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Heloise, runner-up for Sing! Milky Way in Sing! Milky Way, had a 50 million-plus support rate. Although not comparable to Li Nianwei's 80 million-plus support rate, to be objective, Heloise was indeed a beauty and had quite impressive musical skills.

However, who would still look at the Moon when the Sun was in the sky? Therefore, it could only be said that she was unlucky.

"Yup, it looks like you guys have prepared yourselves well." Looking at these four girls, Li Hanhong was very satisfied. They were about to go in and serve Sir Malone now, so Li Hanhong naturally had to conduct the last training. "The person inside is the Dimu Star Sector High n.o.ble, Sir Malone. He is definitely a person with very high status, even us Galaxy Aristocrats have to lower our heads in front of him. Therefore, useless words aside, no matter what he asks of you all, just accept it! Or else, die! Of course, if you girls can make him satisfied with your service, then I shall arrange for you all to be in charge of countless estates and even make you all Honorary Aristocrats and enjoy supreme glory! Do you all understand!?"

Li Hanhong's words were very simple.

If they made the High n.o.ble Sir Malone satisfied with their service, he would give them whatever they wanted. If Sir Malone wasn't satisfied, they would have to die!

Two results that were on extreme opposite ends and there definitely wasn't a third choice.

"Understood!" These four girls had already received all kinds and sorts of training before they came here. It wasn't an overstatement to say that they could satisfy whatever request Sir Malone had, no matter what it was! After all, being able to serve a High n.o.ble was in itself a very lucky thing for them. A normal person wouldn't even have such an opportunity even if they wanted to.

"Yup, good." Li Hanhong took one last look at them. All types of women could be found within them, young, beautiful, mature, pure, sisterly, and child-like. One dressed more exposed and bold, with her towering b.r.e.a.s.t.s and raised hips; one looked very shy, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s slightly smaller, and her body was extremely slim. One wore a workplace suit with a gentle smile on her face, looking like the little sister from the neighbor next door. One looked very frosty, but in bed, she would definitely behave differently…

These four girls would definitely make Sir Malone very happy with their service!

"Okay, do one final safety check, then go in." Li Hanhong nodded, smiled, and said, "I wish you all good luck."

Therefore, the guard used a detector device and scanned the four girls to make sure that there wasn't any danger. Then, Li Hanhong brought them into the VIP room that Sir Malone was in.

"Sir Malone, the people you want are here." Li Hanhong bowed deeply towards Malone and, with the humblest smile on his face, said, "Are they to your liking?"

These four women were definitely one in ten thousand. Although not comparable to Li Nianwei and Tang Muxin, they could be rated at least 115 and above according to the System's rating. After all, they had to serve a High n.o.ble, not anyone could be qualified to do such a thing.

"Yup, they are really not bad." Upon seeing these four girls, Malone's eyes instantly lit-up. He looked them all over and lastly nodded in satisfaction and said, "Haha, not bad, really not bad! Sigh, speaking of which, people like you are indeed more interesting. The previous person who was in charge of receiving me had too low standards, making me uninterested!"

Sir Malone is satisfied!

Hearing this, Li Tianxing was instantly delighted. As long as Malone was satisfied, once his son performed well and Malone brought him away to be groomed, the entire Milky Way would be under the Li Family's rule in the future! If Tianxing's performance during the grooming was outstanding enough, Tianxing might even grasp control of the galaxies around the Milky Way!

"Since this is the case, I shan't bother you anymore, Sir Malone." Now that he had accomplished his mission, Li Hanhong didn't dare to stay anymore. If not, he might ruin Sir Malone's mood and lead to bad results. He naturally wouldn't commit that kind of mistake!

"You may leave." Malone nodded in satisfaction and said, "I will call you if I need anything."

Therefore, very quickly, Li Hanhong excitedly walked out of the room.

He wasn't able to not be excited.

Due to a lack of talent, his power couldn't improve much anymore. Simply put, he was only about the standard of getting past level 23 or 24 in the Tower of Trials. But Li Tianxing was different, his talent was even on par with that of his grandfather Li Xuancheng! What he lacked now was an opportunity, an opportunity to enter a place of higher level, that's all!

As long as Sir Malone was satisfied this time, Li Tianxing would be able to become the second person in the Li Family to enter Dimu Star Sector headquarters and train there. By that time, hehe, the Elders' Conference? They would need to listen to whatever he said, wouldn't they!?

