area of 232 square meters. Each square meter also costs 900 Galaxy Dollars. However, my remaining stock is more than his, so, plus the cost for renovation, the total worth is about 270,000. If Sir wants to buy, 210,000 Galaxy Dollars is enough."

"Yup." Hong Dali nodded and said, "Round up to 250,000. Next one."

With their example, the rest was simple. Hong Dali bought seven shops for 250,000 Galaxy Dollars each. Together, the shop s.p.a.ce had an area of 1,335 square meters. If he connected all of them together, that would definitely be the largest shop on this level.

"Xiaoyi, continue with the procedures." Hong Dali instructed Xiaoyi, then gradually stood up and left behind some words. Everyone present instantly broke down mentally—

"This shop shall be named Dali Armor Shop, and it will only sell one piece of armor per day."

A shop with a s.p.a.ce of about 1,300 to just sell one piece of armor per day!

G.o.d, what kind of armor would have to be? It must definitely be of the highest grade, right?

Then, Hong Dali decisively added, "Just sell the leftover armors that I bought just now."

Tang Muxin: "…"

Li Nianwei: "…"

Lucifer: "…"

G.o.d, what is this!?

One piece of armor per day? Sell the normal stuff? What's more, sell the leftover ones!? A shop with a s.p.a.ce of more than 1,300 square meters just to sell this!?

Tang Muxin fanatically said, "Dali, can you be more serious!?"

"I am being very serious now." Hong Dali felt strange and asked, "Do I look like I am not serious?"

"O… Okay…" Tang Muxin took in a deep breath. Honestly speaking, she didn't know what kind of expression she should use now—should she support him or not? This was a very serious question!

The procedures were completed very quickly. The seven shop owners beamed with delight when sending them off. "Sir Aristocrat, please walk carefully!"

After Hong Dali left, they looked at each other and burst out laughing. One of them said, "Our luck today is really good! This Sir Aristocrat is actually willing to spend so much to buy over our shops!"

The second one said, "That's right, our location is too deep in the corner, the customer flow here has always been very low. Even if a few came, most just take a look and leave. But now, this Sir Aristocrat was actually willing to buy these shops, and at a high price too…"

The third person said, "That's why he could become an Honorary Aristocrat, he doesn't lack money!"

Everyone nodded in unison. "Yup, he doesn't lack money!" Then, all of them couldn't help but shake their shoulders. Very obviously, they had a hard time holding in their laughter…

Over at Hong Dali's side.

"Let's continue." Hong Dali laughed loudly and said, "This feeling is really too satisfying, I can't stop at all—let's go to floor 23 now!"

Floor 23, this level sold high-grade weapons. Hong Dali did the same as before and bought many weapons. Regardless if he could use them or not, just buy first!

After he was done with buying weapons, he bought another seven shops. Same as before, 250,000 per shop, seven shops that were connected together, no more no less.

When he was on floor 11, not a lot of people knew of this. But after he was done buying the seven shops on floor 23, this matter spread out very quickly!

"Hey, have you heard?" A shop owner softly said, "An Honorary Aristocrat came here today. What's more, he's a Double Honorary Aristocrat and even has ten plus attendants with him!"

The second shop owner violently nodded and said, "Yes, I have heard. This Sir Aristocrat specially bought over some shops in places where the location isn't very good. Basically, he bought those shops that were losing money and bought seven connected shops together for 250,000 each. He's doing something large!"

"Really?" The third shop owner said in surprise, "Then, what is he purposely buying those shops that are losing money for? To sell equipment? Could it be that he's going to compete with us?"

"That's not possible." Then, the first shop owner laughed and said, "I heard the latest news from the other side. This Sir Aristocrat proclaimed himself to be a prodigal. He bought those shops just to squander. This is really amazing, there all really all kinds of people nowadays—he said that his shops would only be selling one equipment a day! A shop size of about 1,500 square meters, just to sell one equipment per day!"A pun on the famous Chinese cartoon called Calabash Brothers which were made up of seven brothers.

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 737 Only Sell One Piece Of Armor Per Day!

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