The Supreme Sovereign System 323 Election

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As far as everyone knew, the Binisilu family was a weak yet untouchable beast.

"Mr. BInisilu, it is a pleasure to meet you" Said Alfonso.

"Mr. Lockheart, is a pleasure to meet you too, please don't take my words at heard, I am just stating a fact, giving your current t.i.tle of lord of Wasteland Valley, you do not belong here" Said the represent of the Binisilu family.

"I understand Mr. Binisilu concern, however, lord Alfonso is qualified to be here" Said Pierre.

"Oh? And what gives him the right?" Asked the man.

"Because he is a guess of the Queen of Winds herself, Allison Veritia" Said Pierre.

Alfonso looked at Pierre

"Pierre Veritia… certainly a man I don't want as my enemy" Though Alfonso.

The representative of the Binisilu family looked at Pierre for some seconds before smiling.

"If he is a guess of the Queen, then indeed, he is qualified to be here"

The man sat down and didn't speak.

Alfonso took a seat, behind him, Clara and Selene stood.

Pierre walked and sat at the right of Claude.

"Now that all twelve powers are here, it's time to start the meeting" Said Claude.

He took out a map and expanded it on the table.

"This is a map of the possible powers that will support the Terkin family" Said Claude while signaling the map.

The map showed Leitol with three colors.

Green, red and white.

"As you can see, the west will support the south, there is no doubt about it" Said Claude while signaling the red zones.

"Cameron and Invincible were rivals since young, although they do not hate each other, they will take any chance to destroy each other" Said Claude.

"These houses in Dragon City are three to five-star houses that are potentially siding along with the Pentagate family" Said Claude.

"It's almost thirty houses…" Said Pierre.

"On the other hand, it seems that the Terkin family has a lot of influence here in the north" Said Madam Spider.

"As Madam Spider said, the influence in the north of the Terkin family is exceptional, we, the Boltor family have a lot of trades with the Terkins" Said Claude.

"We as well" Said Pierre.

"There also other houses that are being neutral about this, as you can see, in Dragon City, the royal family alongside one hundred and fifty houses are being neutral" Said Claude.

"However, this doesn't mean that they won't take a side" Said the representative of the Benisilu family.

"What do you mean?" Asked a man beside him.

The representative signaled the picture of Dragon City.

"Look at this, although the number of houses siding with the Terkins and Pentagates amount of sixty-something, only four five-star powerhouses are choosing aside, the other houses are in 80% three-star powerhouses, ants" Said the representant.

"In other words, the other houses are waiting…" Said Pierre.

"What are they waiting?" Asked Alfonso.

Claude looked at Alfonso with a cold face.

"They are waiting for the royal family… or to be more precise, they are waiting for the princes and princess to choose a side" Said Claude.

Alfonso felt some sweat on his back.

He looked back at the map and finally understood why they said that.

"The majority of the neutral houses are already siding with one of my brothers or sisters!" Though Alfonso.

Alfonso's neurons worked at a fast speed and he became scared and scared.

He felt his throat dry.

"If this meeting between both heads goes south…" Said Alfonso.

Pierre made a bitter smile.

"This could accelerate the imminent war… for the throne" Said Pierre.

"A Civil War!" Though Alfonso.

The mood in the meeting became tense.

"This is why I told you that this meeting has a lot to do with you…" Though Pierre.

Alfonso seemed to read the mind of Pierre and looked at him with grat.i.tude.

"To prevent this, the royal family, led by prince Fernando, has asked the other two dragon families to send a representant to act as mediators" Said Claude.

"If the royal family asked for the dragon families, why are even in this meeting?" Asked Madam Spider.

"Because… neither I nor Unstoppable can go" Said Claude.

"Why?" Asked Madan Spider.

"Both the Terkins and the Pentagates have asked the royal family that we send a neutral mediator" Said Claude.

"If Claude and Unstoppable go, they won't do anything else than fan the flames of war" Said Pierre.

"Of course, father and Invincible can't go either" Said Claude.

"I asked all you to come because I want to select someone who can represent all the north" Added Claude.

Everyone was stunned.

"You all represent the most influential and powerful houses here in the north, I want to choose which side shall we support and who can represent us all" Said Claude.

A moment of silence.

"Isn't it obvious which side are we representing?" Said the representative of the Benisilu family.

"Ho? Then which side is so obvious?" Asked Pierre.

"I mean, we are supporting the Terking family right?" Asked the representative.

"I can't agree on that" Said a woman at his side.

"Fluroal?" Said the representative.

"I, Fluroal Guivet, the matriarch of the Guivet family, shall support the Pentagate family" Said the woman.

"You crazy woman!" Said a man opposite to her.

"How can you support our enemies!?" Said the man.

"Your enemies, as for me, I have business with them so I will of course ally with them" Said Fluroal.

"You traitor!" Said the man.


With a word of Claude everyone shouted in a second.

"This is why the meeting was necessary" Said Pierre.

"We, the Boltor family, have decided to support the Terkin family" Said Claude.

"While we, the Veritia family, have decided to support the Pentagate family" Said Pierre.

"We will now vote and decided which side shall we support" Said Claude.

This was a tricky situation, because this votation was not only to support on side or another.

No, this was also to choose your loyalty to one house or another!

Alfonso understood this.

"Veritia or Boltor, which family shall the powers of the north will side on?" Though Alfonso.

"Those who will support the Terkin family… rise your hand" Said Claude.

The Supreme Sovereign System 323 Election

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