Library Of Heaven Is Path 1906 Where Did Teacher Go?

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The Hundred Schools of Philosophers had always held Kong s.h.i.+ as its central figure, so there was no one who would voice any objections with Kong s.h.i.+yao becoming their leader after her breakthrough to Ancient Sage.

With this, it meant that Zhang Xuan and his nine direct disciples had mankind, the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, and even the Hundred Schools of Philosophers under their control.

Knowing that she carried heavy responsibility on her shoulders, Kong s.h.i.+yao turned to her teacher and asked, "Teacher, how should we deal with the matter concerning the Kunxu Domain's seal?"

Her teacher had said that he would be able to resolve everything as long as she acknowledged him as her teacher.

"Let me give it a try."

Zhang Xuan walked up to the seal, and with a thought, he took a golden page from his glabella.


The golden page flew over to the seal of the Kunxu Domain and swiftly fused together with it. Following which, the seal quickly morphed into a ma.s.sive, majestic gate.

As soon as this ma.s.sive majestic gate appeared, the roaring lightning and crackling flames in the sky, as if having met their nemesis, quickly dissipated.

"What the… the crisis has been resolved just like that?"

Everyone was stupefied.

They had been wondering where they could find Dimension Shatterer realm experts to save them from their plight, but who could have known that everything would be resolved so easily with a single golden page?

If everything was that easy, why did Zhang Xuan not take it out earlier?

Disregarding the looks of discontentment directed at him, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. "It seems like everything worked out as I thought…"

In truth, he had been rather uncertain about the limits of the Library of Heaven's Path's abilities.

At the very start, the first limitation that he had found was that the Library of Heaven's Path was unable to see through the flaws of Ancient Sages. Perhaps it was because Ancient Sages were existences on par with the heavens, and that was its bottleneck.

However, when Luo Ruoxin fused the Great Codex of Spring and Autumn with his Library of Heaven's Path prior to her departure, this bottleneck had been removed.

Back then, he had wondered if the Library of Heaven's Path tier had already exceeded the 'heavens' of the Master Teacher Continent, and from the earlier result that he had seen, that seemed to be the case.

The heavens would not dare punish a higher existence than them, and the Library of Heaven's Path and the golden pages happened to be such existences.

With a seal formed by a golden page viewed to be a higher existence than the heavens of the Master Teacher Continent, the result was clear. There was no way the heavens would dare pa.s.s their judgement upon the Kunxu Domain anymore.

As long as the seal formed by the golden page existed, the heavens of the Master Teacher Continent would dare not barge their way in. In fact, it didn't matter whether the Kunxu Domain remained hidden or not anymore.

Satisfied with the results, Zhang Xuan glanced at Kong s.h.i.+yao and said, "I would like to pay a visit to the ancestral residence of the Kong Clan!"

Kong s.h.i.+yao quickly walked forward and led the way back to the Kunxu Domain.

The ancestral residence of the Kong Clan was located in the vicinity of the Great Phrontistery of Confucianism. Zhang Xuan strolled casually around it.

The Kong Clan had inherited Kong s.h.i.+'s heritage, and it aimed to push forward his ideals and cultivation techniques. There was a strong scholarly atmosphere drifting in the residence, and with every step that Zhang Xuan took, he could vaguely feel Kong s.h.i.+'s spirit and philosophy.

After taking a look around the Kong Clan, Zhang Xuan left the Kunxu Domain. This time, he did not take his direct disciples with him, wanting to take a walk around.

Kong s.h.i.+ had once toured around the entire Master Teacher Continent, and it had given him a much deeper comprehension of life. It was the spark that had led him to create the overpowered treasure known as the Great Codex of Spring and Autumn.

Zhang Xuan wanted to see the Master Teacher Continent as it was for himself as well, and through doing so, he hoped to rediscover who he was.

Every city that he went to, he would stop for a period of time to experience the local culture.

With the threat of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe resolved, the world was in a rare state of peace. The Master Teacher Pavilion had also been reorganized according to Yang s.h.i.+'s plans, destroying the previous aggregation of power through factions. At this moment, it had become an organization dedicated to imparting wisdom to the world.

Under Zhang Xuan's instructions, his direct disciples had scattered around the world to spread his teachings. Many of his past students from the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy had traveled around the world to lecture as well.

Often, those who heard Zhang Xuan's teaching through these indirect sources stumbled upon sudden bouts of enlightenment in the midst of the lectures, inducing a huge leap in their fighting prowess. As a result, their skills tended to surpa.s.s their peers. More often than not, those people would then become advocates of the 'Zhang School of Thought'.

