Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled By The Executive Chapter 70: Guan Meiyi Has Acting Skills

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"Mr. Ruan is here!" Li Fei's shrill voice shattered the silence in the room, "Is he here to see our Meiyi?" Li Fei smugly glanced at Ling Tianya, escorting Guan Meiyi with a face full of injustice over to Ruan Zeyan, "Mr. Ruan had come to visit our Meiyi on the first day of filming, you really do have Meiyi in your heart!"

Li Fei's words were spoken specifically for Ling Tianya and Zhang Heng to hear, just to let them know, that Guan Meiyi was not your run-of-the-mill actor, she had a special relations.h.i.+p with the drama's investor. She was someone that they couldn't afford to offend!

Zhang Heng looked at Li Fei, and his frown tightened further. The other party was Ruan Zeyan, no matter how powerful and talented of a director he was, or how much of foothold he had in the industry, he had no rights to look down on Ruan Zeyan.

Ling Tianya's lips twitched upwards, just ignoring Li Fei directly. She was just surprised by Guan Meiyi's performance. She was obnoxious and arrogant earlier, and then she turned into a pitiful cat. The emotion-switch was extremely fast and natural, so it wasn't that she didn't have acting skills, it was just dependant on who she was acting too.

With Ruan Zeyan, Guan Meiyi was definitely an line actor!

Li Fei's words were clear -- Ruan Zeyan was there to visit Guan Meiyi. Ling Tianya had no energy to see them act all lovey-dovey, and so she picked up her script to check the next day's scene.

It was Ling Tianya's first work since coming back to China, and it was a blockbuster too. The production team had required the screenwriter to follow the team throughout, to facilitate any changes or edits to be made to the script on the fly. Besides, it was Ling Tianya's work, and no one understood the essence of the script better than her.

It was what Ling Tianya had intended to do anyway, filming in China was different from filming overseas. The written and unspoken rules were very different. She was grateful and lucky that her first gig was a huge, well-thought-out blockbuster, and that she was given the rights to follow the group and change the script on the go.

There were only two things that were unfortunate - the fact that the female lead was Guan Meiyi, and the investor was Ruan Zeyan.

Back then during their initial meeting to settle the contract, the only person that she had met was the producer, Mr. w.a.n.g. She only knew that the investor was Ruan Zeyan when she came back to China, and that was why they had their first meeting in Liu Fei.

What a pain!

Ruan Zeyan's arrival had upended the entire cast. Almost everyone stood to welcome the money G.o.d. Some people had even surrounded them in an attempt to stick up to the both of them. Guan Meiyi stood silently by Ruan Zeyan's side, feeling respect and reverence from the whole cast, her face filled with a contented bliss, as though she really was Mrs. Ruan.

Ruan Zeyan's arrival was out of Guan Meiyi's expectations, and her ego was sufficiently stroked. Back at the Ruan mansion, Ruan Zeyan didn't come to see her, and she had mused over it for so long. It looked like she had thought too much of it, Ruan Zeyan was very busy after all. It was normal that he didn't have the time to see her. She was happy she came to visit her the moment he could!

Turning to see Ling Tianya who was looking at her script in concentration, Guan Meiyi's smile deepened. So what if you were the one that wrote the script? So what if the director is on your side? The man behind her is the investor, the CEO of Yuan Teng Corporation, Ruan Zeyan!

Ling Tianya lowered her head as she studied the script until someone stood in front of her and blocked the light. the moment she had raised her head, she saw Ruan Zeyan and his face that was frozen solid standing under the sun. She had gained some experience during the audition. She stood first, instead of waiting for Ruan Zeyan to open his mouth, "Mr. Ruan, you want this seat? Here, it's yours."

She stood as she spoke, picking up her script and coffee, walking to a shaded area in a corner to sit and continue reading her script.

Ruan Zeyan's deep-set eyes followed Ling Tianya's slim figure as she moved to the corner, before looking at the Americano that seemed to have cooled down already. Just as he turned back, his gaze met with Zhang Heng who was also following Ling Tianya with his eyes.

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled By The Executive Chapter 70: Guan Meiyi Has Acting Skills

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