The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2623 The Return Of The Lord 2

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"Will you let me live if I gather them all?"

"That depends on how things unfold." Gu Xijiu continued to play with the gun as she smilingly continued, "I only know if you refuse to do as told, you will be dead sooner than you think."

The officer was stunned.

A brief moment later, he decided that it was better for others to die instead of having himself killed. "Everyone, please gather yourself in Tianhong Square!" He finally broadcasted the message.

His voice echoed in every corner of Xingyao city through his vast broadcast system; it was loud and clear enough for everyone to hear him. The officer was a cruel and violent man. His ruthless figure was a scary sight to his men, so they would always obey his orders. However, the shooting in the air had somehow fragmented their faith in him.

Nonetheless, after much thought, they still decided to go to Tianhong Square but armed.

As for the common people, they also heard the broadcast, though they were not the targeted audience. Driven by curiosity, some of them actually followed the soldiers to the square as well.

Certainly, the people did not get too close to the square. On the other hand, the soldiers did not seem to care that they were being followed.

The commanding officer's warplane finally stopped above the square, which was everything Gu Xijiu wanted.

"Contact the admiral in-charge," Gu Xijiu finally said.

The officer was not sure of what she wanted to do but was too afraid to question her intention. Swiftly, he started contacting the admiral. As these foreigners from the future had very advanced technology, it only took seconds for a man to appear on the screen. It was a 5D display, so the man looked very life-like. It was as if he was truly standing in the cabin.

The man was very tall, at least six feet and two inches tall. His body was firm and muscular, toned enough to carry his grey uniform in the finest way. On his shoulders, a line of golden badges glistened with bright lights, as if showing off his achievements. His sleeves were slightly folded, too, thus revealing his strong hands. On his wrist, he seemed to be wearing something that resembled a blue spiritual stone. He had a handsome face. Surprisingly, he had the face of an Asian man.

All the foreign invaders that Gu Xijiu had met thus far were westerners through they had Asian-sounding names. Finally, she was able to see someone of the same descent.

The color of his sharp eyes was black, and they swept across the cabin like an eagle with keen sight. "Meng Hui, who is this?" He finally left his eyes on Gu Xijiu.

The officer's name was actually Meng Hui. He stood at attention as he spoke, "She… She seems to be the Lord of this world."

The man was caught by surprise and immediately became alerted. "The Lord? What is she doing in your vessel? What happened?"

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu was waving at him. "Hi."

The man was dumbfounded by her carefree nature.

Gu Xijiu continued smilingly, "You have been giving my people h.e.l.l. Haven't you thought that one day you would get the karma you deserve?"

The admiral definitely did not see this coming. 

"You claimed to have come from Earth, so you should be aware that everything you do comes with a price."

"Meng Hui, kill her now!" The man ordered.

Meng Hui was on the verge of breaking down. If he could, he would have killed her already. Hence, his admiral's instructions would be felt unfulfilled. 

"Admiral, I cannot kill her. She is not afraid of any of our weapons," Meng Hui's face was pale as a sheet. As soon as he finished speaking, he took a few steps back like a timid rodent. 

The admiral remained unconvinced. "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you don't kill her, I will kill you."

Meng Hui was struggling to respond, "I dare not." Abruptly, he turned to her with two additional guns in his hands and started firing at Gu Xijiu. He wanted to take advantage of the situation since she was not prepared. There was no wizardry barrier to keep her safe this time, so many flashes of laser beams could be seen launching at Gu Xijiu all at once.

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2623 The Return Of The Lord 2

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