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Once Haruka was sure she was fast asleep, he immediately left her side and cracked his neck, he stalked over to his bathroom, muttering.

"Now for a cold shower."

He won't get any of this paperwork done at this rate. Abandoning the pile for a while shouldn't be too bad since he's already been at this for a long time.

Once he stripped his clothing and let the coolness of the water spread throughout his body. His thoughts remained on Lila. Her skin, white as snow against the dark silk of her hair. His wife, she's so beautiful. These days, Haruka has actually been holding himself back. But how much longer could he do that? How much longer could he pretend to be a gentleman and hold himself back?

Lately, Haruka was having a difficult time controlling the blood l.u.s.t. Is it because he's no longer taking the drugs Zane gives him? It's most likely because of that. Zane usually gives him a batch every single month to suppress his l.u.s.t. But, Zane didn't give them yet for this month.

Last week, since last week. Zane usually gives it to him before the time limit, but now? Now that they are against each other, why would that guy even waste his time? No, that guy, 'Haruka, come to the next banquet,' hasn't abandoned him yet.


When Haruka left the bathroom, he saw an obedient and nervous Lila, looking around curiously but not moving an inch. She's cute when she's nervous. If it's here now, would it be okay to drink her blood? After he drank some earlier, it took all of his will power to pull away from her. Haruka returned to the bed and hugged her.

"My wife," Haruka murmured, "Your pretty."

"Ah, your hair. Dry it properly," Lila tugged on the towel on his hair.

"Do it for me."

"So lazy," but Lila does so and laughs, "You know, you took a bath earlier, right? Why did you take one again?"

"Because I'm about to get dirtier."

Lila blushed, "Not today, I'm tired."

Is she? That's too bad. "Then let's rest, isn't it good that your concert was canceled? We can spend time together."

"I wouldn't call it good or anything, but I guess I am happy."

"Haruka, you seem very tired. Why don't you work less?"

"I'm working hard to clear your reputation, my wife."

"But," Lila trailed off as she caressed his cheeks, "You look exhausted. How are you going to have the strength to cuddle with me if your this drained?"

Haruka blinked, and laughter escaped his lips. What a cutie, he thought for a split second that she was worried about him. It seems like that isn't the case here, Haruka wrapped his arms around the girl, "Let's sleep, my dear wife."

"I just woke up remember? I want to talk more."

"What do you want to talk about?"

"I think I'm starting to like you more."


Lila tried to avert her gaze but traced her pretty hands on his bare chest, "I love you a lot, but now I love you more."

.. So, what does she expect him to say to this? Haruka thought for a moment before he gently caressed her cheeks.

Lila laughed. It seems like this was the right response. Haruka drew her closer, "Rest my wife."

"Okay, night."


Following morning - Dream Star Training Center in Star Town -

Haruka frowned when he saw Mei sing out of line; a deep sigh escaped his lips as he stopped the group from practicing.


"Why are you making so many mistakes? Do you know how much the company invested in you?"

What was the use of them spending so much money on this useless woman? Or rather, why did he bother paying so much attention to her? Right, initially this girl reminded him of Lila, that's the reason why he became so interested. But watching her now making such basic and idiotic mistakes, Haruka is regretting it.

Haruka took a sideways glance at his wife. She was diligently singing away as usual, 'even though her health is poor,' Haruka thought. In contrast, Mei has been living comfortably in the villa. Lila is always busy working and even practicing extra at home. Haruka has surveillance in the villa, so he knows full well why Mei is like this. She hasn't been practicing at all, has she? He only looked at the camera for two days - since he didn't want to pay too much attention to her. Those days she sat around and did nothing.

"A desire for hope made me here

Stars embroidered in the sky

On this stage I chose

The dark days were all gone

When a magical time comes

extend your hand..."

Even those who dislike Lila were all looking at her with eyes of amazement. In contrast, Haruka looked back at Mei and sighed. Why is this girl like this? What an idiot, this girl has talent? It's all false if she can't control her emotions.

"You were just about to say act more like her, right?"

Haruka sighed, "Well, Lila is a good example," or rather Mei should really follow Lila's example, it would be good for her.

Mei's tone was bitter, and the girl was struggling to hold back her tears.

"Don't cry about simple things like this. How will you survive in the entertainment industry?"

"You, you only care about her," Mei sobbed.

She really is annoying.

"Don't cry," Haruka extended his hand out to wipe the tears. He would have used a tissue, but he couldn't find any. Before he could do so though, a familiar pair of arms hugged him from the back. "My wife," he smiled. "What's wrong?"

Lila pouted, "Come over and hear me sing, you don't have to stick with your group today. Stay with me."

He liked it when she acted spoiled; it made him love her more. "Aizawa, find a spare practice room and practice alone. I'll check on you later."


Haruka turned to the cute girl in his arms, "What are you going to sing? Remember you asked for my opinion."

"Wah, are you going to act like a devil? I'm prepared."

"That depends on your singing."

Lila let's go of his arm, "Then, I'll just show you now."

Huh, now?

"Do not worry about that

tens of thousands of thoughts

Keep going on there is no time quickly

Without any plan, leave as you go.

