The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2145 One At A Time, They Took The Beasts Down Easily

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Some thought that the dishes could only be found in heaven. Others believed that the dishes had a special ability, which was to increase one's lifespan or even to grant immortality. However, they also knew that Mr. Di would not take a lot of food with him. Only Brother Stone was ent.i.tled to taste the dishes. They could only smell the food from aside.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They knew very well that the food was not for them, but the smell was irresistible. It was heavenly. Seeing that they were all attracted to the smell, Di Fuyi said, "If you can make it out successfully, each set of these dishes will be yours," he motivated.

His words were much more encouraging than the clan leader's heartfelt speech. Their eyes brightened with hope again. Gu Xijiu could see that all of them were instantly hyped up. They focused entirely on the lessons given and learned very quickly. Usually, they would need at least an hour to memorize these steps. This time, they managed to memorize all the crucial details in half an hour. All they required now was practice. 

When the lesson ended, Gu Xijiu was also done with her breakfast. Together, they left, leaving the men behind to practice the array formation.

Everything went according to plan. Gu Xijiu would work with Di Fuyi to ensure the execution of the plan went well. She teleported with him to the outskirts of the valley.

A few Phantom Beasts were triggered while they made their escape, but Gu Xijiu's teleportation skill allowed her to flee very quickly. Before the beasts could catch them, they were already long gone.

An hour later, they were at the wizardry barrier, fogged by a layer of red mist. At the edge of the barrier, there were dozens of Phantom Beasts lingering around. Upon seeing them, the beasts rushed like a swarm of bees.

Gu Xijiu's physical condition was not as good as before. She could handle one or two Phantom Beasts at a time, but definitely not a bunch of them. The large group of beasts was the cause of her injury the last time she came by the edge of the wizardry barrier. But this time was different; she had Di Fuyi by her side.

Di Fuyi could not teleport, but he had strength. Also, his spiritual power was very advanced; hence, he could perform many killer moves. Gu Xijiu was responsible for teleporting Di Fuyi to the side of each beast so that he could kill it with his sword.

Together, they coordinated perfectly. One at a time, they took the beasts down easily. The Phantom Beasts were nothing to their formidable combination. They finished with the beasts in less than 15 minutes. At least, they could not see any beasts from where they stood. Gu Xijiu could finally heave a sigh of relief. Although she was not the one responsible for the killing, teleporting both of them around was equally exhausting.

Nonetheless, her physical strength was much better than usual. Normally, frequent teleportation would wear her out very quickly, but this time, even with an additional man, it did not seem to trouble her. She only sweated a little.

Was she in high spirits as a result of the recent happy events? Did their perfect coordination make everything feel effortless? Was it because of what happened last night in the tent?

She was told that having s.e.x was very exhausting to both men and women. Usually, both partners would experience a minor decline in their spiritual power the next day. Some women could not even leave their beds. Yet, she was unusually agile today, so her strength must have nothing to do with s.e.x.

After brief contemplation, she soon escaped her thoughts. She saw Di Fuyi studying the red fog intensely. Occasionally, he would move his fingers swiftly as if making calculations. His purple robes swayed gracefully in the gusts of wind. The man was divine. He was handsome, even more so when he was focused.

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2145 One At A Time, They Took The Beasts Down Easily

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