The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 3020 A Racoon For A Prince 5

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Gu Xijiu, who was still inside the water prison, seemed to be getting desperate. She closed her eyes and no longer bothered to converse with the inner demon. She just let the black water drown her over and over again. 

Two hours pa.s.sed quickly, and Di Fuyi had come back; he carried Di Hao with him and said, "Xijiu, let's go."

"Alright." As 'Gu Xijiu' got up, she subconsciously moved to his side and held his arm as she walked with Di Fuyi and Di Hao. 

As they were pa.s.sing the boulder, 'Gu Xijiu' subconsciously looked at the stone again. She saw the real Gu Xijiu just emerge from the black water and coincidentally watched them pa.s.s her.

She clearly saw that the trio was going to leave. This time, her eyes finally showed panic and despair.

As expected, 'Gu Xijiu' tried to add to her misery. "Xijiu, we are going now. You stay here. Rest a.s.sured, in order not to disturb your leisurely time here; I will seal this place and no longer let anyone enter. You can stay here for thousands of years!"

Gu Xijiu looked at the shadows of the three people gradually disappear and felt as though she could no longer carry on. 

The demon was impersonating her too well and was even using her body now. 

Since the imposter used to be part of her past self, she naturally a.s.similated with the body very easily to the point where even Gu Xijiu herself would not be able to tell that something was off. 

Furthermore, Di Fuyi had just arrived, so he was not familiar with the desert. He did not know what had been happening and had no idea who was the real culprit behind everything. It was certainly easy to fool him now. 

Given the state of events, Gu Xijiu started to entertain the fact that she might be trapped here forever while the demon would use her body and live happily ever after with her husband and kids. 

The sheer possibility that this could happen made Gu Xijiu tremble in agony. 

She clenched her fists as she watched the three of them walk away. She was really desperate, and tears started to flow down her cheeks involuntarily.

Right at that moment, the black water rose again and submerged her completely. This time, she did not set up a wizardry barrier, so the hot black water burned her again. 

She trembled in pain, but she was too tired to struggle. If she were going to be trapped here for the rest of her life, she would rather have her soul dissipated.

She gradually became dizzy under the water, and oddly, the pain did nothing to keep her awake. 

Sometimes, dying was the easier option!

Since Gu Xijiu was a Great Deity, she could condense her soul into a solid form that was no different from a real body. She would not even age or die. However, this was only useful if she had the desire to live. 

Despite being a Great Deity, if Gu Xijiu really wanted to end her life, she could exercise a technique to make her soul dissipate. 

As she was now full of despair, she had the desire to die and dissipate her soul. She did not want to suffer any longer and live here endlessly. 


"Mother, do not leave Xuyue..."

"Mother! Don't give up!"

When she was about to exercise the technique of dissipating her own soul, she heard a few shouts.

They were from her two kids!

There was fear in Di Xuyue's voice, and she sounded like she was crying. Meanwhile, Di Hao's voice rang like a morning bell in her ear and shook her to the core!

She opened her eyes in an instant, and subconsciously looked around. She was still in the black water prison, but there was no trace of Di Xuyue or Di Hao.

The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 3020 A Racoon For A Prince 5

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