The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2177 Did He Take The Lives Of The Innocent As A Joke?

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The guard was expecting the intruder to be glaring at him with a serious face. Instead, the man gave him a warm smile in return. The sword was still hanging on the guard's neck, however. Slowly, but surely, he started to feel the sword cutting through his flesh.

The skin on his neck was slashed open, and blood emerged. As seconds past, the pain became more and more unbearable. The whole process was as though someone was cutting meat with a blunt knife. It was slow but surely painful and frightening.

The guards were shocked to the core. Their leader was in the hands of the intruder, so his followers dared not take another step forward. "Don't you do anything to him!" They verbally warned.

"The guard is the cousin of the governor. If he is hurt, your life will not be spared."

"Let him go! Release him now!"

The shouting continued.

The guard was trembling in fear, but he still refused to keep his voice down. "I bet that you dare not do anything to me. I…" Suddenly, he could not continue speaking. The sword buried another inch deeper into his neck. With the slightest movement in the right direction, the man's aorta would be slashed open. By then, his life would be surely gone.

"You… What do you want?" The guards finally gave in.

"Open the gate and let everyone through," Di Fuyi answered slowly.

The guard's face was as pale as a sheet, but he decided to give his one last try. "I… I cannot do so. You see… Can you see the archers at the wall? If you do not let me go, they will kill everyone down there."

A few moments ago, he gave the archers a secret code to signal them. The archers responded immediately and were all in their respective positions. All their bows were armed with arrows. With a wave, the archers would release their arrows and kill every life on the ground.

These archers were the best of the best in the city. Their precision and accuracy were, without a doubt, the best. The innocent villagers who did not have any armor were easy targets for them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Di Fuyi took a look at the bows of the archers and gave the guard another delightful smile. "Take a look at your so-called archers. Are there any arrows on their bows now?"

The guard and his men were caught by surprise. Di Fuyi gave the guard a hand to help him turn around and observe the archers that he was so proud of. After a quick look, his expression changed instantly.

A shadow had pa.s.sed each and every archer. Everywhere the shadow was, a cry of horror burst forth. Soon, all the arrows were taken away. The shadow that stole their arrows moved too quickly for the archers to react. They could not even see the figure properly.

The one who stole their arrows was certainly Gu Xijiu. At this moment, she was standing casually on the edge of the wall, with a bundle of steel arrows in her hands. "Let the people in!" She demanded authoritatively.

The guard was finally concerned about his safety. "I… I will now send someone to notify the governor. If he agrees, I will let these people in at once."

Gu Xijiu observed the sky and realized that the downpour of the blood rain would occur in less than 15 minutes. The act of notifying the governor was only a waste of time. There was not enough time for his man to go to and fro. The guard was obviously trying to waste their time. Did he take the lives of the innocent as a joke?

Di Fuyi gave him another smile and started putting more pressure on the sword. "You can either open the gate now or get killed immediately before I open the gate myself. Which one would you choose? I am not in the mood for this conversation. On the count of three, if you have not decided, I will decide for you. One, two…"

"Let them in! Let them in! Release the suspension bridge!" The guard could not win the argument, so he quickly gave the orders to his men.

The bridge was once again released, and the gates were wide open. More than 100 villagers ran across the bridge to enter the city as their refuge.

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2177 Did He Take The Lives Of The Innocent As A Joke?

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