Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 958 Good News From The New Earth

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Jiang Qianxue was this kind of person. She was calm about everything but extremely firm in her stand.

Once she was set on something, n.o.body could change her mind.

"Hais." Jiang Dongliu sighed and helplessly said, "We don't look down upon everybody else. We always thought highly of Hong Dali before this. He's a kind kid with a good personality, and he took care of his friends and family. All that is good and well. However, the biggest problem is that it's impossible for the two of you to have children!"

Children. That was the biggest problem lying between Jiang Qianxue and Hong Dali getting together.

What was the total population of the Galaxy Aristocrats from the Beta Planet? Two hundred thousand. Every Galaxy Aristocrat was a precious treasure. Hence, no matter how huge their mistakes were, they would not be executed. That was because of their tiny population.

It was already a difficult task to continue the family lineage at this point. If a marriage still failed to occur between the younger generation…

Technically, one person did not seem like a big deal. However, if calculations were done, the results were painfully obvious.

Currently, Galaxy Aristocrats mostly practiced monogamy. This was not because of any laws or regulations. The key thing was that the current ratio between young men and women was almost exactly one-to-one. For one wife and one husband in a Galaxy Aristocrat family, only one child would be born most of the time. It was not because they only wished for one child. Instead, they could not conceive another child no matter how hard they tried.

For some unknown reason, almost every single Galaxy Aristocrat family in the past 1000 years could only produce one child.

The problem then arose. With such a low birth rate, the population was definitely decreasing in size. Anyone who could count would understand that.

Hence, it was not an overstatement to claim that the Galaxy Aristocrats were now simply waiting for their extinction.

It could still be fine in the short term, but in the long term, the result…

"I know that too." Jiang Qianxue was helpless. She dared not dream about emotions and relations.h.i.+ps. Who could she blame for being a Galaxy Aristocrat? However, that did not represent that she had no romantic visions for love.

Jiang Qianxue once thought that the person she would love would be the brightest star of them all. A genius, an almighty genius. He would be the center of attention no matter where he went. He would be a hero. A hero who could change the world.

Then, the Tower of Trials appeared.

That mysterious, legendary genius challenged all thirty levels in one go. That left an irreplaceable image in Jiang Qianxue's heart.

Now she found out that this person was the Hong Dali that she played together with every day. Although he was a prodigal, although he was heartless, although he had plenty of character flaws, his strong points were just as unforgettable to Jiang Qianxue.

He knew how to protect his friends and family. He was kind. He was happy.

She never felt too much pressure when together with him. She was always happy and carefree as if she did not need to think or speak about anything.

He did not know how to whisper sweet nothings to you. However, you would always be in his heart. He would always think of you whenever something good happened.

And so Jiang Qianxue fell.

She knew that if she did not work hard and fight for this, she would regret it for her life.

"Grandpa." Jiang Qianxue paused before softly saying, "I want to go to the Faerie Star, together with him. If we really aren't suitable, I'll return then. Is that okay?"

Upon hearing what Jiang Qianxue said, Jiang Dongliu and Jiang Duxing looked at each other and sighed at the same time.

If Heaven wished it to rain or your daughter wished to marry, there was no way to stop them. Hong Dali was no longer someone they could touch. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, they could have sent the Nine Sha Luos in the past. However, Hong Dali had built up his reputation now. Everything was too late.

Thinking of this, Jiang Dongliu suddenly felt a gush of cold air rise from his heart straight to the top of his head.

This Hong Dali always looked heartless and carefree. Regardless of whether that was intentional or unintentional, he could be summarized into one sentence. This guy was truly too terrifying.

He never revealed the fact that he was the genius who challenged thirty levels in the Tower of Trials, until the advancement a.s.sessment. Now, almost all the Honorary Aristocrats found out at once that he was the almighty genius. Jiang Dongliu could only offer to draw Hong Dali to his side. Once the rewards were announced, the entire Milky Way probably already found out that he was the mysterious man.

It was too late for them to take any actions against him then.

All in all, this Hong Dali either chose not to act or went straight for the kill.

"Sigh. Alright." Jiang Dongliu was out of choice and helplessly nodded. "However, Qianxue, you're my favorite granddaughter. I can't stand to see you get hurt. Sigh, go. If the two of you are really suitable, fine. If you aren't, I'll help you think of something. No matter what, I can't have you upset for your whole life, right?"