Inside Malone's room.

Malone leaned on the sofa and looked all over the four girls again. He was quite satisfied with their appearance, temperament, and figure, all of them. Out of the four girls, his favorite was the woman with long wavy hair.

Her figure was way too hot! Look at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, look at her long legs…

"Yup, not bad, haha, good!" Malone hooked his finger towards Heloise. "You, come here, sit on my lap."

Sir Malone actually chose me first!

This was really a surprise to Heloise, and she hurriedly walked over. On her face, there was a trace of perturb in her purity and a trace of coldness in her enchanting looks. Her overall temperament even caused Malone to be dazed from looking at her.

"Sir Malone." Carefully sitting on Malone's leg, Heloise hooked his neck with her hand and intimately said, "Do you like me the most? This is really a surprise for me…"

As she spoke, she even moved her body softly on Malone's legs, like she was a coquettish snake.

"Yup, haha, not bad, your voice is quite nice too, it's exactly the type I like." He was very satisfied with Heloise's behavior. While laughing, he touched her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and said, "Yup, let me see if this is really substantial, hehe."

Very quickly, he held Heloise's b.r.e.a.s.t.s. That large and soft half-ball was too large for his hand to even hold fully. After touching it for a while, Malone even placed his hand under his nose and sniffed. "Yup, very pleasant smelling, haha, really pleasant smelling."

After laughing for a while, he suddenly patted Heloise's bottom, smiled and said, "Yup, wait for me a while."

His tone was very gentle, and Heloise also felt very comfortable upon hearing it. So what if he's a High n.o.ble? Doesn't he have to lay down under my skirt in the end? Hehe, as long as I can seduce this Sir Malone who is of even higher status than the Galaxy Aristocrats, Li Nianwei, I shall make you suffer!

After I capture you, I am going to find 10 barbarians to serve you well! I shall see how you are going to maintain that G.o.ddess-like face of yours and what expression it will become! Hahaha!

Heloise had already started to plan on how to take revenge on Li Nianwei after she captured Sir Malone's heart. Unexpectedly, just as she was being very excited, a sharp pain came from her belly as Malone kicked her onto the floor!

"How can this be! How can this be!" Malone was wearing a pair of strange spectacles now. Originally, his face still had a bit of n.o.bility to it, but now it turned extremely savage! He kicked Heloise onto the floor and his forehead even had green veins popping out. Looking at Heloise who was sitting on the floor in shock, he walked forward and continuously said, "How can this be! How can this be! How can it be that someone I like is actually not a virgin! How can this be!"

Hearing this, Heloise was instantly astonished! After being astonished, she felt endless fear!

She wasn't a decent woman in the first place. Before partic.i.p.ating in Sing! Milky Way, she had already changed numerous boyfriends. After Sing! Milky Way, she also had a relations.h.i.+p with the handsome Qi Shengjie and slept together for numerous times.

How could it be possible that she was still a virgin?

Actually, this wasn't a big deal. When Heloise heard that she would be serving Sir Malone, she even went to do a mending surgery! She thought that her plan was flawless, but she never expected that Malone's strange spectacles could actually tell whether she was a virgin or not!

"You thought that you could deceive me because of the mending surgery, is that so?" Malone's entire face was distorted. While speaking, he took out an exquisite pistol, aimed at Heloise, and angrily said, "You are the type of woman I like! But you are actually not a virgin! This is definitely unforgivable! The women I like must be virgins! A virgin who didn't go through mending surgery before! Or else, there will only be one ending. Die!"

"No, don't kill me!" Heloise was so terrified that her tears and snot flowed out as she frantically tried to back away. At the same time, she cried and begged. "Sir Malone, don't kill me, don't kill me!"

"s.l.u.t!" Saying so, Malone pulled the trigger.


A ray of light was shot from the pistol onto Heloise's body, instantly piercing through her!

"I…" Even till she died, Heloise still didn't understand what exactly happened…

After killing Heloise, as if he did something insignificant, Malone's face quickly reverted back to his previous expression and pointed at the second woman. He hooked his finger, smiled and said, "You, come here, let me take a look."

The second woman nervously walked over. Malone used the spectacles to take a look and was quite satisfied this time. "Yup, not bad, this is more like it. You are the pure type of woman that I like, haha, hahahaha!"

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 878 Slu

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