Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 193 The Saint Rune's Power

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The tortoise sh.e.l.l like dome glowed brightly as mystical runes appeared on it, giving it an indestructible feeling.

Zhou Yuan stood within it as he watched the scarlet gravel sweep down from the sky.


Under countless nervous watching gazes, the scarlet gravel ruthlessly smashed into the tortoise sh.e.l.l Genesis Rune boundary.

Bang bang!

An unceasing chain of explosions immediately began.

Every scarlet rock contained volatile explosive power, and the c.u.mulation of so many was definitely extremely terrifying. Even a mountain would be destroyed by their combined force.

Scarlet shockwaves that could been seen with the naked eye unfurled as the Genesis Rune boundary violently rippled.

Every gaze both outside and inside the Saint Remains Domain were tightly glued to the scenes in the mirror. Everyone clearly wanted to know if Zhou Yuan's Genesis Rune boundary would be able to withstand such a frightening attack.

If it failed… it would likely be the end of the battle.

Every eye in the place did not dare to even blink.

Bang! Bang!

Inside the Genesis Rune boundary, Zhou Yuan stared at the wildly rippling Genesis Rune boundary. He could feel just how powerful the bombardment was. If he was exposed, things would indeed become very difficult.

“A Heaven Genesis technique sure is terrifying…”

Mumbled Zhou Yuan. Even a low grade Heaven Genesis technique was already able to rouse the surrounding Genesis Qi, creating a frightening attack. Such power was far from anything a Black Genesis technique could achieve.

His gaze peered into the distance where Wu Huang was standing on scarlet-red Genesis Qi in the air. The latter's face was currently sinisterly dark, a gaze that could swallow a man whole locked onto Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan, since you're living in such misery, you should not so desperately delay the inevitable…” Wu Huang's chilling voice sounded.

His hand seal changed, immediately causing the scarlet cloud in the sky to shake as more and more scarlet gravel rained down, covering the entire sky as they plunged towards the violently rippling Genesis Rune boundary.

The increasingly ferocious attacks caused the entire tortoise sh.e.l.l like Genesis Rune boundary to begin shaking wildly.

“That Genesis Rune boundary is about to reach its limit.”

This scene immediately fell into the eyes of numerous people, resulting in a series of pitying sighs. “What a pity, Zhou Yuan was really amazing.”

“Yeah, with the cultivation of the Heaven Gate stage, he forced even someone like Wu Huang to use a Heaven Genesis technique. Even if he loses, his name will surely shake the Cangmang Continent.”

“Agreed. If he also had AlphOrigin stage cultivation, it would be difficult to say who would win this battle.”


Amidst the numerous voices, the Genesis Rune boundary shaking grew more and more violent, the tortoise sh.e.l.l like boundary weakening layer by layer under the bombardment of countless scarlet gravel.

“Zhou Yuan, you will die today!”

The murder in Wu Huang's eyes grew thicker and thicker as he watched the weakening Genesis Rune boundary. In the next instant, he suddenly put his hands together and shouted, "Scarlet Gravel Punch!"

Bzzz bzzz!

The scarlet gravel in the sky began to gather at this moment, forming a several dozen feet large scarlet-red fist. The giant fist was the sum of innumerable scarlet gravel, wild and berserk undulations pulsing from it.


Wu Huang laughed savagely as his palm swung downwards.


The giant scarlet gravel fist descended at an indescribably fast speed. Even Zhou Yuan was only able to see a blur fly past as a series of m.u.f.fled explosion rang out in the sky.


In a mere instant, the scarlet fist had already appeared above the Genesis Rune boundary, slamming down a split second later.

The Genesis Rune boundary seemed to freeze at the moment of impact. Almost immediately after, ripples crazily pulsed from the point of contact...


A faint sound was heard from the Genesis Runes on the ground, cracks appearing on them.

Cracks similarly began to emerge on the Genesis Rune boundary.

It was clearly on the verge of shattering.

Countless onlookers shook their heads inside. As expected, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Rune boundary was still a little lacking.

"Looks like it's not enough…"

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. The central pillar of his Genesis Rune boundary were grade 3 Genesis Runes. If he could replace them with grade 4, it may be enough to withstand the attacks.


The giant scarlet gravel fist trembled as the Genesis Rune boundary finally reached its limit and burst apart with a boom.

Having blasted apart the Genesis Rune boundary, the scarlet fist continued to descend, heading straight for Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan's legs bent, about to use Dragon Step to dodge. The attack was too powerful, and it was impossible for him to receive it head-on given his current strength.

However, the moment Zhou Yuan was about the dodge, he suddenly felt a tremble from between his brows as a faint ancient rune appeared.

"The Saint Rune from the golden pool?!"

Zhou Yuan's heart shook. He had tried so hard to get a reaction from the Saint Rune previously, but his efforts bore no fruit. It was surprising for it to suddenly appear at this critical juncture.

Lines suddenly extended from the rune, ultimately piercing Zhou Yuan's pupils.

A slight p.r.i.c.kling pain was felt from his eyes.

Unbeknownst to him, ancient patterns began to fill Zhou Yuan's pupils.

Before he could panic, he suddenly realised that world before him seemed to be different. The quick as thunder giant scarlet gravel fist seemed to have slowed substantially.

Moreover, several dots of light had appeared in the giant fist.

These light dots were scattered all over, making it difficult to make any sense of them. However, Zhou Yuan could feel that the area in the vicinity of these light dots were extremely unstable, the Genesis Qi there somewhat in chaos.

"These are…"

Zhou Yuan pupils suddenly tightened. "Weak points?!"

The light dots were definitely the most vulnerable areas of the giant scarlet gravel fist. In other words, weak points!

But this realization also confused Zhou Yuan. These vulnerabilities were concealed by the scarlet gravel, making them almost impossible to detect. Yet, they were now as bright as lamps in his eyes.

"Is this the ability of the Saint Rune?!" Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding.

The Saint Rune could allow him to see the many vulnerabilities in Genesis techniques?

Zhou Yuan's heart was akin to a raging sea because he knew just how frightening this ability was. Vulnerabilities existed in any Genesis technique. If he could find these vulnerabilities, it would be akin to achieving a huge effect with little effort, paying the smallest possible price to destroy an opponent's Genesis Qi.

The figure that was about to retreat paused slightly.

"If so, perhaps I no longer need to avoid…"

He raised his head, looking at the rapidly descending giant scarlet gravel fist as his eyes narrowed slightly.

His legs bent again, swiftly shooting forward a split second later. Five fingers clenched tightly into a fist as the golden Magical Python Scales emerged. Dark gold Genesis Qi whizzed out, shaking the surrounding air.

“He… isn't going to dodge?!”

Horrified yelps exploded when this scene fell into the eyes of the many onlookers. Everyone was both shaken and stunned by Zhou Yuan's foolish actions.

Mu Wuji's expression also changed slightly.

While a malicious smile was revealed on Zhao Pan's face.

Wu Huang looked down from above, ridicule and disdain lifting from the corners of his mouth.

“Zhou Yuan, since you want death so badly, you can only blame yourself in the underworld!”

Under countless gazes of disbelief, Zhou Yuan continued his advance with a cold look on his face. A fist covered in golden scales powerfully slammed into the descending giant scarlet gravel fist with the strongest power he could muster...


The entire white jade plaza seemed to violently tremble at this moment.
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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 193 The Saint Rune's Power

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