Dream Star 208 Who Came To Visit?

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After greeting her with a very pa.s.sionate kiss, Haruka finally let her go. Noticing that she was acting a bit strange though, Haruka examined his surroundings. Though Lila tried to hide it, he could trace the presence that someone else had been there. The creases on the sofa, an extra mug hidden. He frowned, whoever was here, they were sitting close together.

"Who came to visit?" Haruka asked.

"Eh, what are you talking about?" Lila feigned ignorance. He frowned, why is she acting so suspicious about it?

Haruka wrapped his arms around her again and drew her close, "Are you sure?"

"H—Haruka?" Lila stammered.

"Remember what I said about lying," he mumbled. Was it a guy? She wouldn't need to act this weird about it. It's another guy then. He scolded himself silently. He ought to keep a better eye on her. It's normal for her to have male friends though. She's completely oblivious.

As these things ran through his mind, he frowned. Why is Lila this clueless? Lila has a lot of male friends. Or rather with the way the guys in the G.o.d5 and SEVENSTARS were hanging around her like a fly. Haruka thought she would be used to guys. However, it's not like that at all. Since she came here, he's been with her every single day. So he's had plenty of time to observe and get to know her. He's getting more of the impression that she's afraid of guys. But that impression is ruined when he sees her oblivious behavior towards the guys in RAY...

In short, she's a complex person who even now he still doesn't understand.

"Just tell me the truth."


After a few minutes, Lila finished telling him everything.

"So um you see it was Huan-Nii who dropped by.."

Brother. Oh right, she had one. Wait, she has three right? Alongside her brothers, there's the half brother.

Haruka sighed, "Why did you have to act so shady about it?" he asked after she explained.

He thought she had another guy, with the way she was acting.

"Ah — I was just um worried.. what you would think…"

Must be the half brother, well that irks him slightly. But the two are still related, so there's no need to worry right? "What I would think?" Haruka asked knowing they weren't on the same page.

"Haruka you seem to dislike it when people interrupt our time alone.." Lila said.

Is he that transparent? It's true he wants to monopolize her attention. But for her to notice, he should quickly come up with an alibi.

"I don't mind you having people over here; it's your place too."

He does mind.

But it's better if Haruka erased the image from her mind.

Lila pouted, "But didn't you say I couldn't bring guys over…" She seemed to have calmed down and reminded him of what he said on day one.

Haruka wasted no time before he continued kissing her, not bothering to respond to that last part.


She's gorgeous. Haruka knows that many people think there are girls more beautiful than Lila. But that's because they can't see it. Maybe it's because they aren't looking carefully. But well for him that's fine. He doesn't want anybody to look at her at all — pale completion like snow, long curly blue hair. Come to think of it; he never asked why she dyed her hair this particular color. It's fine when they are in England, but back home blue hair stands out a lot.


Hearing her tone. Haruka smiled and carried her in his arms and brought her back to their room. Haruka placed her down on the bed.

"Haruka, I have to go somewhere soon...so.."

"I'll be quick." He murmured.

"Quick…" Lila trailed off, "Um, I'd rather you do things properly…"

His eyes widened. The girl's words surprised Haruka, but his lips curve to a smile, "Since, when did you want me so badly?"

A cherry red color stained her whole face, "I'm not allowed to have desires now?" Lila mumbled.

"I didn't say that, but this is the first time I've heard you being so vocal about it." Haruka teased.

"B-but it's true."

It's true, huh? She's a lot bolder now.

Haruka's gaze fell on the sulking girl. "I said, sorry already." She doesn't reply, and he sighed. Well, he supposes that was his fault. Although she may have agreed and even spoke about her desires for him. Haruka understood that the girl had limitations. However, after hearing she desired him. Something inside him broke, and he lost control.

Her words and actions are very dangerous. Haruka really ought to talk to her about it. Haruka turned the girl around to face him and confirmed his thoughts. Lilas' face was bright red.


Lila stammered, "D-don't look at me.."

Wait, has she been embarra.s.sed this whole time? His gaze softened, "What is it? Why are you embarra.s.sed? Is it because of me?"

Lila shyly nodded and then hurried her face in his arms.

"I see.." Because of what he did? A lot of time has pa.s.sed since they entered the car though.

Haruka is in deep thought; he really does need to learn more and more about her. He supposes he will learn more in due time.

Lila suddenly spoke up and broke the silence, "Haruka."

"Yeah?" he said half dazed. Haruka is still thinking about how he could get to know her better. He wants to learn everything about her.

"I think... I'm…"

Haruka paused seeing how nervous she was getting. What's with her?

Dream Star 208 Who Came To Visit?

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