In a short period of time, Zhang Xuan's reputation as the number one master teacher of the world grew greater and greater, such that the significance of his name was almost becoming synonymous with that of Kong s.h.i.+'s.

There was no one in this world who did not dream of hearing a lesson directly from Zhang s.h.i.+ himself, but it was as if the person in question had evaporated from the face of the world. No one knew where he was or where he had gone.

It was not just the Master Teacher Pavilion who did not know of his whereabouts—even his direct disciples had no clue as to where their teacher had gone. No matter how they tried to contact him, there was simply no response.

"Just where has teacher gone?" Zheng Yang sighed deeply.

He had flown to the southernmost hemisphere of the Master Teacher Continent, but there was no one who had seen his teacher at all.

Zhao Ya had flown to the extreme north, but her search had ended in futility.

Zhang Xuan's nine direct disciples had searched for four months, and they had scoured nearly every nook and cranny of the Master Teacher Continent, but their teacher remained nowhere to be seen.

"It's likely that our teacher is trying to find his own route and doesn't want to be disturbed right now. He should be fine, so there's no need for us to worry excessively about him," w.a.n.g Ying consoled.

"w.a.n.g Ying is right," Lu Chong said. "What we should do right now is not search for our teacher but follow his instructions and impart his wisdom to all parts of the world. Furthermore, we must make sure to keep up with our cultivation. We should aim to reach Blood Reincarnation realm consummation as soon as possible so that we can share some of his burden!"

"That's right!"

The others nodded in agreement.

With their teacher's current strength, there was no one on the Master Teacher Continent who could possibly pose a threat to him anymore. As such, there was indeed no need for them to worry.

Their time would be better used on accomplis.h.i.+ng the mission that he had entrusted to them and raising their cultivation. At the very least, when the time came, they would not be mere baggage to their teacher anymore.

While the world was searching for his whereabouts, Zhang Xuan was strolling leisurely in a remote town on the Master Teacher Continent.

It had been almost half a year since he left the Hundred Schools of Philosophers, which also meant that it had been two years since he had come to this world.

Over the past half a year, he had seen countless joys and sorrows, reunions and separations. The laughter of happiness, the cries of misery, the warmth of an embrace, the coldness of a rejection…

Taking in the emotions and experiences of those around him, Zhang Xuan felt as if he was living many different lives at once.

Today marked the third day since he had arrived in this little town, and going by his previous routine, it was about time for him to leave.

Taking one last look at the small, peaceful town around him, Zhang Xuan was just about to leave through the gates when a commotion suddenly broke out along the streets. Many people were rus.h.i.+ng toward a common destination in agitation.

"Hurry up, hurry up! A master teacher is here to spread his teaching!"

"It's said that the master teacher is here to impart Zhang s.h.i.+'s wisdom. We have to make sure to record it well! As long as we listen carefully and learn well, we might get a chance to obtain Greensprout Wheat!"

"Waa, that would really be great! Greensprout Wheat is only cultivated only by the Hundred School of Philosophers, and it can't be grown on the Master Teacher Continent, right? Do you know that blacksmith in the other village? Just the other day, he ate a single stalk of Greensprout Wheat and immediately achieved a breakthrough to the Zongs.h.i.+ realm!"

"That lucky b*stard! If I could achieve a breakthrough to the Zongs.h.i.+ realm, I'd be laughing even in my sleep!"

Such discussions could be heard here and there.

"A lecture?" Zhang Xuan noted before shaking his head with a smile.

He had seen too many of such scenes in his journey over the past half a year, so he had completely lost interest listening to such stuff.

There were many master teachers who used his name to bulk up their reputation. Some of their lectures were highly profound and induced deeper thoughts in the listener whereas others were riddled with flaws.

However, Zhang Xuan never stood up to intervene in any of those.

He had chosen to take the role of a bystander in the world in order to witness the different aspects of the world with an open mind, so he had resolved himself to put aside his pride, beliefs, and even ident.i.ty.

I should move on to the next town, Zhang Xuan thought as he walked out of the city gates.

However, what he caught sight of with a quick glance caused him to stop in his tracks.

"It's her?" Zhang Xuan murmured as a beautiful profile came into his line of sight.

Her demure silhouette remained unchanged even after the pa.s.sing of two years, attracting eyes whenever she pa.s.sed.

However, she was no longer an ordinary teacher in a humble academy. She had become a true master teacher, and a 3-star one at that.

"Pleased to meet you. I am Shen Bi Ru, a 3-star master teacher!"

Standing on the stage, the young lady faced the agitated audience before her and revealed a charismatic smile.

Library Of Heaven Is Path 1906 Where Did Teacher Go?

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