Upon hearing that, Jiang Qianxue buried her head into Jiang Dongliu's chest and cried, "Grandpa, I know. I… I will settle everything."

On the other side of the Milky Way, the distant New Earth.

Because of the previous battle with the Zergs, the humans who relocated to the New Earth were all busy with rebuilding.

This New Earth was superior to Earth in every way, from the air to the environment, the water, and the mineral resources. Its size was definitely sufficiently large too. After a month of research and discussions, the humans from Earth decided to form the Earth Federal Government. The mysterious man was elected as the president, and eight congressmen joined him in planning for the construction of New Earth.

"Wu Di." The mysterious man sat in the newly constructed, albeit shabby, temporary office. He looked at the doc.u.ments in his hands and frowned deeply. "How's the rebuilding work progressing along?"

The rebuilding of the New Earth was a top priority. The mysterious man had not been sleeping for more than five hours every night. His days were all spent settling various matters regarding the rebuild.

"It hasn't been going so well." Wu Di sighed. "There's nothing we can do about it. There are ample resources here. However, we brought too little tools along. Many things can't be resolved within a few short months."

He looked at the material in his hands. "We have a surprise of manpower. Many of them are unemployed. It's as if only construction workers are able to make a living right now. As for the others, there's nothing they can do without resources."

It was not his fault, actually.

Think about it, everyone is new here. If you want to pull the different industries together, you must at least have habitable buildings, right? However, for buildings to be built, even for the simplest brick houses on Earth, you have to build brick kilns, right? You have to create cement, right? You have to connect a water source or dig wells, right? How do you planning on digging wells? You can't even generate any electricity.

It was not an overstatement to claim that the New Earth now was barely at the ancient stage of Earth between the Agricultural Revolution and the Steam Age. The gap was too big.

The things that people were used to on Earth could not be so easily rebuilt here without tools—take the simplest example, there weren't even enough shovels to dig wells. Who would have thought of bringing stars.h.i.+ps worth of shovels over during the migration? As for excavators and things like that, they were even more of an afterthought.

"We're missing tools." The mysterious man felt helpless. "The things we're missing the most are tools. Without tools, nothing can be accomplished."

He thought for a while, then sighed and shook his head. "Then, is there any good news?"

"There is some good news." The Chief looked at the doc.u.ments. "The good news is that the people are in good emotional states. The food supply is ample and sufficient for at least another three months. The first batch of agricultural produce will soon be available. It's unlikely for a riot to start due to hunger. Furthermore…" The Chief raised his eyebrows. "As we brought over quite a large number of animals, they have discovered plenty of valuable treasures. For instance, various types of minerals and gems. They will all be useful in the future."

Hong Dali was always fond of animals. Hence, people emulated him. They brought over a huge number of animals during this migration. At least, there were a huge number of pet dogs and pet cats.

This created an interesting situation—this group of animals often surprised people. They had found over ten mines already…

"Hehe, I guess that can be considered good news." The mysterious man laughed and said, "This kid Dali, it's all thanks to him…"

Just as the two of them discussed the rebuilding, a frantic knocking sound was heard. Mu Huishou excitedly ran in and shouted, "Good news, good news! There's good news from Young Master Dali!"

"What kind of good news?!" Once he heard that it was good news brought by Hong Dali, the mysterious man instantly stood up.

"Hurry up. What kind of good news is it?!" Wu Di was also excited. This Hong Dali was still reliable. Although he was not often heard from, all his actions were significant!

"It's really good news." Mu Huishou yelled, "The Young Master was promoted to a Black and White-level Honorary Aristocrat at the Milky Way Alliance. In addition, he'll be brought up to the Dimu Star Sector headquarters for further training. The reward for his promotion has been allocated, and they contacted us from the other end of the universe. The reward is a total of, a total of…"

"A total of how much?!" The mysterious man stared with wide eyes! Reward! Reward for the Black and White level. Could it be little?!

"Currently, there are sixty Fifth-level Stellar s.p.a.ce Carriers awaiting orders." Mu Huishou gulped. "214 strong fighter guards, as well as a fund of ten billion Galaxy Dollars!

A fund of ten billion Galaxy Dollars!

The mysterious man and the Chief both sucked in a cold breath!

Ten billion Galaxy Dollars, what concept was that?

It would not be an overstatement to say that this sum would be enough to provide a good life for everyone on New Earth. They could acquire countless supplies, tools, high-end technology, as well as all kinds of top-notch talents!

Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal 958 Good News From The New Earth

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