Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 872 - Dead or Alive (10)

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Chapter 872: Dead or Alive (10)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Judging from the faint light and knocking sound, Feng Shengyang could tell that she was using a stone to smash the window.

But she was also pretty dumb. Expensive luxury sports cars not only had high performance and cool designs but were also very st.u.r.dy. If other cars fell down the mountain and hit something, it would probably be wrecked, and there would be little chance of survival for anyone inside.

But their cars were different. The st.u.r.diness of each component were the best.

Breaking the window would be no easy task. Moreover, she was a girl. It would be a miracle if she broke it given her strength.

Feng Shengyang wanted to sit up straight, but his head was very dizzy. Everything seemed to be spinning. He suspected that he might have a concussion.

Moreover, his left arm was very painful and couldn’t be lifted up.

So he could only lean on the airbag and watch Mu Xiaoxiao’s every move.

After watching for some time, he found it weird. Why was she alone?

Where were the others?

Where was Feng Tianqi?

Could it be…

Feng Shengyang thought of a possibility. His pupils suddenly enlarged as he stared fixedly at Mu Xiaoxiao’s blurry figure. Just how much strength did she have in that pet.i.te body of hers. She continued to shout, her voice already hoa.r.s.e.

He recalled the place where he and Yin Shaojie had collided. It was very steep. Fortunately, it wasn’t a cliff, or they would surely have died.

However, they were still not safe. On such a steep slope they could still slip and roll down.

Did she… climb down alone?

Was she asking for death?

Feng Shengyang took a deep breath. For some reason, he suddenly smiled, his eyes gazing deeply at the pet.i.te figure outside.

Mu Xiaoxiao continued to hit the window, but it still didn’t budge.

She had hardly any strength left in her. Panting heavily, she still refused to give up.

Just when she was about to continue, she heard a faint voice. “Stop hitting…”

Mu Xiaoxiao froze. She dropped the stone, the strength of her arms were almost exhausted. She didn’t even have the strength to pick up her cell phone with one hand. She had no choice but to lift the cell phone with both her hands as she shone light into the car. .

“Jie, are you awake? Answer me again!”

Sure enough, she saw the figure in the car lifting his head.

She heard the familiar, deep voice. “I’m awake…”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s eyes became watery, and tears trickled down.

Sticking her face against the window, she sobbing and said in her hoa.r.s.e voice, “You scared me… Boohoo. Do you know you scared me! I thought… I thought…”

“Don’t cry. I’m fine,” Yin Shaojie said, finally lifting up his hand and lowering the window.

Mu Xiaoxiao hurriedly opened the door and rushed up to hug him.

“Boohoo…” She burst into tears, as if she was going to vent out all her panic and fear so that he would know how scared she had been.

Yin Shaojie’s head was hurting badly.

But in that moment, his heart was hurting even more.

His heart was broken at her crying.

“Don’t cry. Don’t cry, alright?” He pressed his lips on her forehead and asked gently, holding and caressing her head.

Mu Xiaoxiao was crying as her breath hitched. “I’m so, I’m so scared. I thought you were going to… Boo hoo…”

“Am I not fine now? I’m really fine. Don’t cry. I feel bad.” Yin Shaojie had recovered slightly, Holding her face in both hands, his lips rested on her eyes

Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 872 - Dead or Alive (10)

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