The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 147 Are You A Stone With Hair?

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There were flowers and trees in the garden. The weather was windy in autumn. Gu Xijiu sat at a gazebo and leaned on a post. She enjoyed looking at the flowers while deep in thoughts.
Suddenly, something happened!
A cold light appeared out of nowhere like a lightning directly shooting towards her forehead.
The cold light was extremely violent. Before it reached her, the wind that was brought up by the light could even cut someone's skin!
If Gu Xijiu didn't avoid it in time, she would be killed on the spot by the light.
Although she had lost her teleportation ability, her reaction speed was extremely fast. When she saw something amiss, she immediately leaned backward to dodge and the cold light swept closely from her face.
She rolled over a few times followed by a leap.
Another cold light shot towards her again and Gu Xijiu tried to dodge it.
With the Qing Gong that was taught by the Firmament Stone recently, coupled with the internal strength that she had just practiced, she could barely dodge from the light. However, she looked fidgety and if she did not pay close attention, she would have been stabbed by the light.
Fortunately, there were quite a few guards patrolling the courtyard. When they heard the movements, they quickly rushed over to investigate.
When the guards appeared, the cold light disappeared too, as if nothing had happened.
After a few dodges, Gu Xijiu looked very ashamed with her messy hair and clothes. Apparently, she had endeavoured her best to avoid the lights.
The guards also witnessed the tail of that light, but they could never see the person who attacked. They were shocked as there were not many people who had the ability to be invisible. People who knew how to be invisible with such a powerful attack were even fewer, such people were mostly the clan leaders.
They wondered why they wanted to come and attack this little girl and issued such a brutal attack.
Fortunately, they came on time or else their master would have been murdered by the invisible man.
The guards did not dare to lose their attention anymore. Some of them escorted Gu Xijiu back to her room and some of them started to search through the house to look for the There were a few people who quickly went out to inform Gu Xietian who was outside. In just a short time, the house became very busy and crowded.
Gu Xijiu headed back to her room and seemed to be in shock. She stood stunned for a moment, before was.h.i.+ng her face and changed her clothes to freshen up.
The Firmament Stone was curious, "Although you have lost your teleportation ability, you have a set of special methods to dodge attacks. Why would you want to use the new technique that you have just learned? Although the new technique is useful too, you are not familiar with it yet… If you had used the old set of dodging, you would not have been so ashamed. There were a few times you were nearly attacked and the light had just pa.s.sed through your cheek. I was so scared until my hair stood on its end!"

"Are you a stone with hair?" Gu Xijiu laughed at it.
The Firmament Stone remained silent and retorted, 'That's besides the point!"
"Hush, hush, don't make any noise. Someone is peeping at us."
The Firmament Stone was quiet. It was a stone with spiritual power, so it sensed around for a while and found that there was a pair of eyes in the dark looking at them.
However, it could not pinpoint where the eyes were.
Obviously, that person was very good at hiding himself. He could even hide from the spiritual power of the Firmament Stone.
Fortunately, it was talking with Gu Xijiu telepathically and would not be noticed by others. They could not even see the movement of Gu Xijiu's lips.
The Firmament Stone was not stupid. It immediately figured out her hidden agenda, "Did you deliberately dodged the attack so poorly to show off to that person?"

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 147 Are You A Stone With Hair?

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