The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 1975 Continue Looking 5

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Since splitting with Shen Nianmo, she had only contacted him through the directed audio device once. Even then, they were not entirely on good terms.

When she managed to reach him, she thanked him, for his legendary crested birds with poisonous feathers. She spoke more than ten sentences while Shen Nianmo kept silent. After listening to her, he merely chuckled but did not say anything before hanging up.

Later on, when Gu Xijiu started contacting him again, he stopped answering. It was the same this time. The directed audio talisman glowed in her palm for more than ten times, but no one picked up.

Could that b.a.s.t.a.r.d have thrown her directed audio talisman away?! Gu Xijiu had a strong feeling that she could be right.

She thought about it and decided to go to Yuhang Zhenren training ground, Wujie Hill. That was also what she had promised Yuhang Zhenren.

She still had the appearance of a 12 to 13-year-old kid and introduced herself as Ren Chongsheng before going up Wujie Hill. Those who were guarding the gates had been ordered to let her in; hence, they invited her gleefully up the hill, while addressing her as their senior.

Gu Xijiu asked the guard, "Has your big brother returned?"

"He came back once yesterday, but he left again this morning."

Gu Xijiu was surprised. If Shen Nianmo was not at the hill, then what was she going there for?

"Where did he go?"

The apprentice looked at Gu Xijiu warily, "Do you… like big brother as well?"

Gu Xijiu replied nonchalantly, "Yea, I like him; he is cute."

The male apprentice said was dumbfounded. That was his first time hearing someone describing his big brother with the adjective 'cute'. He found it rather rare. Nonetheless, he was excited. "Sister, a lot of people like big brother. Those who had sisters always got envious of him, and would silently see him as their rival…"

Shen Nianmo's figure appeared in Gu Xijiu's mind. The little fella really had a dangerous face; therefore, it was probably very easy for him to attract girls.

Gu Xijiu listened to the gossip about Shen Nianmo for a while, and finally interrupted the boy apprentice who had been rambling. "You have yet to tell me where has big brother gone to."

The boy apprentices were rather embarra.s.sed. "We are not sure either. Big brother tends to do his things secretively, and he has not returned to the hill much throughout these two years. However, our master would definitely be aware of it. You could go up the hill and ask him."

Gu Xijiu kept her disappointment to herself. All right, then she would go and visit Yuhang Zhenren since she was his apprentice. It was courtesy for her to visit him.

The apprentice guided her into the hill, and she then saw numerous tall buildings built by the hillside. Shrouded among the Phoenix Tree Forest, with green stones being paved into pathways underneath them, coupled with the drizzle and the moist green, it looked somewhat secluded.

Gu Xijiu ascended the stairs and reached the top. She met a young man. When he saw her, all of a sudden, his eyes lit up, and he rushed towards her. "Sister Chongsheng!"

The young man was, in fact, Si Qing. Seeing that he was up and about, it was obvious that the venom had been cured. Si Qing was exhilarated to see her. He then took her to the living area.

Gu Xijiu met Yuhang Zhenren at the hall of Wujie Hill and greeted him politely.

Yuhang Zhenren was all fresh. "Chongsheng, you are finally back. That plan of yours was of great leverage, and the medicine you prepared was rather effective as well. Si Qing and Qing Luo both took them and fully recovered after resting for half a day!"

Gu Xijiu's lips curved upwards. She knew that the medicine would be effective. 

"Zhenren, where is Nianmo?" After Gu Xijiu and Yuhang Zhenren casually chatted for a while, Gu Xijiu went for her ultimate goal.

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 1975 Continue Looking 5

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