Supreme Magus 436 Investigation Part 1

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"There are six of us." Jirni said after a headcount. "Usually I'd split us into groups of two to cover more ground without wasting time. However…"

She took a long look at the bizarre team she had to work with.

Two young women with no real field experience, an average mage who seemed to be more a political puppet than an a.s.set, two feral monsters in human guise who didn't give a d.a.m.n about the tragedy that was taking place inside the city of Othre, and Manohar.

She knew his personal file inside and out. Jirni would need to consult a thesaurus to properly describe the G.o.d of healing.

"…I can't take my eyes off of him, so he has to come with me." She said cuffing Manohar to her wrist again.

"I'm here as Manohar's a.s.sistant. I belong in your group." Tista walked to Jirni's side.

"I'm here as her bodyguard. I go where she goes." Lith followed suit.

"That's not our deal!" Dorian was starting to get the Royal Constable's point.

"You are here to support the a.s.sociation in whatever manner we deem necessary. Not for spending quality time with your family."

"I don't care about what you think. If I can't protect her, then our deal is off and I walk." Lith's tone didn't leave s.p.a.ce for negotiations.

"The Army has nothing against Ranger Verhen resuming his duty." Kamila's words put the last nail in the coffin. Dorian glared at her, well aware that her role was to make the Army's best interests, even if it meant sabotaging the mission.

If Lith left, the team would lose one of its only three real players and there was only so much Lady Ernas could do while babysitting Manohar. Once brought outside the lab, he was only a liability for the mission.

"Which leaves me with an oversized team and two political lapdogs of no use." Jirni said with a sigh, making both the liaison officers turn red in embarra.s.sment.

"I may have no magic power or any experience as an interrogator, but I've been a data a.n.a.lyst for almost ten years. If you give me access to Othre's interlink I'm confident I can provide you the information you need by the end of the day."

Kamila said referring to the magical network connecting the communication amulets to the various archives in the Kingdom. Bank accounts, transfers of funds, everything that left a trail of paper could be remotely accessed through the interlink.

Be they banks, merchants, or n.o.bles, they needed to be able to explain every single dime or artifact they possessed. Otherwise, while being subjected to an investigation, everything that wasn't accounted for would be confiscated and added to the Royal Treasury.

It was one of the many reasons Royal Constables were feared.

"Who will you report your findings first? To me or to Commander Berion?" Jirni's eyes held neither trust or suspicion. She considered herself to be a good judge of character, there was only so much one could learn from a background check.

Kamila's reply was to hand Lady Ernas her army's communication amulet and then showing her civilian one which held no contact rune related to the army besides Lith's.

Jirni frowned at the sight for a split second.

"I stand corrected. One political lapdog of no use." She said while granting Kamila's civilian communication amulet access to the interlink and her contact rune before returning both communicators to her.

"Either you trust someone, or you don't." She replied to her surprised expression.

'She said it while looking at Kamila, but I'm pretty sure she was talking to me.' Lith thought.

Under the Constable questioning gaze, Dorian could only lower his eyes in shame.

"I have no skills that could be of use during the investigation." He admitted. "I'll remain here to coordinate the efforts to prove Professor Manohar's theory. If anything happens, I'll relay it to you."

"Good." Jirni nodded.

"Four people move faster than six. We need to be firm but tactful, otherwise the witnesses may turtle up and slower the investigation. This means that unless you discover something strictly relevant to the case, you are forbidden to talk. At all."

She said while glaring at Manohar, whose uninterrupted series of social blunders had become a legend throughout the Kingdom.

"Can I be cuffed to Tista instead of you, mom- I mean, ma'am? It would at least give me something nice to look at to pa.s.s time." Manohar said.

"Good point." Jirni's reply creeped Tista out. Lady Ernas dug inside one of her pockets, but instead of the key to the handcuffs, she took out a communication earpiece.

"Congratulations, kid. You have just been deputized to be my a.s.sistant too. I'll talk to the women while you'll take care of the men. Just smile a lot and repeat the words I speak to you via the earpiece. It will make our job much easier."

Lith couldn't help but chuckle at Manohar's dejected expression.

"From Healer to honey trap. This is not the career I hoped for." Tista sighed.

Her words stung at Kamila's heart, reminding her of the elephant in the room only Jirni and her were aware of.

'I can't let things fester any longer. I need to make up my mind once and for all. Career or self respect?' She walked out of the room without even say goodbye. Between Jirni's words and Kamila's reactions, Lith's paranoia was piecing together the facts.

The four of them flew from the a.s.sociation to Baroness Izra's mansion. She was among the witnesses of Sir Rosen's death and one of his closest friends. The Baroness was a plump woman in her late thirties.

She had red hair, green eyes, and a gentle face full of freckles that not even her make up could completely hide. She wore a simple light green silk satin dress, emphasizing her eyes and pale skin.

Like any sane person, she was nervous while facing a Royal Constable. Her smile was forced and she couldn't stop wringing her hands.

"How can I help you, Constable Ernas?"

"I need to hear from your voice your recollection of the events prior to Sir Rosen death." Jirni smiled, trying to make the Baroness feel more comfortable. She had even switched Manohar's cuffs to Lith's wrist before entering the house.

The rattle of the chain during the questioning could easily get the suspect defensive.

"There isn't much to say." She twisted a fan made of an exotic bird's plumes between her hands. "We were just talking, mostly gossiping about our neighbors, when suddenly a blue pillar appeared from the ceiling and plummeted on the poor Rosen.

"The most dreadful thing was that we were all scared to death, whereas he was smiling and giggling like when his wife accepted his marriage proposal. We told him to get out of there, but he wouldn't listen.

"Baronet Sahg tried to grab him, but the light was as solid as a wall. There was nothing we could do."

Lith and Tista roamed the room while using Life Vision. Several weak arrays encompa.s.sed the whole house. Even with their limited knowledge about non combat magical formations, they couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

It was just the standard set of home defenses they had seen countless times.

Supreme Magus 436 Investigation Part 1

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