Follow the milky way

Song of starlight

I need comfort," Lila sang.

The moment Lila sang that verse, everybody turned to her. Those who tried to ignore her earlier were paying attention to her.


"She's good.."

"Just good?! That was.."

It was amazing. Haruka had no words, Lila could always reach high notes before, but this was something else entirely.

Her singing really has gotten better though. Haruka was a very harsh critique. He learned to distinguish and a.n.a.lyze people's voices for the sake of entering the entertainment industry to meet Lila. Because of his exceptional hearing, it was easy for him to learn. 

"Lila, do you want to hold a solo concert soon?"

"Eh, a solo live?"

"Yeah, a grand one after the first round finishes."

Lila paused, "Um, is there a special occasion?"

"No, I just think your singing now is perfect. The flaws I pointed out aren't there," Haruka nodded. She really has gotten better now; she must have practiced a lot in secret, "Now all you need is more stage exposure. We will test it out on stage."

Lila's emotions affect her singing. That was one of the flaws he pointed out to her before.

"I don't mind Haruka, but is it okay?"

"Hmm?" he thought she would be jumping for joy.

"I'll be singing for you, and telling everyone how much I love you; you won't get embarra.s.sed?"


Haruka could only stare at her with wide eyes. What ridiculous things is this girl saying now? Lila laughed at his reaction, and he looked away. So, she's going to sing for him? That does please him greaty.

He gently kissed her lips, "I'll give you a reward later," he laced their hands together, "Come with me to the cafeteria? I'm hungry."

He wanted to take his wife away for a bit to get frisky. But this will do for now.


- Lounge -

A females voice was heard through the entire lounge area. However, n.o.body else was around to hear it, "Ah, uh…"

So cute, this girl sat on his lap is his wife, Lila.

How did they end up like this? Well, it's easy for him to trick her. His gaze fell on his wife who sat on his lap, 'She seems to like it when they do it in this position,' Haruka thought. The two of them were eating peacefully in the cafeteria. But the girl got food on her clothes.

"Enjoying yourself, babe?"

Lila lightly hits him, "Dummy, idiot, moron."

"Sorry, sorry. But your too cute for me to leave alone."

"Haruka, what if people walk by?"

"Then, we will stop."

"Okay, ah ..uh,"

Cute, she's so cute. "Are you okay, babe? Your breathings has gone heavy."

"I..uh be quiet idiot."

Haruka chuckled, still trying to act tough?

"I love you, Haruka... I love you."

His eyes widened at the girl's words. What an idiot, what is she doing saying such things now? Is she really okay, she's sweating a lot. But he likes it. Her expression, she looks so beautiful. "Haruka?"

He loves her so much, his girl. His wife, she-- she is the only one for him.

Haruka didn't think anybody would walk by. Or rather, the person that walked by was the last person he expected. Why is Austin Kiryu here? But just as he thought that he looked over.

"Ahh, Haruka... It's good. I'm about to..."

'd.a.m.n,' Haruka cursed in his head. The man was already walking away and right, when he did Haruka, felt Lila's walls clench around him. Lila flopped her head on his shoulders, "I'm tired... Sleep."

His gaze softened when he felt her place a gentle kiss on his cheek before she drifted off. Such a cutie. But wait, right now he should deal with Austin Kiryu.

Haruka fixed up Lila's clothes, and laid her on the couch, "Myou," Haruka called out, and his guard appears. "Watch over Lila."


He turned to leave and made his way quickly down the hallway. Thankfully it didn't take Haruka long to find him.

"Wait," Haruka called out, "Let's talk."

Kiryu sighed, "There is nothing to talk about. She loves you, and you love her. What can I do about it?"

"That girl still has feelings for you," Haruka didn't even know why he was bothering to explain this.

"It'll vanish soon enough; I'm not an idiot. And I know Lila," Kiryu looked over at the spot where he left the girl and sighed. "I know her too well, unfortunately, once she falls in love or gets attached to somebody, that's it."

"She only went to me because you left. I love her and don't want you near her. But, I won't ruin your chance to fix things."

"And what explanation do I really have?" Kiryu said, "I don't have anything, that day I just made that selfish decision without consulting her feelings at all. I decided to break up with her, even though she didn't want to."

Is Austin Kiryu giving up? That should be a good thing for him, but why does he feel so uneasy? Before Haruka could say anymore, he felt a pair of arms hug him from the back.

"Sorry, are you cold?"

Lila nodded, "Why did you just--" she trailed off and looked over, "Kiryu?" she seemed confused.

Austin Kiryu, on the other hand, took off his jacket and wrapped it around the girl. "Take care of your body; you get sick easily during the change of seasons."

"Kiryu did you ..um.."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I left the changes of the song with Yori, see you later," with those words said Austin Kiryu walked away. No sooner did he leave did Lila hug him tightly.

"Were not wrong, but I feel bad."

Yeah, he does too. What's wrong with them acting intimate with each other? Nothing. They are a couple. Haruka held Lila tighter, "Let's get you changed properly."

Dream Star 471 My Girl P1

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